Monday, March 31, 2008

LT32: Summertime Rewind

With the show on a break, we revisit a few interesting items from the past. Here is what we found:


I learned this trivia, so I had to share it. The actor’s name is William Mapother. I had to giggle when the last name contained “map” and “Other”. But my trivia is can you guess his real-life cousin? Look closely. The answer: Tom Cruise. Tom’s real last name is Thomas Cruise Mapother. Truth!


The same actress played the character who drew Hurley’s winning numbers and the woman in Sawyer’s hotel room in a flashback. We didn’t catch the names, so we can’t be sure if this is a connection or just a “fill-in” extra.


Look both ways before crossing the street! In three different episodes it has been discovered that the same car was involved. First, the car was the one that killed Kate’s boyfriend (Tom) when they attempted their getaway from the hospital. It even had Iowa plates!

Then it was the car that hit Michael and sent him to the hospital just at the time he was negotiating for custody rights over Walt.
And finally, it was in the parking lot Locke met his mother for the first time in years. If you remember this scene, tell me you didn’t think as you were watching that a car was going to back out and hit John and that would be the explanation for his wheelchair! Maybe this car was there if the plan didn’t go as expected!


Maybe it was a mistake, but check out the sign:

Imaging or Imagining? Hmmm…a simple goof or are they trying to tell us something here?

Let’s say it meant imaging for a reason. Implying that Tom, Kate’s boyfriend, was maybe involved in some mental study/work. And he dies.

So, I started thinking…who dies around here? Are they people that are liabilities to the Others?

Ethan – seemed loyal but did break a few protocols with Claire and now dead.

Libby’s husband – we know he is dead and his wife is on the island and dead now.

Gary Troupe – wrote the book that Hanso hates…dead.



It is sort of a minor issue, but any answers are good answers. We know what DHARMA stands for!

Department of Heuristics and Research on Material Applications. Oh.

We have learned that the scientists for DHARMA vanished several decades ago.

We have also learned that recently a shark washed up on the Australian shore. It had the Dharma brand on it!

The blast door map had a name on it, Magnus Hanso. Related, but who is this person? We have learned that he may of owned and operated a boat many, many years ago. The boat’s name was Black Rock.

And my favorite of the week…we learned that Mr. Paik’s company has been contracted to build a super secret boat for the Hanso crew right this very minute.


It is difficult to know which piece of information to report where, but if it has anything to do with the show, it will be included in Lost Tidbits.

For example, the game lead users to a video clip that was a deleted scene in Season 2. On the surface it seems shallow and it was likely the proper decision to cut it out. On second viewing (ok, my 42nd viewing to be honest!), it hit me. First, I should describe the clip. Sayid is tied up to a tree after Shannon’s death and Libby stops by for a chat.

On my repeat viewing the line that grabbed me was Libby saying that Kate was good. “Good” is one of those Other’s buzzwords. We know from ex-Henry that it seemed the Others debated over who was good or bad. This sort of implicates Libby as being part of those discussions.



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