Tuesday, March 18, 2008

T11 - LOST Takes A Break But We Don't

Well, we get a couple of re-runs for the next two weeks…and then we find out about that pregnancy test! Be reminded, these tidbits are just loose ends floating in the world of the web…we still have to put the pieces together and throw out the ones that don’t fit the puzzle.


Ok, we are teased with Sun needing a pregnancy test. As we have learned, previews are not always what they seem (see Have A Cluckity-Cluck Day).

Sun and Jin appear to be at a doctor visit? Good news or bad news? Wouldn’t it be strange if a doctor told them that they couldn’t have children and now Sun in pregnant?

Many point out that Sun had some strange looks on her face whenever mother, child, or the such has been mentioned. Perhaps she knows something that Jin doesn’t. Or maybe the bald date, match-makers the mothers set up, got jilted in America and returned to win Sun back?

All I can reveal is that the bald boyfriend (Mr. Lee, I think) did go to America to marry the American woman and that SHE has a connection to the island or people on it.


Charlie, Ana Lucia and Sayid team up…but to do what?


Balloons are not metal.

Balloons are hard to track on radar and are quiet.


Henry Gale is connected to one of the survivors!


Jack and Sayid couldn’t get anywhere with Henry Gale…Locke thinks it is time to give someone else a try…someone experienced at interrogating suspects. Is there a cop in the house?


What a little reader that Sawyer is…next on his reading list “Hello God…It’s Margaret”…sorry, that’s not the accurate title, but you get the idea.


It seems many are starting to say the numbers were over-emphasized and its time to realize they were just added for excitement value. Then why or why are the writers suggesting the numbers will now be connected to…


It seems that we might get a little more religion in the next few episodes…does this mean an Immaculate Conception for Sun? Are the statues going to come back into play?


Just hold on for two more weeks and then we have three new episodes in a row. We WILL get answers to:

The food supply
Hurley and Libby
Hurley’s mental hospital experience
The Universe

Just kidding on those last three, but hey…those where the three great inquiries from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. And when the big computer (our planet) came up with the answer it was “42”. So maybe the truth is closer then we realize.


Remember we were informed by the writers to pay attention to the sign in the background of a Charlie flashback? Others have pointed out that the building is a famous England power plant (also used for the cover of a Pink Floyd album). Well, there is going to be a meeting soon with Widmore Construction people!

Were they hired to build the power supply on the island by the DeGroot/Hanso “family”? Does that cable on the beach that Sayid found lead to England?

Stay tune,

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