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LT223: Angels and Demons


As you might have noticed, the normal Wednesday post entitled “Initial Thoughts”, cannot be written if we have no new episode. I am guessing it has something to do with all the basketball being played on this particular Wednesday night, but who knows?

Next week, LOST returns with an episode entitled “Namaste” and unless you have been hiding under a rock we know what that means. The few teasers that I try to ignore seem to be pushing Dr. Marvin Candle (or whatever name you wish to use this week). That makes perfect sense since he is really the only one we hear saying the word “Namaste”.

Could it be a coincidence that an acronym for the episode includes “Me Satan”? Yes, I’m back with that religious angle, but who can ignore it? Could this be the real serpent in our Garden of Eden?


In the “LaFleur” episode where Sawyer is about to pick a flower for his lady, we notice in the background a couple of people playing chess.

If you examine the board carefully you will notice there is no White King. Before you suggest the piece was captured and moved off the board, let me remind you that the King is the final piece taken in a checkmate, so both King’s must be on the board. We see the Black King clearly.

This begs the question, “Who is the White King and where is it?” Could it imply that Locke or Ben is the missing piece?

And, “Who is that playing the game?” It appears to be an elderly person but that merely me stereotyping.

Did you notice that when Sawyer walked, the black side moved his pieces?

Now recall that Ben and Jack played a game of chess together. Jack says something about never ever wanting to return to this island and Ben replies that he should never say never. Ben continues to say that if he does find himself wanting to return that Jack should remember this conversation about the island making the decisions about who stays and who goes. Is this strong enough evidence that Jack is the White King?


It seems every week there is someone out there saying that Thomas will be a key player. Thomas is the father of Aaron. We get a hint of his role in the fact that Charles Widmore seems to be a fan of his paintings. The only reasons I mention this is because the theory keeps popping up and now we have a new twist: people are suggesting that Amy’s baby is Thomas…or Jacob…or Ethan…or well, it seemed to bear repeating.


How do you know if you are over-thinking LOST? Here’s one example…recall the symbol that Paul wore around his neck? It is called “ankh”.

Well, if we try our best to pronounced this word we easily could come with “ANKA” as in Paul Anka. His famous song was “Having My Baby”. Too funny!

But wait, songs are played on records that can skip. Hmmm…

Oh yeah, the song was released in...1974!


Couple of things have been bouncing around in my mind regarding Richard. First, the way he planted that torch he was carrying. One got the idea of how a conqueror will plant his flag on a piece of land that is being claimed for the throne.

The other thing was Richard’s comment that suggested the sonic fence was no problem for him to pass through. This could mean he crawled over it like Kate did. Or it could be there are tunnels under it (perhaps leading to the little room in Ben’s bedroom). Or it could be telling us that Richard is a zombie of sorts (see the last post on this topic).

This prompted me to to rewatch this scene and something else jumped out at me. When Sawyer comes out to have a chat with Richard, Mr. LaFleur sort of blows Richard away with his knowledge of future passed. I always look for “oddities” and I heard one. Most people in Richard’s shoes might look at Jim and ask, “Who are you?” But Richard asked, “WHAT are you?”

I can’t help but get pulled back into this angel/ghost/zombie line of thinking. In one sense we have an angel (Richard) meeting what he think is another angel but not recognizing him as such. That must have been odd. It seems Richard was really trying to figure out WHAT James was. Perhaps his knowledge of things allowed his mind to cross “angel” off his list. Then he could have been trying to go through the other options such as some sort of material projection like Walt and the black horse were. Or was he manifestation along the likes of our Smoke Monster?

I’m inclined to go with the next choice: “Are you from another dimension?” Or, “is the island somehow capable of taking a parallel being and projecting them into my universe?” All I offer for this line of thought is that Daniel told us that Charlotte didn’t “die”, he said she “moved on”. The implication was that she “moved on” to some other dimension.

Now I’m crawling way out on my religious limb again, but this takes me to the Bible verses about angels having relations with human women. Are Richard’s people trying to create some kind of hybrid race and they end up failing up to this point? Why do the Others keep trying to steal the women (Alex, Claire, Amy, etc.)?

Well, we needed something to think about for the next week!


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