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LT48: Bernard


Thought we could take a closer look at Kate. The big question is have the Others broken Kate? She can escape her cage and refuses – that seems like a pretty short rope they have her on. Or does she have the advantage by playing the innocent and broken prisoner? Maybe she is biding her time to make a move.

Then what exactly went down between her and Ben during that breakfast on the beach? They have showed us her bruised wrists but they haven't shown us what happened yet.

Or is Kate the mole and that is why she didn't run yet? Maybe she isn't an Other, but some deal seems have been made with her. And Mr. Friendly seems to be too friendly to her compared to her fellow survivors. Perhaps Kate volunteered to be a surrogate mother in exchange for Jack and Sawyer's safety – until Ben goes under and Pickett has his own agenda. Wouldn't it be wild if Kate walkie-talkie's Jack that he MUST save Ben since her deal was with him!

There might also be a little hint in the line, "You taste like strawberries." Maybe she really does because that is what she had for breakfast on the beach! What this implies is not quite clear, but something to ponder.


Nathan was an Other. This is the guy that Ana Lucia was going to torture to get information from because he kept disappearing for hours to "use the bathroom". We all agreed that this seemed odd for a person to go wandering off in the jungle this spooky. Natural reaction would be not to leave anyone's sight. Consider that they had approximately 15 people kidnapped under their noses the first two nights in a row…then Nathan goes on natural hikes?

But wait, you say…why would Goodwin – who is an Other – kill his own guy? Because I think Goodwin might have feared that Nathan would crack under Ana Lucia's interrogation techniques!

And while we are at it…Cindy is a mole for the Others as well!

So, that leaves Bernard. Yep, another mole. Anyone who came out of the jungle after the crash, who is dry, and not injured is a candidate and Bernard scores the Trifecta!

Remember also that Bernard got up to use the bathroom on the plane and wasn't with Rose during the crash (Jack held her hand).

And there was this Bernard who dated the Oceanic pilot's wife (scene cut from TV but in DVD).

Let's back up a bit…to the boarding of Oceanic Flight 815. Bernard and Rose, who met just five months earlier, are sitting in the airport. Again, Bernard gets up to make a phone call. To who? He is a life-long bachelor, so no children. He is in Australia, so likely no local phone call. When he stands up to make the call, he reaches into his bag and pulls something out:

When Bernard stands up to walk to the phone he is carrying this device in his hand. He brushes another person walking by – the Oceanic flight attendant (who looks an awful lot like Cindy).

She is carrying a bad and Bernard has the device in his hand. Maybe this isn't planned, but the sign above them reads, "Communications". Then the flight attendant walks past Rose two times:

Is this some pre-arranged meeting with Cindy and Bernard? Are they keeping an eye on Rose? Does the device maybe short out the plane's radio later on? Was it some form of the list or a recording of a certain event?

Consider this about Bernard as well:

He was fixated on the radio they found in the hatch and actually spoke to Boone on that drug smuggler's plane. Ana Lucia finally took it away and soon Cindy vanished.

When the sky turned purple, what was Bernard shown doing?

He was protecting Claire and the baby!

He seems at times to understand Jin's Korean language

Rose said the monster sounded familiar…had she heard it from Bernard?

Bernard seemed to be able to know the exact number of days they were on the island…but he forgot Rose's birthday. That's hard to forget when you love someone and easy when you have a whole list of facts to remember that aren't really your facts.

He gave Rose his wedding ring on the plane. A keepsake…or he had another wife on that plane.

The radio from the hatch AND the S.O.S. signal on the beach are false leads. They aren't meant to be rescued, but to communicate to his friends, the Others! At the time, it seemed Ben was trapped in the Swan hatch as a prisoner.

Did Bernard know that surveillance camera's word pick up his strange S.O.S. signal? Would that odd prompt sign that ended up as his only work really be a prompt sign to kick some plan into action? Keep in mind how Bernard controlled the building of this..he wouldn't let Jin start on another spot until they laid three wide.

In Dante's Inferno, we find only a few characters who make it to the final circle. Not surprisingly, there is John the Baptist and St. Mary. The guide? Bernard.

Perhaps his name is Bernard Jacobs.

Let's fill in some gaps…who was Bernard's other wife then? The pilot's mother. Who could that be? The older woman in the book club in Othersville.

So how does this Strange Theory of the Week end? With Bernard being "Him".


We have an indirect connection of the sound of the monster to Bernard via Rose, right? And we know the island is "metallic" for lack of a better description. And we know Bernard removed his ring – metal. Hmmm…

And when we see Cindy for the first time after the crash…

…she is not wearing jewelry (but does have a strange look on her face).

The pilot – the first killed by Smokey the monster – was wearing his wings…well, for awhile! HA! Interestingly he did lose those wings (metal) during the attack.

And to top it off – and to connect a common time/watch theme – guess what other metallic object the pilot was wearing? A watch!

And in my ever continuing study of the Whispers…here is the exchange during the pilot's last minutes alive:

Look they helped their captain
Hurry it up
Let him see you..then try to grab him
Kill all of them
I told you the plan
Kill the pilot, chase them away



The last Lost Tidbits we began asking five questions and we continue now…

Question: Who is the Guy with the Eye Patch?

We've had it pointed out that the mural on the Swan wall shows a guy with an eye crossed out…it is the left eye and the patch is the right eye…but everyone knows the eye them.

Question: Why didn't Ben take Jack earlier?

The most logical answer lies in the timing of the Others gaining information about Jack's abilities. In Survivor time, we only have about three weeks elapsed between the meeting at "The Line" – where they could have grabbed Jack and when they actually took him through Michael's efforts.

Question: Where was Desmond hiding his boat?

The question is really where was Desmond and Kelvin hiding the boat? It seems the Others are shocked to learn that a boat exists. How could they not know? Maybe Othersville was their only known existence until this plane noise makes them run out into the streets and look up. Perhaps Radzinsky, Kelvin and Desmond were all doing their jobs without the Others even knowing it?

Question: Just where are the Whispers coming from?

One theory is that voices are "outside the island" as we know the island. The whispers are clearly a conversation (usually a two-person) and seems to not only be observing but also dictating behavior.
Question: Healing Power comes from what?

It might be good to remind ourselves that healing happened at Ayers Rock in Australia (not for Rose, but others). And Sarah was healed in a way that shouldn't have been possible. Do the healing powers extend from the island? Are their other "hot spots" which can heal? Does Jack and Christian's hospital have an unusual high rate of success?

And why does the island cure Rose and Locke but not Shannon (asthma) and Ben (tumor)? We can explain away a few deaths due to trauma (Marshall wounds, people who died on 815, and those with bullets in them).


The book, Bad Twin.

Kate's husband looks a lot like Ethan.

The two doctors, Marvin Candle and ???, look like brothers.



I'm taking a brief break from Lost Tidbits since the next few weekends are going to be filled with holiday events. I might get one more written in December, but definitely look for them to start up again January as we usher in the second half of Season 3. In the meantime, I'll leave you with this image planted in your brain. Don't worry, I'm one of the good guys. J



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