Monday, March 9, 2009

LT221: This and That


Each week we try to use a posting to interact with the feedback we get from emails and comments on this blog. We begin this post with a letter from a TIDBITS reader, Adrian.

Adrian is first on the record at TIDBITS suggesting the statue is a representation of Anubis. I am claiming first dibs on Horus, for the record! Either way it points us toward ancient Egyptian culture. These people were obsessed with the afterlife and that fits right into the mythology of LOST. Some people have latched on to this and have tried to match the most popular gods of Egypt with a character on the show.

The more you shared about Anubis, the more I want to change my vote!

The reader also point out the most popular meaning of that necklace that Paul wore is by some person named Inman. Talk about a major connection to good old Kelvin.

Finally, Adrian reminds us of the importance of color on the show. While black and white get most of the attention, he reminds us not to forget about red. Red happens to be the color of Kelvin’s blood splattered on some rock near a cove that is perfect for repairing sailboats.


While on the subject of connections, be sure to check out the comments from post LT219. There you will meet Kat. Click on her name to see her profile and a picture of her with Mr. John Locke. How cool is that?


I will give you a paradox to ponder. You know how if someone is holding on to something that it jumps WITH him or her to the new time. So when Locked turned the Dharma Wheel, why did it not go with him? You answer that one and I will buy you an island in South Pacific.


Be aware that LOST will not be on this week. They will rerun LaFleur episode but we have to wait another week for the next episode entitled, “Namaste”.


If you are keeping track of all the Dharma logos, be sure to add this one in the picture:

This was on Juliet’s jumpsuit she had on while working under that vehicle.


Here is a bit of a flashback on TIDBITS. Back in January 2007 the producers were asked about the skeletons. Their reply was:

“The answer to that question goes to the nature of the timeline of the island. We don't want to say too much about it...”


“I will say, though, that the first significant event in the show where we were thinking in the back of our minds that this is going to require a story telling element that isn't traditional narrative, is the discovery of Adam and Eve in the caves.”

Jack claims the skeletons are about 50 years old making the year (2004-50) 1954. This is the year of the Jughead.

108 years before the bomb is when the Black Rock ship disappears (1846).

The concept then is that someone turned the wheel in 1954 and ended the 108-year cycle. Some people suggest the skeletons seem to be wearing parachutes. The idea is that someone was flying over the island when it moved at the end of the 108-year cycle.

I did a quick search on aircraft disappearances in 1954 and found a Navy Constellation plane lost radio contact over the ocean at 23:00. It was last spotted on radar 350 miles off the coast. 23? 350? Hmmm…

Without a solid real-world lead, we must consider who was on the island in 1954. We know that Annie and Widmore were there.


When Sawyer and Juliet kiss in the kitchen the clock behind them reads 8:42.

The main rival of the god Horus was Seth. Seth is a Bible character whose son was Enos. Enos was the alias used by Miles. Many feel Miles’ real life father could be Dr. Marvin Candle.

People want to know what happened to Horace Goodspeed’s first wife, Olivia. The name is the same, but we can’t be sure this is Mrs. Goodspeed. It makes you wonder how Horace could get over his first wife, but couldn’t give Amy the same consideration concerning her first husband.

Why did Amy and Paul go outside the sonic fence for a picnic when they had to know it would cause problems? I am leaning towards the theory that Paul was a spy.


Thanks for reading!


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