Sunday, March 30, 2008

LT30: Anonaly Detected


The Arctic miners in the listening post had their chess game interrupted when sensors reported an Electromagnetic Anomaly.

We HAVE pointed out the number listed first, 7418880, before on Lost Tidbits. But we now have an explanation.

4 x 8 x 15 x 16 x 23 x 42 = 7418880

Most computer geeks could explain that nearly everything in computers is a pair: one text string with one number. Error code 404 comes up a lot on the Internet, but the text message is "Page Not Found." You get the idea. But not always is this the case. I would think the more scientific the machine or use of the computer the more likely the user would be offered a number and a text (as just explained the computer likely knows the pair but only offers the human's preferred method, reading text). The point is the show writers felt it was worthy of giving us a "error code" plus the message.

It isn't a big leap to use a Lost number connection, but the fact that it is the answer to multiplying them all gives us a little more cause to scratch our heads and say, "Hmmm".

Now consider we have also been shown that the SUM of the numbers is important: 108.

Does this imply that the listening post is somehow directly connected to Dharma Initiative (DI)? Or was just the author of the software connected to DI? Or is 7418880 perhaps NOT a number paired with the message, but perhaps it is part of the message. As in "2 users have connected to this computer". Two is the number of users, not an error code being shown first (I keep saying error code, but mean any number organization person like people have social security numbers). Could 7418880 be a value reached? That would mean that each of the six Lost numbers were part of the equation or calculation being performed. Here is an example:

When 4 longitude is multiplied by a magnetic reading of 8 multiplied by the 15 years my iguana has been alive…we then only need to figure out what six likely "things" would result in an electromagnetic anomaly and Lost is solved! J


This week we announced that a Lost video game is being released.

The only thing I'm confident we HAVE figured out about this show is that our money will be LOST if we bought every tie-in to the show. Wouldn't that be strange if that was the whole purpose and it was revealed in the series finale? Think we could class action sue?


This summer we started with investigating the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. Could it have been staged, wild luck accident or a combination?

I can tell you this…rumors have been heard that says the island was VISIBLE during the anomaly. It was also VISIBLE for a short time on September 22, 2004. Now we sort of guessed this with the line about "did we miss it again"? But if the source of the rumors is solid, well, it is nice to have some solid footing when we can find it.

This then implies that it was an accident as far as we would consider any airplane crash. Ok, the source is clearly Dharma influenced, but it wasn't like this was actually planned…or was Desmond and Kelvin as much of pawns on the chess board too? Did I say chess?


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