Monday, March 31, 2008

LT34: Happy Birthday...We Are Watching You


I celebrated another birthday this week which isn't that important to you, but I thought it was kind of cool that The Fuselage forum sent me Best Wishes. It sort of felt like the Dharma Initiative was watching me!


Not really Lost related, but hey…

A polar bears hair is NOT white. They are hollow shafts and the air inside reflects all wavelengths of light back to the eye.

Polar bears are turning green in zoos. It has been discovered that the algae in the zoo water tanks are actually inside the hollow hair shoots of polar bears. This gives us the appearance that the darn bears are turning green!

Polar bears, light wavelengths…close enough to Lost to mention during the slower days of summer, don't you think? Alright! I'll admit it, these are getting tough to write this summer!

Speaking of polar bears…


A comic book series existed that might be tied into Lost. In summary it paints a world where each person must come to their own realization of you they are – good or bad. From what I can tell, many avid fans of The Watchman had always dreamed of a sequel to answer some of the questions. The theory now is the writers of Lost are using the TV show to extend this story. It sounds like more required reading!

If this has any plausibility, then we will find the end of Lost showing us how each person finally decides their fate. They will be able to leave the island like Michael or they will choose to stay with Locke? and defend the island against Hanso.

The theory goes on to say that the series will likely end with another plane crash introducing a whole new cast of survivors to the island in order for each to decide their own fate.


This topic remains popular. The latest good guess is that he was Francis Prince Heatherington. That is the father of Lucy, who was Charlie's friend getting him the copier salesmen job.

They lives in the same town as Pen, Knightsbridge. He has money which Charles Widmore would approve of. And he is not married since are told Lucy only lives with her father.

In more support of this guess is a conversation in Charlie's flashback. He is in a bar with his friend Tommy when this line is uttered: It's Lucy Heatherton and right in oh so many wonderful ways. Just graduated from Oxford, lives in Knightbridge with her dear old dad, Mr. Francis Price Heatherton who, my friend, is bloody loaded.


There are a few things we know about ex-Henry/Fenry that could fit the theory of ex-Henry being Kelvin's bunker mate. For example, Kelvin says Rad had a photographic memory in order to do the invisible paint map on the blast door. Ex-Henry was dragged nearly unconscious to the hatch but was able to provide a map to his balloon from the hatch.

How did ex-Henry know how to crawl around the vents, use the computer properly, etc?

There is a reason why the writers have kept his name a mystery to us…because we will likely recognize it. Radzinsky? Widmore? Hanso?


Imagine if the electromagnetic shut-down also shuts down the healing properties of the island. We were told by the healer at Ayers Rock that the Earth has several special spots and each is healed at his proper place.

Maybe Dharma had figured out how to magnify the healing effect which is why Locke and Rose healed so quickly. Now, without the magnifier…will Locke revert back to a wheelchair? Will the sickness reveal itself again? Hmmm…


The Lost writers and producers held a seminar at the Comic Con held recently. During the question and answer period a woman in the audience stood up and yelled something about Hanso and said, "You'll have blood on your hands!".


Let's not forget one about the knife found on one of the Others that the Tailenders killed.

Oh no! Another government conspiracy I fear!



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