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LT15: Children of Lost


Kate – her real dad was absent
Aaron – the father was a flake and disappeared
Aaron – Charlie’s dream indicates Aaron had no father around and needed his protection
Locke – troubles with dad
Walt – is Michael REALLY his dad?
Walt – studying the Cockoo bird in Australia – famous for laying eggs in other bird’s nest
Sun – father pressured her…into having a baby?
Jack – father issues
Shannon – no mother, she died
Boone – no father, raised my mother
Charlie – abusive father…was it his or as mom said, “He is special.” (just like a couple of other children we know!)
Hurley – no father

The evil father theme seems prevalent – meaning Jin and Michael may not be father since “no one else should raise the child”. Hmmm…


Someone has researched and identified the boxes on the Nigerian plane – they were marked being from the Bronx. Rose is from the Bronx.


Henry is Kelvin! Henry/Kelvin crashed much earlier then a few weeks ago and was Desmond’s partner in the hatch for a while. Now that he is back and no Desmond around, Henry assumes Desmond was killed! Thus his behavior. He might also not be aware of “Others” then.


Maybe as recently as the second season! Re-watch the first episode and you will notice:

Bunk Bed – Desmond on top…when you have a choice, you choose the bottom one.
Dishes – Desmond washes dishes and then eats a bit later
Book – book on table is open and on the opposite side of the table and the plates and dishes that Desmond collects…meaning two people were there.
Backgammon – the game is shown with pieces on both sides…Desmond playing two hands or did he have a partner

Many other visual clues are present such as eating…Desmond cleans up a meal only to eat again? Every 108 minutes? I don’t think so. And we know the food supply could last about 2-3 months…meaning the last shipment was about then! Kelvin in the balloon making deliveries…er, I mean Henry.

This also explains how this week Henry can tell Locke something new about the hatch!


LT14: Theories Getting Lost


The first season Diary Writer on the ABC website has been getting extra attention lately.
THEORY: Henry Gale sends the Three off to prove the balloon and grave…we know from promo picks they find A grave. Henry has his tracks covered either way – good or bad (it IS his wife, or as an Other they have the storyline covered). So, it has to be a female body. Henry’s wife or the female author of the Diary from season one? Recall, that the NEW Diary author is related to Gale (brother).

Henry Gale.
THEORY: He is connected to the Losties in some way. The Diary author, John Locke’s father, Sun’s father, tons of theories.

Red shirts
THEORY: The red shirt speculation is twisting and turning, but still alive. The theories range from “Star Trek red shirt guy dies” to “people in red shirts aren’t really there” to “red shirts are Others”.


Libby is the only one not with a flashback who is a main character AND has not been checked against the manifest…Look out, Hurley!
In episode 1 (remember that one?), Shannon does her best to translate Danielle’s message. Someone has interpreted the whole message and it mentions the Black Rock, but Shannon didn’t catch it…or anyone else. This is the first official “hidden” message the producers announced.
Hurley’s dream (Cluck-Cluck) included information about Walt (face on the milk carton) that at the time Hurley’s mind had no knowledge of!
Check out this link: it shows an animated picture of the dream Charlie had (Aaron in the piano). This shot was available only on HDTV screens…look in the upper left-hand corner over the trees!


God, it’s like the nightmare is starting all over again! You can’t tell me that I survived that week in Louisiana to be thrown back into this again. I told myself, every single day in the hospital that all I had to do was stay alive. Just survive and make it to the trial. And the rest of my life would be perfect – that’s what this trip was supposed to be about!

I had to make sure I saved my dive bag, (can you imagine if that washed up somewhere for somebody to open???)"

"Getting stronger – every day. And when I feel like quitting, all I have to do is remember the consequences of not being prepared."

That guy is really starting to get on my nerves – he won’t give me any more cigarettes. Not for free anyway… Pig.

Other tidbits gleaned: the writer has a fan named Larry, who creeps her out but he “keeps asking me out”. On an island? All this is from season one author. It appears she lost the diary.


LT13: Lost Thoughts

Ok, I admit it…I can’t this show out of my head! So, now that I’ve apologized…here are some random lost thoughts from research:


This has the ability via electro-magnetic energy to send out messages – via hallucinations, dreams, etc. It does this because it is trying to resolve conflict. Incidentally, this implies the Others want the opposite…otherwise they wouldn’t keep sending in spies to upset the balance (see Henry Gale…and if he turns out NOT to be an Other, then throw this theory out!).

The pushing the Execute button is what “sends” out these messages every 108 minutes thanks to Desmond when the plane crashes


Locke – About 50 people are convinced they can get up and are alive when the plane finally stops falling. One, Mr. Locke, doesn’t think he can because he is paralyzed. But the machine wants consensus…so the “message” reaches Locke and his falls into the majority (50 to 1 mind power). He gets up and walk. Now do I think the machine can heal? Probably not, but what if Locke could walk all the time and his confidence issues is what cost him. And now look at his confidence…well, until the Others came and shook that up. Machine: good, Others: bad.

Kate – Everyone is feeling pretty good except Kate who has this conflict raging inside her – Jack or Sawyer. The machine tries to give her peace of mind like the majority of survivors (considering the state they are in)…and sends a horse…just like the one that got her out of trouble before.

Everyone – The people on this island are a bit too happy…the computer keeps feeding this “can do” attitudes. But the tailies are not so cheery…in fact, most of the time everyone of them looked scared out of their wits. Consensus building by brain waves! Move the Tailies to the other camp and suddenly even Mr. Ecko smiles and baptizes and chops wood. If he starts whistling next episode, you will have to start believing this.

Charlie – he is a little paranoid to start…mind-altering messages in an altered mind due to drugs. He cleans up, he receives the positive messages and becomes “daddy”. Drugs show up again and he suddenly needs a boost like Kate…enter the dream where he is the hero. His messages tells him to be a hero…opps. Now the majority think, “Charlie is crazy”…machine reinforces with majority rules and Charlie even stands in a daze confused about all this. Everyone, including Locke, thinks Charlie is using again…machine reinforces…Charlie goes “bad” lighting fires and dragging Sun into the woods for revenge to Locke. He is just playing his role.

Claire – consider her last flashback…it started as if it was her real OB/GYN appointment, but then turned into Ethan memory. Just enough real and fake to be either a) a dream or b) very weird show!

Walt – exception to every rule…Mr. Wizard Child here can influence the machine as an individual! While 9 out of 10 Survivors in a poll conducted would say “There are no polar bears on this tropic island.”, Walt’s child-like brain and comic book say, “There could be.” And he is just mentally tough enough to make the machine follow his wishes.

Desmond, Ethan and Danielle – partially influenced. The magnetic wall might have started leaking. Inside, you are safe and keep you normal thoughts, “I’m a scientist on this island.” But these three got out of the influence mid-stream…a little wacky, if you will. They take the serum and the influence stops, but they aren’t the same person. Ethan’s role is basically to stop this by introducing serum to a baby – not influenced yet?

Recall that Ethan irritated their “leader” for breaking protocol twice – the list wasn’t done and what are we going to do with this Charlie fellow? Ethan however was a plant, a traitor to the Others…he wanted Aaron to avoid the machine’s influence…so serum before birth! We also know that Ethan seemed to help Claire a bit too much including getting away.

Danielle tries to help as well, but at a different level obviously.

And let’s not forget Erin…Danielle’s daughter…a baby, but too late…sort of…she resisted as well and tried to help Claire get away.



Sawyer has been to the island before and knows something about it the rest of the Survivors don’t.


Never happened. At least not in the way we see them or the Survivors remember them. We have plenty of examples…Hurley chicken adventure…Boone dreaming of a drowning woman…Charlie’s piano coffin…and so on. SO, why not throw all of the flashbacks out.

How is this possible, we scream? The machine is overlaying the memories or giving them to the Survivors.

What would this mean? That the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 were not the numbers Hurley used to win the lottery…or if he even did win it at all!

The darn hatch is using its consensus machine to influence people’s minds!


Many folks are wondering just who this Dave guy is and why would he get a title of an episode? One theory is that Zeke (bearded Other) is Dave. And Dave is a psychiatrist…who treated Hurley.

Then we have the theory that Sawyer’s real name is Dave/David…but didn’t we hear Sawyer call him James…or was that a last name? However, wasn’t the man Sawyer was going to con named Dave?

Dave is also the name of a so-so movie about the presidency having a duplicate replace the original!

Oh, and it’s the name that HAL says in Space Odyssey 2001.


We have read that the second season author of the diary found the book…well, a few clues in there indicate the author could be…Rose! Keep an eye open for any odd behavior on her part.



LT12: Where Have I Seen That Face Before?


What if I told you that you had seen Henry Gale PRIOR to being caught up in Danielle’s net? This isn’t a spoiler since we all saw him. It was just difficult to notice him. Here is a picture from the last show, Maternity Leave":

Now, how could he be a doctor 30 days earlier AND have a balloon story AND have a dead wife? But consider this when you watch…Gale is an Other! Or he has a twin. Don’t know if you recall Theory #124,532 but it stated something about mirrors/twins/duplicates/cloning. I think to settle this someone should check Henry in the Hatch’s backside for a Dharma logo! HA!


The official ABC site for Lost has always had a diary link. Someone had always been writing something each week – a survivor. It seems like the author was not a main character, but an observer. Much of the diary has been of little use or information. We know the author was female.

However, we have learned that the first author lost the diary, it was found by someone else (gender unknown) and that person has decided to pick-up where the first author left off. Neat little addition, but mostly useless for clues. Until this week…

…the second author of the diary writes that Henry is their brother! HELLO! Can someone ask Hurley to check the manifest for any Gales onboard?


Rumors state that Kate, Evangline Lilly for those women viewers!, actually gets a rash from something in Hawaii during filming and that producers have to work it into the script.

We have also hear whispers (not those kind of whispers or we would have to visit a psychiatrist) that a main FEMALE character will be killed off this season! Are these last two sentences related? Or is Ana Lucia’s off screen antics enough to give her the boot? Or does Hurley freak when Libby’s past is revealed and he kills her? Or does Anakin, I’m sorry, Charlie have another bad hair day and takes it out on Sun for real?


Kate doesn’t like the fact that Sawyer conned her and the rest. Payback time. Something like this – Kate already has one gun stashed from earlier. We see in next week that she wants a couple of rifles to help Sun (this is the con). Kate ends up with at least half the weapons. We also see in a promo pic that Charlie has a gun that he is handing over to Sayid in the search for the balloon.


In a promo pic, we see the Three Stooges (Ana, Charlie and Sayid) looking up as they stand over a grave site.

We also saw Ecko and Charlie look up to see a parachute and Boone and Locke look up to see the missionary and Ecko looks up a lot and the tailenders looked up a lot when crossing the island and Charlie looks up to find his guitar.


It seems that Jack’s wife just won’t leave people’s minds. The latest rumor is that Sarah was cheating with the ex-boyfriend, named Kevin. I’ve always been confused if Desmond said his hatch-mate was Kevin or Kelvin.

The possibilities are endless.


Many rumors are starting about the connection between the movie classic and the Lost show. Ruby slippers, balloons and emerald hallways. But like the movie says in relation to Scarecrow’s wish for a brain, “But what would you do with one anyway?”

Hey, even if they find a balloon it doesn’t mean Henry was on it.


These are the two shots of the medicine…Desmond’s are on the left – no Dharma logo…and the ones on the right are from the Maternity ward in last episode. The other difference is the letters GND after the Rx-1. And don’t miss the UPC numbers: 4-81516-23 42.


We have the Swan.

Then the “storage hatch” where the tailenders stayed – sort of an arrow pointing up.

Last week the Medical logo.

But we also have a fourth one. Remember the canteen of sour juice that Ethan gave to Claire? It had a different logo:

Look familiar? It should…this logo was also on the shark!


A photo is circulating where crew members are attending to a dead body on the Lost set. Some say it is way back in Episode 1 where the man has his legs pinched under the engine that they have to left up. But that seems unlikely with a just a mild comparison to shots. The body in the uncredited photo looks really messed up – some think more like the missionary from Nigeria. The point of this is that the crew member is wearing a hat from the movie “Sin City”. The timing of the movie and the filming of the show don’t jive…meaning we are in for another grizzly discovery!


Recognize this? Isn’t amazing how much we miss each episode?

The box shown above is from Wayne’s house. The guy who married Michael’s flame and raised Walt…until she died.

And it also found in Hatch #3, the medical hatch! And in an apartment in Australia from the “Greater Good” episode (season 1).

For real Lost fans…you can buy a darn near version of this at Pier 1 and freak out fellow-Lost fans.


Ok, we know Geronimo was the famous Indian chief who fought during the time of Andrew Jackson. That Geronimo was rumored to never have left footprints. I’m thinking the barefoot people walking through the jungle.

Recall that Locke said Desmond didn’t leave tracks.

Speaking of bad hygiene, we are sorting getting the feeling that the dirty appearance of the Others was a farce. Are we then to think that the legs and feet that Ecko and Jin saw (and they looked like young people) was part of the ‘act’? Come on, send the kids out because we have the freaked out enough that big Ecko won’t decided to jump out and kill five children with his bare hands? Yes, they were frightened, but that seems like a big risk…not for the Others really as much as for that defenseless teddy bear. Remember, we saw that bear being held by two boy-girl from the tailenders crash.


Remember that we actually met a character for “decent” amount of time…she climbs out of a ditch last…and suddenly is missing. Rumor a while back said she was going to be seen again, but nothing lately.


I’m thinking lately…just how in love are these hippy cult other freaks who actually are following the leader’s orders. I mean to a point, fine, but when you stop and put yourself in Ethans, Goodwins and now Henry’s shoes…hey, I think its time to catch the next balloon off this island!

“Ok, Henry…here is what I want you to do. These test subjects of ours need a little more thrill put into them. You get caught, claim you are one of them, and then start to undermine their confidence and team mentality by getting the snot kicked out of you by Sayid. Are you up for that, Henry?” HA!

A while back another rumor was heard that said that Ecko will ask someone else to “interview” Henry for answers. Most assume Ana Lucia and especially since she has the map to the balloon and all. But someone suggested that maybe he talks to Sayid!

Imagine if you are Henry Gale and Sayid and Mr. Ecko decide to interrogate the prisoner together! They are going to have to move this show to cable! HA!


Remember when Ecko is meeting with the drug runners in the cozy bar? He ends up killing them for “Fifty”. Anyway, someone has rewatched the show and clearly the name, “Sayid” is spoken by the drug dealers.


There are transcripts of already aired Lost shows. Back when Sayid first “met” Danielle, there was a conversation in the script that didn’t making editing…it was this:

Sayid: “What were you [science team] studying?”
Danielle: “Time.”


Wear red and your life could be ending. Interesting theory…I’ve screen snapshots from up coming shows and a lot of people are wearing red shirts including Charlie, Ana Lucia, Kate and Rose. I thought Nathan looked good in red.


"Hanso" is Sanskrit for "Swan" and "Alvar" means "He who Masters the World Through the Worship of God".


The producers of LOST, put out a promo commercial for the show in the UK. We didn’t see it here in the USA. This came out BEFORE the show got started in 2005. It’s a big file so here is the link if you want to watch it:

It’s 11 megs in size.

Here is a description of it:

If you're familiar with the show, then it all makes a kind of spooky sense: Jack and Sawyer both dancing with Kate; Jin and Michael dancing with Sun; Boone dancing with an noticeably non-pregnant Claire, and (in one brief shot) interceding between Sayid and Shannon; Hurley lugging his suitcase along the shore; Charlie dancing with himself; and Locke seemingly conducting the whole thing (echoed by young Walt). But they're dressed in anachronistic formal wear and the women have lots of smeary mascara. It's set to a druggy Portishead song, called "Numb": "I'm ever so lost/I can't find my way..."




Tuesday, March 18, 2008

T11 - LOST Takes A Break But We Don't

Well, we get a couple of re-runs for the next two weeks…and then we find out about that pregnancy test! Be reminded, these tidbits are just loose ends floating in the world of the web…we still have to put the pieces together and throw out the ones that don’t fit the puzzle.


Ok, we are teased with Sun needing a pregnancy test. As we have learned, previews are not always what they seem (see Have A Cluckity-Cluck Day).

Sun and Jin appear to be at a doctor visit? Good news or bad news? Wouldn’t it be strange if a doctor told them that they couldn’t have children and now Sun in pregnant?

Many point out that Sun had some strange looks on her face whenever mother, child, or the such has been mentioned. Perhaps she knows something that Jin doesn’t. Or maybe the bald date, match-makers the mothers set up, got jilted in America and returned to win Sun back?

All I can reveal is that the bald boyfriend (Mr. Lee, I think) did go to America to marry the American woman and that SHE has a connection to the island or people on it.


Charlie, Ana Lucia and Sayid team up…but to do what?


Balloons are not metal.

Balloons are hard to track on radar and are quiet.


Henry Gale is connected to one of the survivors!


Jack and Sayid couldn’t get anywhere with Henry Gale…Locke thinks it is time to give someone else a try…someone experienced at interrogating suspects. Is there a cop in the house?


What a little reader that Sawyer is…next on his reading list “Hello God…It’s Margaret”…sorry, that’s not the accurate title, but you get the idea.


It seems many are starting to say the numbers were over-emphasized and its time to realize they were just added for excitement value. Then why or why are the writers suggesting the numbers will now be connected to…


It seems that we might get a little more religion in the next few episodes…does this mean an Immaculate Conception for Sun? Are the statues going to come back into play?


Just hold on for two more weeks and then we have three new episodes in a row. We WILL get answers to:

The food supply
Hurley and Libby
Hurley’s mental hospital experience
The Universe

Just kidding on those last three, but hey…those where the three great inquiries from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. And when the big computer (our planet) came up with the answer it was “42”. So maybe the truth is closer then we realize.


Remember we were informed by the writers to pay attention to the sign in the background of a Charlie flashback? Others have pointed out that the building is a famous England power plant (also used for the cover of a Pink Floyd album). Well, there is going to be a meeting soon with Widmore Construction people!

Were they hired to build the power supply on the island by the DeGroot/Hanso “family”? Does that cable on the beach that Sayid found lead to England?

Stay tune,

LT10: Claire

Let’s go back to her flashback episode…the psychic:

Is this Henry Gale with some weight loss?

Claire’s dream PRIOR to being kidnapped:


Look who the psychic is now!

Or is Henry the former boyfriend who painted similar things as found in the hatch mural?

Or the adoptive parents:
All this makes you feel like just lying down and taking a break from it all:



LT9: Sun's Baby

My, oh my, was this an episode or not? I was a little annoyed that the baby’s sickness was played out as the “illness”, only to discover it wasn’t. Granted, they needed something to motivate Claire into doing what she did, but it was a little backwards in my mind. With that said…let’s look behind the scenes.


Many seem to think that this was a fake ultrasound…the baby doesn’t look 8 weeks developed.

The machine is an Acoustic Imaging 5200…fairly modern piece of equipment for what is supposed to be a 1970’s project!

The company who makes the AI5200 (AI also stands for Artificial Intelligence) is called SOMA.


A little Wikipedia search on SOMA reveals this:

Soma (Sanskrit), or Haoma (Avestan) (from Proto-Indo-Iranian *Sauma) was a ritual drink of importance among the early Indo-Iranians, and the later Vedic and Iranian cultures. It is frequently mentioned in the Rigveda, which contains many hymns praising its energizing or intoxicating qualities. It is described as prepared by pressing juice from the stalks of a certain mountain plant, which has been variously hypothesized to be a psychedelic mushroom, cannabis, or ephedra. In both Indian and Iranian tradition, the drink is identified with the plant, and also personified as a god, the three forming a religious or mythological unity.
Perhaps a connection to the “sour” drink they give Claire?

Soma is also the name of the drug used in the book “Brave New World”.


The book given to Henry Gale was by Dostoyevsky called, “The Brothers Karamazov”. Did you catch it in the title? “The bOTHERS Karamazov? J

The summary of the book:

The book is written on two levels: on the surface it is the story of a patricide in which all of the murdered man's sons share varying degrees of complicity but, on a deeper level, it is a spiritual drama of the moral struggles between faith, doubt, reason, and free will.

The other book of notice was Sawyer’s new read (love those glasses)…it was called “Lancelot” by Walker Percy…the summary is:

In a land chivalry is meaningless, what happens to the epitome of chivalry? What happens to a crusader for goodness, when the idea of goodness is becomes horribly muddled? Percys answer is that he would probably become a drunk. This Lancelot does not stay drunk forever, though. When he wakes, since he cannot discover what good is anymore, he decides to find the essence of evil. If he can prove that evil, that sin, exists in a definite form, then good must likewise exist. And so begins his little crusade.

And don’t forget that “Bad Twin” is coming out soon…that is the name of the manuscript that Hurley was reading.


Notice that “Zeke” was upset at Ethan for grabbing Claire before the full list of Losties was assembled? Hmmm….


We have seen that Claire had asked the future adoptive parents to sing “Catch a Falling Star” to the baby…that was the song playing in the nursery hatch!

The airplane on the baby mobile was the same that Kate took from the bank safe.

Claire dreamed of the mobile PRIOR to being kidnapped!

Anyone notice that Zeke was looking in the window of the door when Ethan was giving Claire shots?



Examine this timeframe:

2 weeks – Claire is kidnapped
4 weeks – Claire escapes
8 weeks – Zeke lays down the rules with the Survivors (with costume)
9/10 weeks – Claire is back at empty hatch (finding costume)

Why did they abandon the hatch? Afraid that Claire could lead the survivors back? Or perhaps it was something else? How many times would they clear a hatch and then overturn the medical cabinet – that happens in a ransack not in a “pull-out”. Unless something tipped it over. What DID happen between those events is that the countdown in the Swan hatch went to 0. Did the Others sense doom was coming and pulled out quickly? Did the Medical hatch begin to shake rattle and roll?


Speaking of costumes…why? Nice, educated, and clean scientists hiding their identities? Part of the whole experiment? Is one of the Others Claire’s former psychic?

Or did the Others want the costumes found to continue the test? Remember that costumes are used to keep people thinking one thing (see The Village), but when discovered, then people change their thinking!

And let’s not forget that we have seen TWO uses of the costumes…one in the jungle and the other on the BOAT…have we forgotten the boat? What is it for unless the need to get to another location…or another island?


A few episodes back we see Ecko marking the “X” on trees. Last night he is cutting them down. In a promo we were shown a picture of Ecko sawing wood (not chopping tree)…but it wasn’t included. That in itself tells us something.

So, he is building…but what? A church…a sanctuary from evil?

Keep in mind that trees fall for two reasons so far…Ecko’s axe and when the security system knocks them down….related?


So, Ecko was meant to be taken! He fought them off. Forget the survival skills and focus on the fact that Ecko was to be taken!

They have want 17 or 18 back-enders including children. Had Claire and Charlie. And wanted Ecko. There are quite a few “survivors” in the Others camp now.


Besides that being a great candy bar…was he great last night or what. He gets under Locke’s skin. He gets Ecko to act. Is he a plant to accelerate conflict among the Survivors?

Was Stephen King lucky guess or time-dating? King first released in 1973…but wasn’t considered overly popular until later. Also, King has been loosely connected to this show via storylines such as The Stand.

But we should get more answers next week when they looking for the balloon.


Most previews seem to be misleading rather than leading…so let’s not make the jump to Sun being pregnant…but it does begin to make one wonder why the Others have shown us only ONE FEMALE…and that was Alex who seems to be against the Others…but then shows up on the boat (or is that someone else) and in the jungle as she brings hooded Kate over.

We have been told another 16-year old female is found in the jungle soon by Sawyer named Jessica.

Once again this may come down to a female conspiracy! Consider that the strongest man ever to live was done in by Delilah…the world’s wisest, King Solomon, by Queen of Sheba…and the most spiritual man according to the Bible, King David…humbled by Bathsheba….and let’s not leave out Adam and Eve.

Following this line of thought and it is simple: the INFECTION is WOMEN. Finally, this show is making some sense! HA!



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LT8: Where Are These People Coming From?


We have noticed how Sawyer and Locke are headed towards a showdown of sorts. Locke interested in where Sawyer found his new name, and of course Sawyer taking Locke’s “toys” away! Here are the popular theories:

Locke’s father is the real Sawyer, the con man
Sawyer conned Helen at one point
Locke’s father (with his kidney) hired Helen to help get Locke off his back – Helen’s criminal partner was Sawyer
Locke get paralyzed by a car that takes off…he never gets to see the driver was Sawyer!


She makes a real effort to get some of those memories back. One flash of recall was where the scratch marks on the arm seemed to come from Danielle. So, who better to help Claire remember then Claire? And for goodness sake, take someone sensible with you…like Kate!


It becomes clear to the Survivors that someone is “sick” and not in the normal way!


Yes, we know that Sayid finds a new “friend” tonight and has a little “chat” with him. But Sawyer also finds some girl, teenager, named Jessica (Malcom in the Middle’s sometimes girlfriend if you know that actress).


We get to see what is behind that wall!


Forget “hatch” and think “storage bunker”. Could be several more bunkers with the Arrow symbol…all for storage and NOT a real hatch. Meaning, we have only seen one of the seven real hatches!


Sources say that if you like the dark side of Charlie…just wait…it gets better…or worst depending how you look at things. No fury greater then a scorned addict, eh?


Talk about product placement…there is to be a manuscript featured soon that I think Hurley is reading…on the show this will play odd because the author’s name might be the name of a person on the island…lucky break that would be. However, we hear that this manuscript was actually delivered (a copy of course) to the Publisher right before the author got on Oceanic Flight 815. So, Hurley is reading a copy while the Publisher is printing copies for…YOU AND ME! You can buy this book soon at a nearby Barnes and Noble. It’s called “Bad Twin” – the plot seems to be a lot like Shannon’s life.


We have learned that DHARMA is an ACRONYM, but not an ANAGRAM! D. H. A. R. M. A. Not sure why, but when trying to figure this puzzle out, I suddenly had a craving for Emerald Nuts. Dashing Hindu Ants Resisting Marmalade Aromas?


LT7: The Swan Hatch Is Getting Darker

We wrote this one back when Hurley was checking out the Dharma Ranch Dressing...



Jack is losing it.
Locke is getting nastier.
Charlie Vader is dark.
Sayid feels no guilt.

Maybe what Goodwin told them is true…they took only the good that night. Yikes!


Reliable sources tell me that the frog with ranch dressing does NOT taste like chicken, more of a wild game taste when sautéed properly in butter which a splash of white wine.


Ok, not Lost related, other than this is something I heard last night: Why does the word “synonym” have no synonyms?


My name is Sayid…I’m a torturer.


What in the heck was that with the clock…there is a SECOND CHANCE? Here is what it looked like:


What was up with a different clock in the promo? Hmmm…


Henry Gale, the balloon man, was from Minnesota.
Goodwin said South Dakota.
Sawyer said he met someone in Sioux City, Iowa.
Kate was from there with her toy plane and boyfriend.
DeGroots claim to hail from Michigan.
Stephen King’s book the “Stand” has a lot in Iowa.
In “24” Jack Bauer says some bomb was crossing Iowa.
Oh wait, I’m mixing my messages.


What do those symbols mean? Egyptian is the early take. Translated it spells out (we are missing one letter): S__IDAD. Of course symbols is not an alphabet, so someone with experience has translated the symbols into English for me. The answer…

The clock reads “DIE”.


Vote now: When in the trap…was he an Other in your mind?
Ok, when the arrow is poking him? Still think he is an Other?
When answering questions to Mr. Congeniality? Still think he is an Other?
Or that final shot and the look in his eye…now I’m thinking, OTHER!


What if flashbacks are memory implants? In Sayid’s flashback, the road in the middle of the desert is WET. A strange off-hand comment was, “Now you have the skills you can use one day”…seems pretty well placed by coincidence. And the trucks kept heading in the same direction, why not turn around and go home or offer him a little bit closer drop off? It seemed to trigger “placed memories” instead of a real memory or was that just in my case? Didn’t everyone get shock treatment in junior high or just me?


When Sayid was being shown the tape of his old village being hit with nerve gas, the counter on the video (bottom of screen) read: REEL2310842. 23 106 42. Hmmm.

Locke when telling Jack the “new” combination started by saying RIGHT 15.

Henry floated to the island 4 months ago.

Sayid was 23 when Americans invaded his country.



Sunday, March 16, 2008

LT6: Random Thoughts

In this Lost Tidbits we propose some theories - I've edited the post to reflect how accurate we were...or weren't.


There was a Glenn Miller song on the radio that Hurley and Sayid was listening to - he went missing in route from England to France on an uncharted flight in 1944. Apparently, conspiracy theorist say he died at the hands of the French army or with a prostitute and there was a cover-up surrounding his real cause of death.

Sawyer refers to Sun as "Tokyo Rose" - one possible identity of Tokyo Rose was Amelia Earhart who went missing when her plane went down in the South Pacific.

The author of An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, (the book Locke was flipping through) Ambrose Bierce, went missing on the way to join Pancho Villa in Mexico. Also of note, Villa was born with another name, and adopted Pancho Villa as an alias after he met a criminal with that name (just like Sawyer!) Villa once raided a US Calvary hold and made off with all the weapons and horses - (just like Sawyer).


Hurley owns every company that people on the island worked for (Still possible)
The Others are the good guys (Still possible)
Is Michael the Mole – he worked construction and we were told to look for Widmore Construction (Well he is Ben's spy)
Is Hurley’s box company really a front for Hanso? (Not likely)
Hurley’s brother lost his wife…Libby? (Nope)
The real Sawyer…it he a she? (Nope)
Is Locke Claire’s father? (This one is funny knowing what we know now)
Who is the bigger druggie – Charlie or Sawyer? (Charlie)
Claire is the mole? (Nope)


Not sure why they want us to know this, but it seems the producers have pointed out that a building in the background of a shot was important yet they felt it was’t widely recognized as so. It is right after Driveshaft goof up the filming of the diaper commercial and why at the trailer begging for another chance, the building is in the background.

Here is the building we were suppose to notice from the website of the actual company who owns this building:

This is the London landmark…their power station. Power, you say? Look familiar to anyone? If you held the Pink Floyd “Animals” album cover in your hand, it should be familiar.