Tuesday, March 25, 2008

LT16: Connections

The fun part of “Lost” is making the connections between characters. In order to understand things on the island, we then try to make our own connections. Like these:


Gerald DeGroot is modeled after David GERROLD. He is the man whose became the youngest writer ever to have a script used on a television show. It was a Star Trek episode called, “The Trouble with Tribbles”. He later created Land of the Lost – that Saturday morning TV show for Sid and Croft.

The “De” in DeGroot comes from the man John DEE. Dr. Lee lived in the late 1500’s and straddled the world of magic and science.

Or maybe, Robert Heinlein, is the source of much of Lost. He is suggested often, and even looks like someone on the island.

Heinlein is famous in the mainstream for Starship Troopers (the book, not the movie). Interested people in this line of thinking should check out his comic book called Teemings…it is about a plan to eliminate way by stealing the other side’s children…hmmm.


Another popular theory involves the Losties swapping memories. For example, Sawyer is on TV when Kate visits her real dad on the recruiting station. Then in Sayid’s flashback we see Kate’s father holding a picture of a young Kate. How? Electromagnetic energy which is a scientific theory. In the sci-fi world, the best term to describe this is “grok”. That term was coined by…Robert Heinlein.

Check out Heinlein’s book, “Lost Legacy” as well. Is his term “waldo” the bases for the “Others”?


His real name is Hugo.

Victor Hugo?

Hugo Strange? Who? A Batman bad guy…who conducted experiments on the homeless…did someone say “homeless”? Hmmm…

Hugo – Bart’s alter-ego, yes Bart Simpson’s evil-twin that lives in the attic. Ok, maybe we are pushing this connections thing a little too much, but consider this…the book that Lost is releasing soon is called, Bad Twin. True, Bart’s Twin might have been more convincing. OH, and the author of Bad Twin in Gary Troup; which happens to be an anagram for Purgatory.

Could it be that the meaning we are meant to extract from Lost's collection of confused and confusing details is the confusion itself? Is this frenzied state of theory projection a clue unto itself? Is Lost's second season merely an object lesson in mankind's futile search for truth?


We think plane crash, but was it? How many planes break up into THREE separate parts? After the initial stress splits the plan in HALF, we should be done.

Consider that bottles in Jack’s pocket didn’t break, he came out of his seat belt, Locke can walk, all needed supplies are present, too many people made it alive…something is not right with this picture.


Charlie: “You murdered someone.”

Locke: “My hatch.”


If the second season author of the diary supposedly knows Henry Gale, then isn’t our list pretty short:


Hmmm…now one of these might have told someone else…or was Henry seen when Sayid brought him back…Ana was with him at first…did Danielle talk…did Sayid fill Ana in later?


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