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LT12: Where Have I Seen That Face Before?


What if I told you that you had seen Henry Gale PRIOR to being caught up in Danielle’s net? This isn’t a spoiler since we all saw him. It was just difficult to notice him. Here is a picture from the last show, Maternity Leave":

Now, how could he be a doctor 30 days earlier AND have a balloon story AND have a dead wife? But consider this when you watch…Gale is an Other! Or he has a twin. Don’t know if you recall Theory #124,532 but it stated something about mirrors/twins/duplicates/cloning. I think to settle this someone should check Henry in the Hatch’s backside for a Dharma logo! HA!


The official ABC site for Lost has always had a diary link. Someone had always been writing something each week – a survivor. It seems like the author was not a main character, but an observer. Much of the diary has been of little use or information. We know the author was female.

However, we have learned that the first author lost the diary, it was found by someone else (gender unknown) and that person has decided to pick-up where the first author left off. Neat little addition, but mostly useless for clues. Until this week…

…the second author of the diary writes that Henry is their brother! HELLO! Can someone ask Hurley to check the manifest for any Gales onboard?


Rumors state that Kate, Evangline Lilly for those women viewers!, actually gets a rash from something in Hawaii during filming and that producers have to work it into the script.

We have also hear whispers (not those kind of whispers or we would have to visit a psychiatrist) that a main FEMALE character will be killed off this season! Are these last two sentences related? Or is Ana Lucia’s off screen antics enough to give her the boot? Or does Hurley freak when Libby’s past is revealed and he kills her? Or does Anakin, I’m sorry, Charlie have another bad hair day and takes it out on Sun for real?


Kate doesn’t like the fact that Sawyer conned her and the rest. Payback time. Something like this – Kate already has one gun stashed from earlier. We see in next week that she wants a couple of rifles to help Sun (this is the con). Kate ends up with at least half the weapons. We also see in a promo pic that Charlie has a gun that he is handing over to Sayid in the search for the balloon.


In a promo pic, we see the Three Stooges (Ana, Charlie and Sayid) looking up as they stand over a grave site.

We also saw Ecko and Charlie look up to see a parachute and Boone and Locke look up to see the missionary and Ecko looks up a lot and the tailenders looked up a lot when crossing the island and Charlie looks up to find his guitar.


It seems that Jack’s wife just won’t leave people’s minds. The latest rumor is that Sarah was cheating with the ex-boyfriend, named Kevin. I’ve always been confused if Desmond said his hatch-mate was Kevin or Kelvin.

The possibilities are endless.


Many rumors are starting about the connection between the movie classic and the Lost show. Ruby slippers, balloons and emerald hallways. But like the movie says in relation to Scarecrow’s wish for a brain, “But what would you do with one anyway?”

Hey, even if they find a balloon it doesn’t mean Henry was on it.


These are the two shots of the medicine…Desmond’s are on the left – no Dharma logo…and the ones on the right are from the Maternity ward in last episode. The other difference is the letters GND after the Rx-1. And don’t miss the UPC numbers: 4-81516-23 42.


We have the Swan.

Then the “storage hatch” where the tailenders stayed – sort of an arrow pointing up.

Last week the Medical logo.

But we also have a fourth one. Remember the canteen of sour juice that Ethan gave to Claire? It had a different logo:

Look familiar? It should…this logo was also on the shark!


A photo is circulating where crew members are attending to a dead body on the Lost set. Some say it is way back in Episode 1 where the man has his legs pinched under the engine that they have to left up. But that seems unlikely with a just a mild comparison to shots. The body in the uncredited photo looks really messed up – some think more like the missionary from Nigeria. The point of this is that the crew member is wearing a hat from the movie “Sin City”. The timing of the movie and the filming of the show don’t jive…meaning we are in for another grizzly discovery!


Recognize this? Isn’t amazing how much we miss each episode?

The box shown above is from Wayne’s house. The guy who married Michael’s flame and raised Walt…until she died.

And it also found in Hatch #3, the medical hatch! And in an apartment in Australia from the “Greater Good” episode (season 1).

For real Lost fans…you can buy a darn near version of this at Pier 1 and freak out fellow-Lost fans.


Ok, we know Geronimo was the famous Indian chief who fought during the time of Andrew Jackson. That Geronimo was rumored to never have left footprints. I’m thinking the barefoot people walking through the jungle.

Recall that Locke said Desmond didn’t leave tracks.

Speaking of bad hygiene, we are sorting getting the feeling that the dirty appearance of the Others was a farce. Are we then to think that the legs and feet that Ecko and Jin saw (and they looked like young people) was part of the ‘act’? Come on, send the kids out because we have the freaked out enough that big Ecko won’t decided to jump out and kill five children with his bare hands? Yes, they were frightened, but that seems like a big risk…not for the Others really as much as for that defenseless teddy bear. Remember, we saw that bear being held by two boy-girl from the tailenders crash.


Remember that we actually met a character for “decent” amount of time…she climbs out of a ditch last…and suddenly is missing. Rumor a while back said she was going to be seen again, but nothing lately.


I’m thinking lately…just how in love are these hippy cult other freaks who actually are following the leader’s orders. I mean to a point, fine, but when you stop and put yourself in Ethans, Goodwins and now Henry’s shoes…hey, I think its time to catch the next balloon off this island!

“Ok, Henry…here is what I want you to do. These test subjects of ours need a little more thrill put into them. You get caught, claim you are one of them, and then start to undermine their confidence and team mentality by getting the snot kicked out of you by Sayid. Are you up for that, Henry?” HA!

A while back another rumor was heard that said that Ecko will ask someone else to “interview” Henry for answers. Most assume Ana Lucia and especially since she has the map to the balloon and all. But someone suggested that maybe he talks to Sayid!

Imagine if you are Henry Gale and Sayid and Mr. Ecko decide to interrogate the prisoner together! They are going to have to move this show to cable! HA!


Remember when Ecko is meeting with the drug runners in the cozy bar? He ends up killing them for “Fifty”. Anyway, someone has rewatched the show and clearly the name, “Sayid” is spoken by the drug dealers.


There are transcripts of already aired Lost shows. Back when Sayid first “met” Danielle, there was a conversation in the script that didn’t making editing…it was this:

Sayid: “What were you [science team] studying?”
Danielle: “Time.”


Wear red and your life could be ending. Interesting theory…I’ve screen snapshots from up coming shows and a lot of people are wearing red shirts including Charlie, Ana Lucia, Kate and Rose. I thought Nathan looked good in red.


"Hanso" is Sanskrit for "Swan" and "Alvar" means "He who Masters the World Through the Worship of God".


The producers of LOST, put out a promo commercial for the show in the UK. We didn’t see it here in the USA. This came out BEFORE the show got started in 2005. It’s a big file so here is the link if you want to watch it:

It’s 11 megs in size.

Here is a description of it:

If you're familiar with the show, then it all makes a kind of spooky sense: Jack and Sawyer both dancing with Kate; Jin and Michael dancing with Sun; Boone dancing with an noticeably non-pregnant Claire, and (in one brief shot) interceding between Sayid and Shannon; Hurley lugging his suitcase along the shore; Charlie dancing with himself; and Locke seemingly conducting the whole thing (echoed by young Walt). But they're dressed in anachronistic formal wear and the women have lots of smeary mascara. It's set to a druggy Portishead song, called "Numb": "I'm ever so lost/I can't find my way..."




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