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LT36: Puzzling


It has been awhile since our last Lost Tidbits and I wanted to give you an update. I've been researching clues this past month, clues in the form of jigsaw puzzles. As you might recall four jigsaw puzzles have been released this summer. The first one landed on my desk as a gift and was entitled, "The Hatch".


After the puzzle was opened on my birthday, it was assembled in three days. It is kind of neat being it shows Lost stuff, but other than the aforementioned picture, there was no surprise or secret revealed as the puzzle box seemed to suggest.

So I turned it over. Don't know why, but I did. And gues what I found? Nothing.

Some voice inside or spirit or nano-robots or electromagnetic pulse made me think, "Hey, do we have a black light?" BINGO!

And this is what it read in part. It seems we need all four to get the entire clue, but pieces read like this:

Intranet this border?
Possible offshore data dump? Support for the Intranet?

This was near a drawing of the Arrow station.

Other words found:

Arrow Station Primary Function: restocking and staging areas for D.I.H.G.
Possible terminal point for subterranean E.F.F. (or E.F.P.) tunnel…
Final destination in case of Code 42?
Hub of D.I.H.G. road system or other major route of over land travel?
Suspected shutdown date 10.28.84
Possible manufacturing facility with light-industrial equipment
Mountain terrain most likely used by D.I.H.G. for meteorological research due to high altitude
…many Dharme Tel relays in such an untenable location?
Geological composition of rocks likely to cause magnetic disturbance! Interfere with weather forecasting

In addition was a drawing of a map like the Blast Door and two formulas that I can't copy here.

I'll try to get a digital picture for next Lost Tidbits.

Boy, does that give us something to chew on for awhile or what?


I couldn't wait. Out to purchase the second puzzle. Three days later and I'm laying on my back underneath a large window with a black light shining on the back of the puzzle.

Here is what it read:

The Swan 2 of 6 (4, 8, 15, 16…
Site of H.G. dele…
Inspection 12.07…
Fatalities: 5…

NOTE: the … is where the words ran to the edge of the puzzle.

P.R.D. every 6-8 months
Multiple escape conduits blocked after incident
Low priority zone exploration forensic site for ground study of flora…
Low relevance to Valenzetti-related research activity
No safe location for Dharma Tel servers/hubs/cabling or infrastructure
CVI – highly unlikely
Activity unsuitable for D.I.H.G.
Alleged location of #4 – the Flame but unlikely due to Cereberus activity
Alleged location of aborted #7 – (unreadable)
Large number of underground springs heavy water table
Possible recreational area for D.I.H.G. survey teams

Also included was more drawings of the map and three square roots: 16, 64, and 225.


Also on the puzzle were a lot of codes that if you can make sense of, please let me know. Here is one complete sample

C14/4 C11/2 C8/2+5 C2/4 C21/9
C18/3 C7/2 C11/3 C10/8 C8/2

If you have any guesses, reach out to me!


This was released in August and is my next goal.

Puzzle 4 has a scheduled release of December 2006! Too much to handle during the summer?

When assembled, all four puzzles then piece together for a complete picture and will complete some of the phrases. Of course, 1 and 2 were corners touching only to each other. Four must be a goody! That puzzle is entitled "Before the Crash".


Rumor says that Julie Adams will guest in four episodes. She began acting seriously in 1949 and her break through role was "Creature From the Black Lagoon". Her most recent film is currently playing, Oliver Stone's "World Trade Center". She was born in Waterloo, Iowa. Rumor says her character will be Amelia and be connected to Kate in some way.

Editor's Note: When we see her she is in Juliet's book club.


Anyone remember Christian's fake name he uses with Ana-Lucia in Australia? "You can call me Tom." Isn't that Zeke's real name?



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