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LT29: Rear View Mirror


It was discovered earlier that John Locke was a philosopher and happens to be the name of our favorite cripple on the island. But we learned last week that Desmond's name is Desmond David Hume…and David Hume was a philosopher who studying under John Locke.

Both philosophers concerned themselves with identity, ethics, free will and fate.


Add this to your summer Lost To Do list. Find this movie and check it out. It was a landmark cult movie in the 60's, but it dealt with a prisoner named Number 6. Lots of Desmond similarities.


The finale gave us some answers to long-standing questions. Now we may like or dislike some of the explanations, but there is no way they were going to make EVERYTHING fit nice and neat in a cute little package. But you can tell the writers put a lot of effort into trying to keep everything plausible.

So then, what was this:

This phrase was found on the Blast Door Map. There happens to be a real-life research project by the same name. Check it out here:

It begins: "Here Be Dragons is an experiment in using emergent and genetic algorithms in generating virtual spaces. Through use of digital "genes", Lindenmeyer ("L") Systems, cellular automata and other procedural methods, users can navigate and interact with a world containing architecture and creatures that had no direct human designer."

Hello! Just one more thing to do this summer.

Another book should be looked into…"Headlong Hall" by Thomas Love Peacock. Quote: Here you see is the pedestal of a statue, with only half a leg and four toes remaining: there were many here once. When I was a boy, I used to sit every day on the shoulders of Hercules: what became of him I have never been able to ascertain. Neptune has been Iying these seven years in the dust-hole; Atlas had his head knocked off to fit him for propping a shed; and only the day before yesterday we fished Bacchus out of the horse-pond.

While you are at it, write down "Northern Lights" book as well. Research this first to make sure it is the one by Phillip Pullman. The book went through some name changes on different printings. The Northern Lights connection includes NASA photos of the sky from satellites…and these photos were found on the Hanso Foundation website.


If you watched every episode of Lost except the last one…would have guessed that of all the prop's the Printout from the Pearl Station would have been one of the most important clues revealed up to that point?

So, why then the "goof"? Did you catch it? In the original printout shown when Locke was in the hatch the numbers were formatted like this:


But when Desmond is examining it and finds his "System Failure", the numbers are formatted like this:

922044:16 which seems to indicate 9-22-04 4:16

One would think that with such a critical part, the writers should have made sure the printout was the same. Or was there a second printout and Locke switched it around? Or just a goof?


On their computer, It reads:

Delivery Subsystem 550 Requested action taken:> Received: by with SMTP id m12mr1134484nfg:> Received: by 10,29.30.1 with HTTP> Message-ID: Subject: AUTOMATED TEST> MIME-Version: 1.0> Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable> Content-Disposition: inline>AUTOMATED TEST -1bbybby 77111790v****systems normal**** 76555-222-0zzzzzzz330 7711346 ****systtems normal**** QX10022005-CHITEST COMPLETE**********************Delivery Subsystem 550 Requested action taken:> Sent: by with SMTP id m11mr1134484nfg> Sent: to 10,49.31.1 with HTTPElectromagnet

By the way, the number above the words "Electromagnet Anomaly" was 7418880.


You have to admit that this little puzzle is a tough one. If Libby is a Dharma operative, they have been done to die before (Goodwin, Ethan, one shot by Sawyer). But Libby dying? It seems like they wouldn't kill off a Widmore. Of course, we don't KNOW that she was a Widmore since there is a Libby Wales name floating around the Hanso Foundation website.


Did anyone see this coming? Ok, there were a few hints in Lost Tidbits! It really didn't seem to do much for the show, however. Just ONCE, wouldn't it be nice if Sayid and Desmond were talking about things and Inman's name came up? Trust me, Sayid would remember that name!

To be fair, I liked how Desmond quizzed Locke about the Pearl Hatch. "Tell me everything." But it would be neat to have more of the Sawyer revealing Jack's dad's favorite quote about the Red Sox kind of stuff.


Strange, huh? Almost as bizarre as the four-toed statue. But many do think it screech Hurley's name. And we have seen this bird before…in season 1 when the group is heading to blow the hatch door open with Arnzt dynamite!


We learn from the letters that Dad was keeping from Penny, that Desmond addressed them to Knightsbridge. Same city where Lucy was living. Lucy? Yes, the lady that Charlie conned in Season 1 when he tried to go to work for her father selling copiers.


Was that bending of the metal around the clock a highlight or what? More importantly, we got to see the final and full symbols:
Now the translation guys can work with this and they did…it reads DEATH.


Maybe nothing, but the final paragraph can be read…it says:

There was a mass of spectator craft out in the Solent - that came [as a] surprise. We were not expecting so many people, and it made it difficult to steer, especially since there was no marshaling to speak of. We almost ran down a rubber dinghy, but managed somehow to avoid it at the last.

Oh, I should apologize here…it wasn't Cameron Widmore, but Charles. See? These can't be spoilers if they are WRONG! HA!


Bet you don't know who this guy is. His name is Donald. He was the guy who died on Day 5 from a wound infection from the tail end. Libby helped set his broken leg ("Are you a doctor?" scene).

He is the real Sawyer!

Speaking of gone but not forgotten…we have CONFIRMATION that the man sucked into the engine in the Pilot was Gary Troupe.


Walt acted strange. Didn't ex-Henry say something about leaving was fine since Walt "joined their family"? Why didn't Walt ask about the tied up friends? Why didn't Walt ask about Vincent?

Speaking of strange behavior…was Charlie a bit out of character at times? The crying Locke scene was the "evil and revengeful side", but with Claire he was "sweet". And why or why doesn't he want to tell Claire about what happened back there? Why hasn't a group headed out to check on them? What about this hatch door that landed at my feet?


The title of the episode is clearly mirrored in the plot line each week. Jack even mentioned the title himself. So who died alone?

The title usually parallels the island story and episode title. Using this logic, the flashback theme was Penny and Desmond. Does this mean Desmond died alone down there?

Keep in mind that the hatch doors could withstand an atomic bomb. And the crawl space was within the blast door area. Those blast doors were mostly for protection in case the thing did blow up! Of course, they were open at the time of the explosion in order for Desmond to retrieve the key. We think Ecko and John were within the doors, but they were open. Or did they close in time to save all three?

Again, reminding ourselves of the hatch door. It was lying near the opening, which was down a hallway, which passed the magnetic wall. The force of the explosion had to go up that hatch, right?


Did you jump to the conclusion that it was caused by Desmond failing to get back to the hatch after tracking Kelvin to his boat?

Far less damaged occurred, but the timing matches the crash of Flight 815. But then how did the impact of the magnet last LONGER in the finale, but cause less damage? Why isn't there a plane crashing into the island right now?

If your excuse the subtle topics, then it might fit…but let's remove the plane crash and then EVERYTHING fits. First countdown and a few things flew to the wall and stuck. Second countdown lasted longer and more and larger things stuck (like barbells and washing machines). So, the first countdown couldn't have been strong enough to pull a plane apart!

EVIDENCE: The cans on the Survivor beach were pulled off the shelf but didn't get sucked down into the hatch.

EVIDENCE: The guns of the Others weren't ripped out of their hands.

EVIDENCE: People with metal objects (like a belt buckle) weren't pulled towards the hatch.

EVIDENCE: Michael or Desmond's boats were pulled on-shore.

Desmond, and many viewers, THINK that the first countdown caused the crash. Nope. It wasn't an unplanned accident! At least that's my guess.

Ok, then why push the button? Because it hides the island. Now that the hatch is gone, this island is very visible and I'm guessing the Calvary is coming in Season 3.

ANOTHER THOUGHT: What if Ecko dynamite is what blew the hatch door in the air? It seemed to pack a big punch then the magnet did actually. And it was a confined area? The timing is a bit off since it appears that the door would have been airborne for quite some time…but it deserved mentioning.


If you watch Lost, then you are eligible for a free airline travel miles every time you use your membership card.

Good luck cashing them in!


I'm feeling a trend here.

The window rock formation reminded me of Stonehenge. My son even pointed that out when he first saw it in the finale (he missed most of the season, so the angle they showed in the finale is the only view he has seen and from there I'll admit it looked more Stonehenge-y than when we saw it the week before). But back to point…Stonehenge is a great wonder of the planet.

The pyramids, of course. We have been told they were built on a major "planet grid point". Not sure what that means, but Great Wonder plus Grid Point. It just feels like clues will suggest that the Dharma Initiative may have earlier roots then we first imagined! Oh, and the Sphinx has just four toes!

Ayers Rock is also located at a Grid Point and is considered a natural wonder. Lost added the electromagnetic angle, but it is pretty special on its own.

The game, Lost Experience, featured a Jeep add with Great Wonders on it, including the big Buddha statue, Big Ben clock tower and others.

Well, our four-toe statue could be from some ancient civilization…even Atlantis, where it has been rumored all season of a water hatch.

My theory is that the flashbacks have been going back about 30-40 years. I think the show will now reveal flashbacks of centuries and how the Dharma Plan has been around for a long, long time.


I believe my secret friend, Roger B, is really on to something.

Hanso versus Dharma?

Dharma versus military? (See link to the US Army knife)

EVIDENCE: For the first time when ex-Henry told Michael, "We're the good guys." It made me think of military. Something might be said when stationed in a foreign place and the local population need reminded.

EVIDENCE: The word "hostiles" were used at least two times – by Inman and then by Desmond. Noticeably, Desmond did not respond to the follow-up question about the term and instead said, "Ignorance is bliss, brother."

I'm voting for Dharma versus military. So, are the Others the military then? I guess so if Roger B is correct.


Hurley wins lottery and he gets to walk.

Cooper's money.

Sawyer's con games.

CIA gives Sayid money.

Money issues between Shannon and Boone.

Couple offered money to Claire for her baby.

Emily Locke gets paid to deceive John.

Jin is owned financially by father in law.

Charlie is held hostage by his contract.

Ecko bribing his brother.

Desmond offered bribe by Charles Widmore.

Susan pays for Michael's hospital bills.

Of course, we have the related Document Theory where people are offered to sign something.

And the corresponding Bad Parents Theory.

When combined we have a group of parents who signed a document to turn over their kids to Dharma for a large amount of cash. This leads to the biggest con game of all – the Survivors were purchased slaves many years ago. Now if we only had some slave theme offered like an old boat full of slave labor!


I have lots of question still about this. Why did Kelvin's first partner start this? How did he know about it? Why did Kelvin continue it? Is it even accurate knowing that one hatch is fake?


Was it just me or did Kate and Jack share a "look" at the end? It seemed they included Sawyer in the editing, but more to show he wasn't included.

Was it a look of "love" – which was the show's underlying theme? Was it a confirmation of their plan?

Sayid isn't going to just sit around and wait, but can he find them in time?


Do you think that's it? Rumor has it that both actors have very reduced roles next season…or maybe they are done already.

Surely there is something interesting that work them into the storyline…after all we have our first rescued Survivors. Maybe they will move back to London, and one day a knock will sound at the door and Penny is standing there ready to ask him some questions about his flight.


The Vera Incident. Look it up.

This is a real-life event that remains classified today. It happened in 1979 when two flashes of light were recorded by satellites. The news stories suggested a nuclear test was being conducted in the South Pacific.



Charge $1 per guess to this question: Who was Penny engaged to?

*Sun's blind date who was engaged to some woman in America
*Some rich English bloke that daddy approves of
*We never will know
*Ex-Henry, who is now a jilted fiancé


A complete no-show in the finale. But producers tease us by saying it will return in Season 3.

We were also told that we likely saw the monster in Season 1 and 2, but just didn't realize it.

Was it Walt?


Does it have the ability to take on human form – so Walt, Yemi, Ana and other "dreams" are really the black smoke?


Elizabeth tells Desmond that her husband was named "David". Two things which might prove I'm crazy…

She took way too long to come up with the name
Did her mouth form a different word then David? I swear I'm the only one to notice this, but watch it and tell me what you think.


Where is home? Popular guesses are 1) in an off-shore water hatch, 2) under the island or 3) on a separate island which is shown on Danielle's map.

Why these three? Popular guesses are 1) to cut off the Survivors leadership core, 2) they really are good morally, 3) they have a skill that ex-Henry observed and the Others are in need of.


We have found Atlantis. Legend says that Atlantis entryways were guarded by giant statues. We are also told that Atlantis was powered by a strange and special force found in the center of the metropolis. Earthquakes sank Atlantis.

The earthquakes explain why Atlantis is gone and why the statue is broken. The strange power source fits nicely.

This story twist could be that two corporations are fighting over rights to this power source and other secrets: Hanso and Dharma. It appears that our Others might be former employees who have had a change of heart. Not quite clear on this part since some of their behavior seems odd for a group of "good guys".

This theory gains strength since Alias had two corporations fighting over rights, too.

"Where are we?"
- Charlie



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