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LT9: Sun's Baby

My, oh my, was this an episode or not? I was a little annoyed that the baby’s sickness was played out as the “illness”, only to discover it wasn’t. Granted, they needed something to motivate Claire into doing what she did, but it was a little backwards in my mind. With that said…let’s look behind the scenes.


Many seem to think that this was a fake ultrasound…the baby doesn’t look 8 weeks developed.

The machine is an Acoustic Imaging 5200…fairly modern piece of equipment for what is supposed to be a 1970’s project!

The company who makes the AI5200 (AI also stands for Artificial Intelligence) is called SOMA.


A little Wikipedia search on SOMA reveals this:

Soma (Sanskrit), or Haoma (Avestan) (from Proto-Indo-Iranian *Sauma) was a ritual drink of importance among the early Indo-Iranians, and the later Vedic and Iranian cultures. It is frequently mentioned in the Rigveda, which contains many hymns praising its energizing or intoxicating qualities. It is described as prepared by pressing juice from the stalks of a certain mountain plant, which has been variously hypothesized to be a psychedelic mushroom, cannabis, or ephedra. In both Indian and Iranian tradition, the drink is identified with the plant, and also personified as a god, the three forming a religious or mythological unity.
Perhaps a connection to the “sour” drink they give Claire?

Soma is also the name of the drug used in the book “Brave New World”.


The book given to Henry Gale was by Dostoyevsky called, “The Brothers Karamazov”. Did you catch it in the title? “The bOTHERS Karamazov? J

The summary of the book:

The book is written on two levels: on the surface it is the story of a patricide in which all of the murdered man's sons share varying degrees of complicity but, on a deeper level, it is a spiritual drama of the moral struggles between faith, doubt, reason, and free will.

The other book of notice was Sawyer’s new read (love those glasses)…it was called “Lancelot” by Walker Percy…the summary is:

In a land chivalry is meaningless, what happens to the epitome of chivalry? What happens to a crusader for goodness, when the idea of goodness is becomes horribly muddled? Percys answer is that he would probably become a drunk. This Lancelot does not stay drunk forever, though. When he wakes, since he cannot discover what good is anymore, he decides to find the essence of evil. If he can prove that evil, that sin, exists in a definite form, then good must likewise exist. And so begins his little crusade.

And don’t forget that “Bad Twin” is coming out soon…that is the name of the manuscript that Hurley was reading.


Notice that “Zeke” was upset at Ethan for grabbing Claire before the full list of Losties was assembled? Hmmm….


We have seen that Claire had asked the future adoptive parents to sing “Catch a Falling Star” to the baby…that was the song playing in the nursery hatch!

The airplane on the baby mobile was the same that Kate took from the bank safe.

Claire dreamed of the mobile PRIOR to being kidnapped!

Anyone notice that Zeke was looking in the window of the door when Ethan was giving Claire shots?



Examine this timeframe:

2 weeks – Claire is kidnapped
4 weeks – Claire escapes
8 weeks – Zeke lays down the rules with the Survivors (with costume)
9/10 weeks – Claire is back at empty hatch (finding costume)

Why did they abandon the hatch? Afraid that Claire could lead the survivors back? Or perhaps it was something else? How many times would they clear a hatch and then overturn the medical cabinet – that happens in a ransack not in a “pull-out”. Unless something tipped it over. What DID happen between those events is that the countdown in the Swan hatch went to 0. Did the Others sense doom was coming and pulled out quickly? Did the Medical hatch begin to shake rattle and roll?


Speaking of costumes…why? Nice, educated, and clean scientists hiding their identities? Part of the whole experiment? Is one of the Others Claire’s former psychic?

Or did the Others want the costumes found to continue the test? Remember that costumes are used to keep people thinking one thing (see The Village), but when discovered, then people change their thinking!

And let’s not forget that we have seen TWO uses of the costumes…one in the jungle and the other on the BOAT…have we forgotten the boat? What is it for unless the need to get to another location…or another island?


A few episodes back we see Ecko marking the “X” on trees. Last night he is cutting them down. In a promo we were shown a picture of Ecko sawing wood (not chopping tree)…but it wasn’t included. That in itself tells us something.

So, he is building…but what? A church…a sanctuary from evil?

Keep in mind that trees fall for two reasons so far…Ecko’s axe and when the security system knocks them down….related?


So, Ecko was meant to be taken! He fought them off. Forget the survival skills and focus on the fact that Ecko was to be taken!

They have want 17 or 18 back-enders including children. Had Claire and Charlie. And wanted Ecko. There are quite a few “survivors” in the Others camp now.


Besides that being a great candy bar…was he great last night or what. He gets under Locke’s skin. He gets Ecko to act. Is he a plant to accelerate conflict among the Survivors?

Was Stephen King lucky guess or time-dating? King first released in 1973…but wasn’t considered overly popular until later. Also, King has been loosely connected to this show via storylines such as The Stand.

But we should get more answers next week when they looking for the balloon.


Most previews seem to be misleading rather than leading…so let’s not make the jump to Sun being pregnant…but it does begin to make one wonder why the Others have shown us only ONE FEMALE…and that was Alex who seems to be against the Others…but then shows up on the boat (or is that someone else) and in the jungle as she brings hooded Kate over.

We have been told another 16-year old female is found in the jungle soon by Sawyer named Jessica.

Once again this may come down to a female conspiracy! Consider that the strongest man ever to live was done in by Delilah…the world’s wisest, King Solomon, by Queen of Sheba…and the most spiritual man according to the Bible, King David…humbled by Bathsheba….and let’s not leave out Adam and Eve.

Following this line of thought and it is simple: the INFECTION is WOMEN. Finally, this show is making some sense! HA!



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