Thursday, January 7, 2010

LT321: Knowing What You Know Now, But Then


Who hasn’t dreamed about it? Who hasn’t thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to go back to when I was X years old and know what I know now?”

Season 6 could be just that. We’ve all seen how Ben seems to know more than a person should. Some could argue the same is true for Locke. This next year we could see the Survivors repeating what we have witnessed in the first five years with one major difference: this time they know!

Imagine everyone back onboard Oceanic Flight 815. One of the Survivors has a nagging feeling – if not a clear-cut thought – that something is “different”. Often times there are external events that jog memories. For example, Sayid could hear a flight attendant mention that the aircraft has lost radio contact. That could trigger something in Sayid’s mind. He decides – and maybe not quite sure why – to try and convince the pilot to NOT turn back to Fuji for an emergency landing. This might even take force which is why I picked Sayid.

Sayid’s attempt at persuasion is successful and the pilot agrees to continue on to Los Angeles where the plane eventually lands without incident.

Except now there is a dead man in the bathroom.


The dead man in the bathroom is Charlie Pace.

You see, Sayid’s persuasion of the pilot allows Charlie to continue with his drug use and he overdoses. It is one of the many consequences the Survivors will realize in Season 6.

If my read is correct, then soon Boone, Shannon, Ana Lucia, Libby and Mr. Ecko will meet their demise. When that John Denver song starts playing, you can’t change your final destination. If these people do not pass away shortly after landing at LAX, then there is a reason. One could argue that in the “Island Loop” they had to die, but in the “LAX Loop”, it could be perfectly acceptable to Fate that these people go on with their mundane lives.


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