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LT39: Odds And Ends


After two years of Lost, we have the answers. This summer a game called the Lost Experience was put together and the result is a 6 ½ video (actually two videos) located here:

It is required viewing. In it you will meet and see Alvar Hanso. This segment appears to be in the 1960's or early 1970's. It is shot in black and white and Alvar explains the fate of Earth, the motivation of the Dharma Initiative and possible secret to avoiding the end of the world.

In essence, it appears that a scientist named Valenzetti, discovered the six variables of a formula which predict the exact number of months and years remaining for our world! Those variables are 4, 6, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42.

NOTE: This unidentified man might be Valenzetti, but that lab coat made me think Dr. Marvin Candle. And forgive me for saying, but doesn't that left arm look a little stiff?

The goal of Alvar Hanso was to discover a way to change those any of those values.

The second video is modern day and taken in secret. It shows Dr. (?) Mittlewerk explaining how the Dharma Initiative failed in its mission to alter the values of the Valenzetti Equation. He then explains that this failure demands that his group now take radical steps…which has resulted in a loss of lives for the sake of the greater good.

In six minutes you will learn the entire motivation of the Hanso Foundation, the ethical issues involved and the lengths they will go to.

What is interesting to note is that the island is definitely part of the Dharma Initiative Part 1 – under the leadership of Alvar Hanso. What is left unclear is how the island plays into the current plans of the Hanso Foundation (I call this the Dharma Initiative Part 2). Is it a forgotten remenant? Do the Others have a modern-day role or is the island a time capsule of scientists who have no clue what year it is?

It seems obvious that ex-Henry was not surprised by any event that has taken place on the island, including the meltdown of the Swan hatch. But how will this impact the Hanso Foundations' efforts? How can modern day businesses like Widmore and Paik still have contracts that appear needed on the island and the island NOT be a part of it? If the island is a relic of past experiments, then why is the Penny Widmore about to discover its existence in search of her only true love? Will the answer to these questions be the human spirit? Will the capacity to love save our world instead of some lab formula?

Watch the video.

For more detailed information on the Valenzetti Equations, check out this website:

It is an interesting read that link to many real-life scientific theories. As Sayid said once, "These equations are like nothing I've ever seen before."


On September 30, at 10 am (sorry, the time zone is unknown to me), the first live talk show will be held regarding Lost.

You have to download Skye (free) and if you want to talk, you'll need a microphone – only speakers are needed to listen in. Visit this page for more details – hopefully including the exact time – as the date draws near:

Try and get your hands on this movie, Pi. It is a psychological thriller from 1998 and Lost writers have credited it for the concepts found in the episode where Locke and Ecko finds the "?". In fact, the film's creator was asked to direct that Lost episode but was unable due to his wife's (Rachel Weisz) pregnancy.

The movie uses numbers (a set called the Fibonacci Sequence), a "Hurley" type of character and the popular white and black analogies. Oh, and the Fibonacci Series was mentioned on the Blast Door Map in Lost.


It seems as if the Hanso Foundation is about to end! The game has suggested that once enough Golden Oracle Apollo candy bars were found that Rachel would then reveal enough information to close Hanso for good!

Well, according to the tonight is the night! A podcast is scheduled for 8 PM PST with DJ Dan and Rachel is the guest tonight.

You can link to the podcast from the above website.

As Rachel says, "UNITE".

NOTE: The podcast is later then when I can listen, so I'll send a summary next week.


It goes like this…ex-Henry wanted to get caught in Danielle's net trap. Why? Perhaps in some negotiation with Danielle to return Alex.

Why did ex-Henry want the Losties to take him prisoner? To get to Locke, to play with his mind, to get him to stop pushing the button.

How? The way to convince Locke was to get him to the Pearl station to learn it was all fake. Of all the times we saw Desmond and Kelvin override the lockdown, we never saw the black light. Only when ex-Henry was "free" and Locke was pinned under the door, did the black light get turned on by somebody! Ex-Henry wanted Locke to see the map and find the Pearl Station. I don't think the Others counted on Ecko getting the faith however.

So, ex-Henry was there to help Locke? Sort of. I think USE Locke is a better word, but they definitely aren't through with him yet.

In the end ex-Henry succeeds in getting Locke to shutdown the Swan station…what good did that do? It revealed the island…to Penny…maybe the cloaking device is turned off for all to see it…but the purpose was to reveal the secret island.

A twist to all this was the unpredictable Desmond turning the failsafe key! The purpose of ex-Henry was to have the Swan station countdown hit zero which seemed to blow-up the hatch. But the failsafe switch might now be revealing the island and that may not have been ex-Henry's purpose.

But why? I think we can't know this answer until we add a missing element – another group of "Others". One side seems to be pushing (no pun intended) Locke to stop pushing the button while the island was telling John to push it (think Walt and faith). Ecko has had similar conflicting struggles but happens to always be opposite of where John is at the time (black and white theme).

Hey, it's a theory!



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