Wednesday, March 19, 2008

LT15: Children of Lost


Kate – her real dad was absent
Aaron – the father was a flake and disappeared
Aaron – Charlie’s dream indicates Aaron had no father around and needed his protection
Locke – troubles with dad
Walt – is Michael REALLY his dad?
Walt – studying the Cockoo bird in Australia – famous for laying eggs in other bird’s nest
Sun – father pressured her…into having a baby?
Jack – father issues
Shannon – no mother, she died
Boone – no father, raised my mother
Charlie – abusive father…was it his or as mom said, “He is special.” (just like a couple of other children we know!)
Hurley – no father

The evil father theme seems prevalent – meaning Jin and Michael may not be father since “no one else should raise the child”. Hmmm…


Someone has researched and identified the boxes on the Nigerian plane – they were marked being from the Bronx. Rose is from the Bronx.


Henry is Kelvin! Henry/Kelvin crashed much earlier then a few weeks ago and was Desmond’s partner in the hatch for a while. Now that he is back and no Desmond around, Henry assumes Desmond was killed! Thus his behavior. He might also not be aware of “Others” then.


Maybe as recently as the second season! Re-watch the first episode and you will notice:

Bunk Bed – Desmond on top…when you have a choice, you choose the bottom one.
Dishes – Desmond washes dishes and then eats a bit later
Book – book on table is open and on the opposite side of the table and the plates and dishes that Desmond collects…meaning two people were there.
Backgammon – the game is shown with pieces on both sides…Desmond playing two hands or did he have a partner

Many other visual clues are present such as eating…Desmond cleans up a meal only to eat again? Every 108 minutes? I don’t think so. And we know the food supply could last about 2-3 months…meaning the last shipment was about then! Kelvin in the balloon making deliveries…er, I mean Henry.

This also explains how this week Henry can tell Locke something new about the hatch!