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LT43: Tripping Magnets


HURLEY: So what did happen? DESMOND: The failsafe key must have detonated the electromagnetic anomaly -- made the hatch implode.

Could they have an electro-magnetic anomaly detector? Don't laugh, we had them mounted on airplanes in to search for submarines in the wars and to locate mineral deposits. This is the best picture I could find to show you want they look like…it is mounted on the tail of the plane here:

Remember that Hanso produced military devices!

Of course, rumors are circulating that says Penny's phone call at home is "not what is seems"…so maybe it was a Desmond dream!


Writing the words Locke and weed in the same sentence never occurred to me!

And it would have been "happily ever after" had it not been for that pesky undercover cop, Eddie. The background story to Locke has got to be the best one we have.

Do you think the cops got it wrong about building a bomb instead of dope? While watching the show, we guessed drugs during the commercial break based on the greenhouse and fertilizer. It didn't even occur to us that fertilizer is used for making a bomb. Then we considered if were hiding something that used fertilizer is would be best to store it in a greenhouse like building instead of say a bakery!


The nominees are:

"You're well aware that I detest you, right?"
"What? No phone calls…no letters."
"You're not taking drugs are you? Your zero tolerance policy towards drugs and all..."
"Einstein of the bear community"
"Are they mute and constructing buildings as well?"
"I hear they're wonderful conversationalists" (about the trees)

"Bear…is that you?"
"So the hatch just blew off your underwear?"

And the winner is…

Charlie to Locke: "Hairspray? Hate to be the one to have to tell you this but..."


Remember when Locke and Eddie are walking through the commune and a woman passes by and Eddie says she is interested in Locke? He called her "LIzzy". Short for Elizabeth? Or Libby?



We see a few more scripture references on the Jesus stick.

And we have the Daniel in the Lion's Den analogy (Ecko).


Was that interesting cave or what? Forget the bear…how about the Dharma logo on the clothing of bear bait? I'm pretty sure that was the Pearl hatch logo we saw (that viewing station). Guess they needed to stretch their legs one too many times! Or is this the remains of Kelvin?

And what about that toy truck in the cave? Have we found the children?


An edition of Lost Tidbits mentioned the amount of "basic instinct" on the show. Now we have to mention the drugs! We have the weed in the greenhouse and that trip-inducing paste. Charlie even mentioned heroin. For just a one-hour show, you have to admit we there was plenty of drug related scenes. I'm surprise they don't have Sawyer being offered a cigarette!

Speaking of the trip…

How freaking were these scenes? I liked Sawyer and Kate being "put together" in Locke's mind, but showing Jack as "still in the picture" – figuratively and literally! Nice touch.

Boone's advice:
Claire and Charlie are fine...for now.Sayid will take care of Jin and Sun.Desmond is taking care of himself.Sawyer, Kate, and Jack are (or were) beyond Locke's help.Hurley will be fine.

Sharp eyes noticed that the clothing and makeup resembled that promo of the Lost characters dancing on the beach.

And Ben Linus made the vision! Wasn't Linus in the Peanuts comic strip the one with a security issue? He carried out that blanket. And then we see Ben as a security guard as he "test", "checks", "examines" three survivors luggage: Jack, Kate and Sawyer.

And consider this…Locke might have known that the group was heading back to the Others camp (Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley and Michael)…but he couldn't have known only Kate, Sawyer and Jack were to be taken captive, but yet his dream properly arranges them!

And do you think there is a reason why Locke put his sweat lodge in the same spot that Ecko selected for building his church?


Perhaps Desmond always had the ability to see into the future. It would explain the conversation he had with Jack in the stadium.

Also, I felt it odd that Desmond didn't grab Penny at the stadium instead of jogging…he KNEW he loved her but felt it important to prove something first…easier to do if you know the future.


Did you notice that John had no hair in his photo? He could have been shaving it since a driver's license is good for four years in California, and then grown it out for the hippy commune.

Notice the two birthdays don't match. His "real" birthday is July 15, 1952 – the actor, not Locke.

The city seems wrong too, San Fran…although he could have moved from LA at one time, but we know he had to have moved back later then???

And the car registration was for a sedan…and that truck didn't look like a sedan to me!

Prop mistakes…or were we being SHOWN that there were enough reasons for the cop to have arrested Locke and thereby we were shown how easy the policeman was being? I think the later, and a hunter John should have sensed it. To be honest, I never thought undercover cop until the show told me!


The numbers include the 4 and then I found this:


Why was Desmond naked?
How did the threesome escape the hatch and certain death?
How did Desmond know about Locke's speech in advance?
Why did the Others burn Kate's clothes?
How did the Others get on the boat with Sun?
Why was there a human intercom inside the water tank that Jack is being kept in?


Goodwin told Ana Lucia that the children were in a "better place".

But that may not be true. Alex doesn't seem to be thrilled with her lifestyle. And there was Walt whose refusal to cooperate might have helped him gain his freedom. And Carl doesn't seem to be conforming.

Now consider the book the club was reading is "Carrie" by Stephen King – about an alienated teen with special powers.

The theory of the week says that the children may have escaped and are now living near the Black Rock in primitive fashion. This sort of works…we saw no toys are playground or school in Othersville. We DID see the teddy bear with bare feet and what appeared to be younger people.

And someone said once that imitation is the highest form of flattery…well the Others might have been mimicking the children by dressing primitive. Maybe it was an attempt at getting closer to the escaped children rather then wearing their Sunday best.

Perhaps we do have a third group on this island…and they are the children. Their special powers may be what keeps them alive and free, yet likely under-developed (think X-Men school, that episode of original Star Trek where the children pound their first and say that rhyme).

The possibilities of the theory are:

Alex is a double-agent – a spy for the children's group
The Others are good in that they know what will happen when the children grow older

SIDENOTE: Many people are confused about Ben telling Goodwin and Ethan to infiltrate and report the list back in three days. We know the tail-enders got abducted that first night. The confusion may disappear if we learn that the Third Group were the ones who raided the camp the first night! Perhaps the Third Group was saving the children?


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