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LT46: Two Out of Three Viewers


Have you heard about the new drug? It is for those who are lost about Lost. Have you got friends who can't keep up? Maybe you missed an episode. Or perhaps you don't read Lost Tidbits through…completely…ten times. Then Losticil might be just the answer for you. Check out this link for more information:

Please, check with your doctor before starting any new drug. Side effects may cause repetitive mumbling of numbers, seeing black horses and in extreme cases purchasing a Lost-related product.


Rumor says that we will meet Hurley's little brother. He has another brother by the way. We briefly saw the older one in the episode, "Numbers".


Major correction alert! According to most sources the day after the final Ecko episode, most people thought that Mr. Ecko whispered to Locke, "We're next".

We have official sources who tell us the transcript was "You're next". Seems as if Smokey, the monster, has some unfinished business with Locke.

Now why in the world would Ecko and Locke both stare down the monster and then later it kill Ecko and now will go after Locke? Ecko saw black smoke and we assume Locke is telling the truth about seeing while light. Of course, we have only seen black smoke as in the time it tried to pull Locke into a hole. And what is down that hole?

Has Locke changed in some way that it now wants to get him? Hmmm…


What did the Others have planned that was to happen in two weeks?

Possible answers:
· Ben's operation
· The Others were planning to leave the island
· Time to let the hostages go
· Juliet is planning a take over plot
· Jacob is arriving
· Finish building the project Kate and Sawyer are working on
· Fertility treatments

What is the North referring to on Ecko's stick?

Possible answers:
· As explained last week – up
· The Others fake camp was on the north side of the island
· It means the North Star associated with Jesus' birth
· Leads to the Flame hatch
· Leads to the radio tower
· Reference to the arrow in Desmond's mural
· Compass reading
· Hydra Island
· An exit from the snow globe
· At night, looking up reveals the sky is "wrong"
· Climb a mountain and look north

Does Ben survive the surgery?

Possible answers:
· Yes
· No

Why are the Others lying to Ben and keeping Alex from him?

Possible answers:
· The only advantage the rest of the group have over Ben
· After Danielle handed Ben to the Others she has been busy leading a take over to get her daughter back
· Suggests Juliet's cue cards were truthful
· Because some Others have done something with Karl and they don't want Ben talking to Alex and discover this
· They just didn't want to concern Ben right before surgery
· Alex has some special powers and they don't want her warning Ben of impending events

Who is Jacob?

Possible answers:
· The "him" we have heard talked about
· Ethan, dead, but it is his list he made
· The patch man
· A man in the Losties camp that we haven't identified yet
· The man standing near Ben at the funeral
· A man about to land on an airstrip that Kate and Sawyer are clearing for him
· Paulo
· It could be a last name, as in Nikki Jacobs
· Alvar Hanso


There are a lot more than I realized when starting this project. So, let me share the most recent one…when Ecko is thrown to the ground and Locke comes running up, we hear the whispers. They say:

It's over
Right now
What happened
What's happening
Now we got his ?
I don't want to kill him
Is she following

When you read this it seems apparent we have at least two people involved in a conversation. And it also seems that only one of them gets to see things, but we hear both sides of a conversation.

And, I've noticed there are references as to having control of the situation (I don't want to kill him).

There is also a gender reference – the only woman at the scene is Nikki. Or is the "she" referring to someone the speakers know about at their location?


Now consider this whisper…it is when they are ambushed by the Others on their way to the camp with Michael leading the way:

He is asking him something
Yeah, but what happened
They saw a smoke signal
Try the sequence
Had to be given lessons
Turn it on beside you
I'm frightened
Intruder alert
Do you think I should lock this
No, I've seen them before
Close the door
You all need me

Woah! First, let's focus on that name…Elizabeth is Libby? Think people who die on the island hang around as whispers? Could this explain how Ecko ended up dead since the brother and at least one drug runner died there?

Try the sequence sure makes me think of typing in numbers.

And I've notice a theme of someone being frightened in these whispers. Why would dead people be frightened?

What are they locking? What door is being closed?

Well, most definitely something to think about. Remember, these are being put there for a reason, but the writers must know that only a small segment of the viewing audience will have access to this stuff. I'm looking at them as little clues. But like the show as a whole, what it means…well, I'm lost.



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