Friday, April 4, 2008

LT47: Puzzling


Man, it seems like a long wait until the next Lost episode. And let's pray that the Cyclones basketball team doesn't have many Wednesday night games that month and bumps local viewing. The next episode is entitled, "Not In Portland".

This is supposed to be Juliet-centric show. New characters include Edmond, a man who has knack for gaining funding for his lab and for taking credit for other scientist's work. Also, we could meet Albert who is a recruiter for a state of the art bio-lab. It sounds like we might actually be getting a Dharma-centric episode and we will learn a bit more about these Others.


During the Christmas, I hope to unwrap a present containing the fourth Lost jigsaw puzzle. The front side is cool, but it is the back side that has some interesting hints. The backs, when completely assembled, show the Blast Door Map. And since the door never closed completely on TV, this is the only place to see it all. Plus those codes around the edges – so far, no one has figured them out. Here is a snapshot to give you general idea of the "black light" backside:


In puzzle two, called "The Others", there is an out of place picture which I finally found someone who had noticed it. Don't know what it means, but it happens to be a picture of a sign on the wall in Hurley's (and Libby's) hospital.

It reads, "Rec Room Rules: Listen and Respect Others". Hmmm…


When we left Ben sedated on the operating table with a bleeding kidney sac…the reason he was there in the first place was the tumor. Here is a shot of the x-rays:

I'm no medical expert, but Jack says the tumor is located in L-4 vertebrae, but the x-ray shows the tumor in L-2. Writer goof or just too much analysis?

The more important question is what impact would this type of tumor have? Would it cause the loss of limb? Like a left arm? Like in Marvin Candle and others? Is something the Others are doing causing this tumor in all of them?

Another theory wonders if this x-ray is not of Ben, but someone else. Like Sarah? Locke?


Books, puzzles, action figures…and now, Lost: The Video Game. A company has won the rights to develop a video game and is due out in 2007. They tell us it will be available in many formats including a PC version.


Intriguing and frustrating. That seems to sum up Lost after three years of Wednesday nights. In our extended break, I will attempt to share some questions that are still waiting for some answers.

The Outside World
We aren't sure of the Others and the Dharma Initiative people are one and the same. However, we do know that the Others have access to ESPN and they know the route for rescue. So, the question is: Why don't the Others leave the darn island for a little spinal surgery?

Jack identified the two skeletons in the cave in Season 1 as male and female. He also found a pouch containing a black and white stone which we assume Jack still has today. So, the question is: Are these people from the Black Rock, the Dharma Initiative, Danielle's science group, Adam and Eve or Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan?

Ben Linus reveals that he has always lived on this island. First, we have to consider that Ben is an expert liar (funny if that is the disease! I mean, consider this: the disease is that no one can tell the truth…Ben has to say he is Henry, Danielle has to say her daughter was kidnapped, Juliet has to say she wants Ben dead…now that would be crazy). So, the question is: Does Ben mean he was born here, or that his family crashed years ago, or that he is a descendant of the Black Rock or the Four-Toed society?

The first time we met the Others was when Claire was kidnapped for her baby. We learned that Claire was to be killed and Aaron to be taken. And we can't forget the psychic who warned that the baby should be raised only by Claire and then turned around and got her on Flight 815. Now it seems the Others have lost interest in Aaron, so the question is: What was so important about Aaron?

SIDENOTE: Is that strange picture on the wall or what?

The Disease
We are introduced to a disease of some sort early and often – Danielle's crew gets sick, Desmond injects himself to avoid the disease, the Quarantine label on the hatch door, the extra injections from the food drop that Charlie finds, etc. So, the question is: Is the disease real or part of the experiment that someone is running?



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