Sunday, January 3, 2010

LT320: The Final Countdown


I hope everyone had a good holiday season. The spring season of television is about to begin which is great for two reasons. First, calling something the "spring season" or "spring semester" is a good sign during the cold winter. Second, it means LOST is coming soon. February 2 for those who still might be unaware.

Keep checking back on LOST TIDBITS as we get excited with growing anticipation.


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ABC is offering a free sneak peak to a few lucky viewers. Here is there write-up: Can't wait for the premiere of LOST? All you have to do for your chance to win is visit the official sweepstakes website, and enter the "LOST: The Final Season Sweepstakes" by answering six LOST questions correctly. You'll then be entered for a chance to win a message in a bottle with an exclusive sneak peek of the season 6 premiere...days before anyone else.

Click this link to enter:


I hope to send out a few more essays, but in case time gets short with school starting back up, the general concept is as follows: Jacob is Chris and Man in Black is Lew. Nothing fancy, just you classic good versus evil theme. What book or movie isn't really about the same theme? It's the philosophical question that tops even "Why am I here?", "What's my purpose?", and "When's dinner?". What every human really wants to know more than anything is..."Who is going to win?"

We love winners. Then we cheer the undefeated to lose. We build up stars and we Tiger them down. :)

My final few essays will focus on the end game. The tagline for Season 6 on LOST is "The Beginning of the End". The End. There IS going to be an end. Not just of the show, but the story. We are going to reach the end.

And that's something not one religion has ever experienced.


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