Wednesday, April 2, 2008

LT40: Season 3 About To Begin


I have never looked forward to the start of a new season for a TV show as I have with Lost, Season 3.

Wednesday night. 8 PM. I can't wait.


Why is he being held captive?
Jack's wife fell in love with another man – who was he?
Could Sara's other man be involved with the Hanso Foundation?
Is Jack's father really dead and is he connected to the Dharma Initiative?
Does he have a half-sister? Do we know her?
Is the connection to Shannon (Jack's wife and Adam Rutherford in fatal traffic accident) important?

Jack or Sawyer?
Will her mother serving beers to Sawyer be important?
Will her father who captured Sayid be important?

Has anyone been beaten up more than Sawyer? Will it continue?
Will the Con Man hold up if he meets a rival?
Can Sawyer ever share his emotions or will he remain distanced?
Will his drinks with Christian Shephard be important?

Why did he spend time in prison?
What happened to Desmond when the hatch blew up?
Will he get super powers from being that close to the magnet when released?
How will his connection to the Widmores (sailing race and Penny) figure in?

What is John's purpose now that his hatch is blown up?
With Jack busy elsewhere, will Locke be the new leader of the Survivors?
Will inspecting Sayid's love's home be important?
Gun or knife?

Sayid was last seen at the pseudo campsite, what will he do when know one responds to his signal fire?
How will his military strategy experience figure in?
What will he do with the emotion remaining from losing Shannon?
Will he finally be the one to find that tower?

How truthful has Sun been with Lin?
Is the baby Jin's?
Will Sun's father being connected to Hanso Foundation be important?

The Losties have a boat and Hurley has the coordinates for rescue – will he keep these numbers to himself?
Will the remaining Survivors wonder why Hurley was the only one to return?
Will they believe his version of events?
Will Hurley remind Locke that technically he is his boss since he owns the box company that Locke worked at?
Will he dream of chicken?

Is there any man on the island that Claire can fully trust?
Will the vaccine that Charlie gave her be important?
What role will Aaron play?

Will Charlie finally get his priorities straight?
What effect will the blast have on Charlie?
Is the priest that Charlie confessed to important since he also sold Hurley the scooter in the airport?

Is he a priest or a warlord?
What is he purpose now that the hatch is gone?
Does he hold the Others responsible for his brother's plane crash?
Will the investigation he conducted be important since it was the same psychic that Claire used?

What is his name?
Why has he selected Jack, Kate and Sawyer?
Will he kick the snot out of Sayid if given the chance?
Is it important that the real Henry Gale was an employee of Widmore?


This summer's Lost game seems to have told us that Lost is just a TV show which cleverly is supported by the real Hanso Foundation – they do spend advertising dollars. So, how will that impact this season of Lost?

Or is this a double-twist, where Rachel (Persephone) is being duped by the Hanso Foundation so she actually serves their purpose?

The game is starting to wind down and it seems that Rachel may succeed in flushing Alvar Hanso into the open. What will we learn when he comes out to "set the record straight"? Will it be ex-Henry Gale – after discovering some fountain of youth?

One theory states that the Numbers are critical in that it releases some deep seated…um…something inside of all humans. According to Hurley, the numbers are cursed. According to Dr. Mittlewerk, the numbers need one alteration in order to save the human race. According to my Powerball lottery experience, they are worthless.

Stay tuned to find out more. It might be fun if we learn that Rachel has a sister named Penny!


Sources reveal that Bernard and Rose's last name is Nadler. Rose's maiden name is "Henderson".



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