Friday, January 8, 2010

LT322: Shorten the Series


I recall reading the other day that the producers of LOST once said that after Season 2 the studio was up in the air on how long the show would last. The suggestion was that the original idea was mostly for a three-season show.

One approach we might use then is to ignore most everything in Season 3 through 5…at least in terms of the overall plot. It is very difficult to forget what was seen and heard, but if you recall the ideas you had back at the end of Season 2, you might be closer to figuring out the end game.


The atomic explosion causes a split in the timeline. That’s right, we have a second reality created the moment those atoms split. Those at the Swan Hatch and probably the whole island are doomed. The second reality puts everyone back to 2007-08 and flying the friendly skies.

How does one come out of nuclear explosion alive? Being underground is a nice advantage like in a tunnel or below a Temple. Those that survive will go on and eventually those two realities must rejoin, even if the year is 1977.

In fact, 30 years into the future, those who survived will meet back up with the Survivors…when Oceanic Flight 815 crashes.

Season 6 then will be our Survivors life if they had landed normally at LAX. There are consequences as we saw some of those when John Locke had his sweat lodge experience with Boone. Ben was a security guard and Desmond was the pilot. I wonder what occupation Jack will be this time?

Season 6 will also be life from 1977 to 2004…three years short of thirty years. The question will be, “What kind of life would you make if you had a do-over?” Will Jack stay married? Will Sawyer be a father to his daughter? Will Hurley eat three buckets of chicken for breakfast?

I like this one!


If we consider the advice of LOST being just two seasons along, then recall one of the big early pieces of conversation surrounded the dog, Vincent. It seemed clear that everyone should be paying close attention to that canine. The only reason we get a feeling that Vincent “left the show” was because Season 3 through 5 never happened.

The fact is they did include Vincent when Rose and Bernard were found living happy in a shack, lest we forget about him (her).

Then came along Smokey. Many felt the smoke monster exhibited behavior similar to a dog: rooting up trees, shaking Mr. Ecko like a toy, and digging holes. This was reinforced with mention of Cerberus on the Blast Door Map seen in Season 2

I got to thinking today, “Who hasn’t seen Vincent?” And, “Who hasn’t seen Smokey?” My main focus is on Richard. Has Richard ever seen Vincent or Smokey…or Jacob for that matter?

The general consensus is that the new John Locke and Smokey were never in the same scene together. Could this be the case with Richard?

Could the “clue” be not to watch Vincent, but to keep an eye on all “dogs”?

Of course the value-added clip entitled, “So It Begins”, revealed a very dead Christian talking to a very real dog, so who knows?


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Thursday, January 7, 2010

LT321: Knowing What You Know Now, But Then


Who hasn’t dreamed about it? Who hasn’t thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to go back to when I was X years old and know what I know now?”

Season 6 could be just that. We’ve all seen how Ben seems to know more than a person should. Some could argue the same is true for Locke. This next year we could see the Survivors repeating what we have witnessed in the first five years with one major difference: this time they know!

Imagine everyone back onboard Oceanic Flight 815. One of the Survivors has a nagging feeling – if not a clear-cut thought – that something is “different”. Often times there are external events that jog memories. For example, Sayid could hear a flight attendant mention that the aircraft has lost radio contact. That could trigger something in Sayid’s mind. He decides – and maybe not quite sure why – to try and convince the pilot to NOT turn back to Fuji for an emergency landing. This might even take force which is why I picked Sayid.

Sayid’s attempt at persuasion is successful and the pilot agrees to continue on to Los Angeles where the plane eventually lands without incident.

Except now there is a dead man in the bathroom.


The dead man in the bathroom is Charlie Pace.

You see, Sayid’s persuasion of the pilot allows Charlie to continue with his drug use and he overdoses. It is one of the many consequences the Survivors will realize in Season 6.

If my read is correct, then soon Boone, Shannon, Ana Lucia, Libby and Mr. Ecko will meet their demise. When that John Denver song starts playing, you can’t change your final destination. If these people do not pass away shortly after landing at LAX, then there is a reason. One could argue that in the “Island Loop” they had to die, but in the “LAX Loop”, it could be perfectly acceptable to Fate that these people go on with their mundane lives.


As promised, you can expect to more postings between now and the premier of Season 6. Keep checking back or use the RSS feed.


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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

LT320: The End


This is the tagline for Season 6: the beginning of the end. It struck me as interesting that the end is the end. Doesn’t matter if it is the beginning or the end of the end, it still is the end. So Season 6 could be entitled, “The End”. If we have already reached the end, then Season 6 may not even happen. Not literally, but figuratively.


If my guess is correct the story of LOST is matching the Bible story (or many religions rolled into one). If so then John must be resurrected. Won’t that put two John’s in one place?

I can’t that scene of Walt telling John that he had a dream of him standing on the beach in a suit and he was surrounded by people who wanted to hurt him. I’m thinking the crucifixion scene where the Romans were closing in on Jesus. It was three days in the Bible, but my guess that could mean 3 years on LOST.

ESSAY: The Bottomless Pit

The Bible talks about a time when the Devil will be placed in a bottomless pit for a period of time. I think the bottomless pit in LOST is the cabin. It held someone as a prisoner who would whisper to people, “Help me”. Hardly!

The ash is key to the show and I’m not sure how to correlate that to the Bible story, but the fact that someone was in the cabin and then escaped sure reminds me of the Bottomless Pit.

And if my Bible school training is helpful, I think when the Devil is released then the war begins…which is about to happen on LOST.


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Sunday, January 3, 2010

LT320: The Final Countdown


I hope everyone had a good holiday season. The spring season of television is about to begin which is great for two reasons. First, calling something the "spring season" or "spring semester" is a good sign during the cold winter. Second, it means LOST is coming soon. February 2 for those who still might be unaware.

Keep checking back on LOST TIDBITS as we get excited with growing anticipation.


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ABC is offering a free sneak peak to a few lucky viewers. Here is there write-up: Can't wait for the premiere of LOST? All you have to do for your chance to win is visit the official sweepstakes website, and enter the "LOST: The Final Season Sweepstakes" by answering six LOST questions correctly. You'll then be entered for a chance to win a message in a bottle with an exclusive sneak peek of the season 6 premiere...days before anyone else.

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I hope to send out a few more essays, but in case time gets short with school starting back up, the general concept is as follows: Jacob is Chris and Man in Black is Lew. Nothing fancy, just you classic good versus evil theme. What book or movie isn't really about the same theme? It's the philosophical question that tops even "Why am I here?", "What's my purpose?", and "When's dinner?". What every human really wants to know more than anything is..."Who is going to win?"

We love winners. Then we cheer the undefeated to lose. We build up stars and we Tiger them down. :)

My final few essays will focus on the end game. The tagline for Season 6 on LOST is "The Beginning of the End". The End. There IS going to be an end. Not just of the show, but the story. We are going to reach the end.

And that's something not one religion has ever experienced.


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