Wednesday, March 19, 2008

LT13: Lost Thoughts

Ok, I admit it…I can’t this show out of my head! So, now that I’ve apologized…here are some random lost thoughts from research:


This has the ability via electro-magnetic energy to send out messages – via hallucinations, dreams, etc. It does this because it is trying to resolve conflict. Incidentally, this implies the Others want the opposite…otherwise they wouldn’t keep sending in spies to upset the balance (see Henry Gale…and if he turns out NOT to be an Other, then throw this theory out!).

The pushing the Execute button is what “sends” out these messages every 108 minutes thanks to Desmond when the plane crashes


Locke – About 50 people are convinced they can get up and are alive when the plane finally stops falling. One, Mr. Locke, doesn’t think he can because he is paralyzed. But the machine wants consensus…so the “message” reaches Locke and his falls into the majority (50 to 1 mind power). He gets up and walk. Now do I think the machine can heal? Probably not, but what if Locke could walk all the time and his confidence issues is what cost him. And now look at his confidence…well, until the Others came and shook that up. Machine: good, Others: bad.

Kate – Everyone is feeling pretty good except Kate who has this conflict raging inside her – Jack or Sawyer. The machine tries to give her peace of mind like the majority of survivors (considering the state they are in)…and sends a horse…just like the one that got her out of trouble before.

Everyone – The people on this island are a bit too happy…the computer keeps feeding this “can do” attitudes. But the tailies are not so cheery…in fact, most of the time everyone of them looked scared out of their wits. Consensus building by brain waves! Move the Tailies to the other camp and suddenly even Mr. Ecko smiles and baptizes and chops wood. If he starts whistling next episode, you will have to start believing this.

Charlie – he is a little paranoid to start…mind-altering messages in an altered mind due to drugs. He cleans up, he receives the positive messages and becomes “daddy”. Drugs show up again and he suddenly needs a boost like Kate…enter the dream where he is the hero. His messages tells him to be a hero…opps. Now the majority think, “Charlie is crazy”…machine reinforces with majority rules and Charlie even stands in a daze confused about all this. Everyone, including Locke, thinks Charlie is using again…machine reinforces…Charlie goes “bad” lighting fires and dragging Sun into the woods for revenge to Locke. He is just playing his role.

Claire – consider her last flashback…it started as if it was her real OB/GYN appointment, but then turned into Ethan memory. Just enough real and fake to be either a) a dream or b) very weird show!

Walt – exception to every rule…Mr. Wizard Child here can influence the machine as an individual! While 9 out of 10 Survivors in a poll conducted would say “There are no polar bears on this tropic island.”, Walt’s child-like brain and comic book say, “There could be.” And he is just mentally tough enough to make the machine follow his wishes.

Desmond, Ethan and Danielle – partially influenced. The magnetic wall might have started leaking. Inside, you are safe and keep you normal thoughts, “I’m a scientist on this island.” But these three got out of the influence mid-stream…a little wacky, if you will. They take the serum and the influence stops, but they aren’t the same person. Ethan’s role is basically to stop this by introducing serum to a baby – not influenced yet?

Recall that Ethan irritated their “leader” for breaking protocol twice – the list wasn’t done and what are we going to do with this Charlie fellow? Ethan however was a plant, a traitor to the Others…he wanted Aaron to avoid the machine’s influence…so serum before birth! We also know that Ethan seemed to help Claire a bit too much including getting away.

Danielle tries to help as well, but at a different level obviously.

And let’s not forget Erin…Danielle’s daughter…a baby, but too late…sort of…she resisted as well and tried to help Claire get away.



Sawyer has been to the island before and knows something about it the rest of the Survivors don’t.


Never happened. At least not in the way we see them or the Survivors remember them. We have plenty of examples…Hurley chicken adventure…Boone dreaming of a drowning woman…Charlie’s piano coffin…and so on. SO, why not throw all of the flashbacks out.

How is this possible, we scream? The machine is overlaying the memories or giving them to the Survivors.

What would this mean? That the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 were not the numbers Hurley used to win the lottery…or if he even did win it at all!

The darn hatch is using its consensus machine to influence people’s minds!


Many folks are wondering just who this Dave guy is and why would he get a title of an episode? One theory is that Zeke (bearded Other) is Dave. And Dave is a psychiatrist…who treated Hurley.

Then we have the theory that Sawyer’s real name is Dave/David…but didn’t we hear Sawyer call him James…or was that a last name? However, wasn’t the man Sawyer was going to con named Dave?

Dave is also the name of a so-so movie about the presidency having a duplicate replace the original!

Oh, and it’s the name that HAL says in Space Odyssey 2001.


We have read that the second season author of the diary found the book…well, a few clues in there indicate the author could be…Rose! Keep an eye open for any odd behavior on her part.



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