Friday, January 8, 2010

LT322: Shorten the Series


I recall reading the other day that the producers of LOST once said that after Season 2 the studio was up in the air on how long the show would last. The suggestion was that the original idea was mostly for a three-season show.

One approach we might use then is to ignore most everything in Season 3 through 5…at least in terms of the overall plot. It is very difficult to forget what was seen and heard, but if you recall the ideas you had back at the end of Season 2, you might be closer to figuring out the end game.


The atomic explosion causes a split in the timeline. That’s right, we have a second reality created the moment those atoms split. Those at the Swan Hatch and probably the whole island are doomed. The second reality puts everyone back to 2007-08 and flying the friendly skies.

How does one come out of nuclear explosion alive? Being underground is a nice advantage like in a tunnel or below a Temple. Those that survive will go on and eventually those two realities must rejoin, even if the year is 1977.

In fact, 30 years into the future, those who survived will meet back up with the Survivors…when Oceanic Flight 815 crashes.

Season 6 then will be our Survivors life if they had landed normally at LAX. There are consequences as we saw some of those when John Locke had his sweat lodge experience with Boone. Ben was a security guard and Desmond was the pilot. I wonder what occupation Jack will be this time?

Season 6 will also be life from 1977 to 2004…three years short of thirty years. The question will be, “What kind of life would you make if you had a do-over?” Will Jack stay married? Will Sawyer be a father to his daughter? Will Hurley eat three buckets of chicken for breakfast?

I like this one!


If we consider the advice of LOST being just two seasons along, then recall one of the big early pieces of conversation surrounded the dog, Vincent. It seemed clear that everyone should be paying close attention to that canine. The only reason we get a feeling that Vincent “left the show” was because Season 3 through 5 never happened.

The fact is they did include Vincent when Rose and Bernard were found living happy in a shack, lest we forget about him (her).

Then came along Smokey. Many felt the smoke monster exhibited behavior similar to a dog: rooting up trees, shaking Mr. Ecko like a toy, and digging holes. This was reinforced with mention of Cerberus on the Blast Door Map seen in Season 2

I got to thinking today, “Who hasn’t seen Vincent?” And, “Who hasn’t seen Smokey?” My main focus is on Richard. Has Richard ever seen Vincent or Smokey…or Jacob for that matter?

The general consensus is that the new John Locke and Smokey were never in the same scene together. Could this be the case with Richard?

Could the “clue” be not to watch Vincent, but to keep an eye on all “dogs”?

Of course the value-added clip entitled, “So It Begins”, revealed a very dead Christian talking to a very real dog, so who knows?


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