Wednesday, January 6, 2010

LT320: The End


This is the tagline for Season 6: the beginning of the end. It struck me as interesting that the end is the end. Doesn’t matter if it is the beginning or the end of the end, it still is the end. So Season 6 could be entitled, “The End”. If we have already reached the end, then Season 6 may not even happen. Not literally, but figuratively.


If my guess is correct the story of LOST is matching the Bible story (or many religions rolled into one). If so then John must be resurrected. Won’t that put two John’s in one place?

I can’t that scene of Walt telling John that he had a dream of him standing on the beach in a suit and he was surrounded by people who wanted to hurt him. I’m thinking the crucifixion scene where the Romans were closing in on Jesus. It was three days in the Bible, but my guess that could mean 3 years on LOST.

ESSAY: The Bottomless Pit

The Bible talks about a time when the Devil will be placed in a bottomless pit for a period of time. I think the bottomless pit in LOST is the cabin. It held someone as a prisoner who would whisper to people, “Help me”. Hardly!

The ash is key to the show and I’m not sure how to correlate that to the Bible story, but the fact that someone was in the cabin and then escaped sure reminds me of the Bottomless Pit.

And if my Bible school training is helpful, I think when the Devil is released then the war begins…which is about to happen on LOST.


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