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LT35: Two Pink Lines


It seems like family ties are key on this island. And the latest all started with this:

Recall that we heard that Widmore Labs manufactured this to show a POSITIVE result every time. So much for truth in advertising, "accurate"?

And let's not forget that Kate mentioned she had taken a pregnancy test before…when? Who was the possible father? How does that fit in?


We find ourselves about halfway through the summer break. Just a few more weeks until "Tale of Two Cities" is aired. Maybe it is just me, but I watch Jeopardy with some consistency and Tale of Two Cities was the answer to a question. This isn't the first time this has happened. Coincidence or Dharma? You decide.


Desmond says the island makes one think they are stuck in a bloody snow globe. That isn't the first time we have heard that line!

It appears the nets with the dolls do not belong to Danielle!

Many people claim that the bird DID say Hurley's name. Could this be what the writers were telling us when they said we have seen the monster but just didn't know it?

The Simpsons have four toes. I'm just saying.

The stain on the ceiling. After reading some analysis, the latest theory is that the brown stain on the ceiling that Kelvin referred to is NOT Radzinsky! And many go one step further…if it WAS Radzinsky, he did not kill himself. Forensic freaks tell us that if it is Rad's blood, he couldn't have killed himself with that blood splatter pattern! Oh my!

Remember Sawyer and Kate surprising the people tracking them on their way back to the Others camp with Michael? Sawyer killed one of them. You'll never guess who people are saying he shot! Marvin Candle. Consider the possibilities!

Recall the tubs on the ground that shoot out from the Pearl hatch. Observers note that the pile must have been attended to since they wouldn't have collected in the way we saw it. Any just what is the source of the vacuum?

Kate reads one of the postings in the tubes and says, "0400 SR moves the ping-pong table again". My bet is that the "R" stands for Radzinsky. This means his first name begins with "S".

Rumors say that the whispers are NOT connected to the Others. Oh, that is just spooky twist!

Do you recall how Charlie was half-deaf after that explosion? You must admit that the way they made it sound to us viewers was pretty nifty. Well, that sound clip is exact reason Lost was nominated for Best Sound Design Emmy. Now, what about the rest of the show, Dear Emmy?

Religion is rampant. First, remember Ecko says, "Open the door and I'll forgive you John." Then Desmond holds the shutoff key like a rosary and later crosses himself with it like a good Catholic would. So, forget white/black, family troubles, or any other theme…the faithful (Locke, Ecko, Desmond, Charlie, Rose, etc.) will stay and the others will leave. Opps, did I just say "others"?


Charlie's dream was full of religious icons. A painting was seen which is entitled, "The Baptism of Christ". See below for a snapshot:

Notice the white dove and the black bird at the top. Verrochio must have had some reason for adding those…or was it Leonardo which rumor says finished the painting? Time to rent The DaVinci Code movie and brush up on iconology?


The commonly known name is "The Hanso Foundation". However, this summer's game has used the phrase "The Hanso Group". Perhaps the Group is the for-profit corporation and the "Foundation" is the non-profit part.

And in case anyone thinks that game links shouldn't be confused with the show, consider that the blast door map reads, "The Dharma Initiative – The Hanso Group".


This doctor, which no one can prove he really is a doctor, keeps showing up this summer. If you are a faithful fan and watch the re-runs you were rewarded with a new Hanso commercial! It was Dr. Mittlework addressing how the Hanso Foundation welcomes the criticism of late. LOL!

He also has a video on the Broadband Stories website – just search on his name to watch it.


Oh my, this last week the chatter has really turned up on the Lost Experience websites! It appears as if Rachel Blake/Persephone is going to reveal some major incriminating evidence on Hanso. Word is that it will make CEITC look like child's play! HA!

If you want to join in the game, now would be the time…it has moved from techies-only to actual conspiracy level on par with 60 Minutes or Murder She Wrote. J Your best bet is to keep reading Lost Tidbits. If you want to a get a jump on the competition, my best advice is to keep an eye on Doc Jensen's column over at

The latest challenge is assembly a video which is scattered in tons of pieces throughout the Internet. One fragment was found with a clue that was on a large bracelet that a Lost producer was wearing at Comic Con. Then Hurley was seen in public wearing a similar bracelet with another clue on it! Clever.


The Lost game keeps sending out new glyphs as they continue to play off the Countdown Clock. Here is one example:


Last week I shared with you the story of how a woman jumped up at a Q&A with Lost writers at Comic Con and screamed something about "having blood on your hands". Sources have revealed that this lady is Rachel Blake – or Persephone. Now, why she hasn't been killed yet is a mystery to me, but for now "she" lives. And she looks like this:

As promised, Doc Jensen of, met here in the hallways at Comic Con and got an impromptu interview with her. He asked something like, "Are you really a person or just a character from the Lost Experiences?" Her answer was, "If I'm a character, then how are you talking to me?"

It goes on:

Doc: Are you having trouble separating reality from this role you play in the Lost game?
RB: Apparently not as much as you.

Doc: How do we know for sure that Hanso isn't a pseudonym for a real corporation and you are saving the truth until the end?
RB: You watch too much Alias.

Doc: Well, is Hanso a real corporation that ABC is using Lost to expose.
RB: Lost is a TV show, but Hanso is real. And if you are looking for a connection ask yourself why HF is running its commercials during Lost…doesn't that mean Hanso is paying for the show?

Doc: So, the TV show DOES serve some other purpose besides entertainment here?
RB: No comment.

Doc: In one of your blogs you identified a man you thought worked for Hanso. Now that man says he is on your side and will feed you information about Hanso and secrets about yourself. Do you know what he means?
RB: Hey, you think I'm a "character" in some game, so what do you care?

Doc: Tell me what the numbers mean?
RB: You didn't play a lot of sports did you?

Doc: What do you make of the characterization of Hanso in the Bad Twin book?
RB: Bad what?

Doc: Have you been threatened?
RB: Constantly, and that guy in the Chargers hat has been following us.

Doc: Are you concerned that one day you will wake up on some island with a smoke monster looking down at you?
RB: Only monsters I know ain't made of smoke. Don't be cute — this is real. Lives are at stake. And if you actually have the nerve to print any of this — better start checking your rearview mirror. See ya...


Remember back to the start of Season Two…we see Desmond jump out of bed, fix breakfast, ride a bike and play a song on the record player. The song was Mama Cass' "Make Your Own Music".

Well, guess what? That song played in the final scenes of Season Two. It was in the snowbound monitoring station…in Russian! That station may also have had a twin of Jack! I think we are on to something.

The latest theory is that the words are telling us that Hanso wants to the world to "sing in harmony" or all get on the same page. You know how some songs, even bad ones, get in your head and you can't shake them (think "Don't Worry, Be Happy", for example)? One does that remind you of? The way the Lost numbers get in people's heads? Hmmm…

So, let's mix everything we have learned so far: Mama Cass song repeated and in multiple languages, plus Lost Numbers repetitive addiction, add some high-tech encoding behind the music, stir in a dash of Rachel thinks Lost is sponsored by the Hanso Foundation…once baked at 350 degrees you get this theory:

The Lost TV show is Hanso's method of pumping the world with its message in hidden code!

Could it be that in this multimedia, noodle-cooking, alternate-reality entertainment, the TV show Lost is the activation signal that unlocks the secret music of the Numbers in the world's collective conscious?

If so, might these two words best summarize what Hanso is trying to accomplish:


Which was recorded and released by John Lennon in 1970 — the same year that Hanso launched the Dharma Initiative, and one year before Lennon recorded and released another song with an ''I'd like to teach the world to sing'' utopian theme:


Is Hanso merely using its amazing technology to turn John Lennon's dream into a reality?



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