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LT49: Welcome to the Machine


In the wacky world of Lost analysis, it might be tempting to connect Jack's tattoo to the name of a character on a old TV show…Fantasy Island. Beside the show's name being related to Lost, the Mr. Tattoo use to shout out every show, "Da plane! Da plane!"

While this tidbit of information might be fun, it likely has nothing to do with Jack's tattoo, its origin or its meaning:

What we might useful to know is that this tattoo includes Chinese symbols from a poem written by Moa Tse Tung in 1925, one line which reads, "Who masters fate's rise and descent?"

We are told that this tattoo will impact the storyline soon.


In a surprise revelation, it seems that a snapshot of a hand that helped drag the shipwrecked Desmond to the hatch belongs to the same hand attached to Mr. Patchy in the Pearl video! Oh my!


They don't seem quite as critical as earlier seasons but let's not forget them, especially their sum, 108. The Dharma symbol is thought to be connected to Buddha. A statue in Bangkok of Buddha has the number 108 etched on soles of its feet. And Denver recently raised a 108-foot tall Buddha statue.

The number 108 when translated in religious terms means "great joy"…so the answer to the Lost riddles might be happiness when everything is said and done.


Producers have told us that of numbers, the most important is 23. As I sit here, a commercial just aired for a new movie called, "The Number 23". It is being released on February 23. The commercial points out that 2 / 3 = .666 and I have to wonder if this has anything to do with Dr. Pepper and its 23 reasons to like the soda. Let's remember that the summer game, The Lost Experience, had several tie-ins to major products.


In the Season 2 DVD there is a feature showing the connections between characters. One person however is not shown clearly. He is connected to Jack, Christian Shepherd and Claire!


The collapsing deck accident was a fatal accident Hurley believes he caused before crashing onto the island. As we learn in the episode "Dave", the deck was meant to hold 8 people, but there were 23 on the deck before Hurley stepped on (15 people over, add Hurley and it's 16), when it collapsed. Two people died, and Hurley developed post-traumatic-stress syndrome, with mild schizophrenia, as a result and was admitted into the Mental Institute. Dr. Brooks, Hurley's therapist, tried to convince him that the accident was not his fault and that the deck would have collapsed anyway.

We do not yet know what kind of deck collapsed, or whether Hurley was in fact to blame for the event.

As Hurley was leaving the hotel in a rush in "Exodus: Part 2", Hurley is about to enter an elevator full of people including Charlie, but due to the "collapsing deck accident" Hurley leaves and opts to run down the stairs instead, thus annoying Charlie who responds by saying "Some of us have a plane to catch!"


We have learned from Juliet that the Dharma Initiative formally disbanded in 1987. So who in the world dropped the supplies? Why was Kelvin still operating the Swan hatch?

What if Ecko had confessed his sins? Would he still be alive today?


It seems we have discovered that Norway is a major location for Lost events. For example, the Hanso founder is shown in a building shot and the real building was discovered in Norway:

The fountain in front is in the shape of the Dharma symbols in the hatch.

There happens to be a couple of volcanic islands off the coast of Norway as seen here:

The island is called Bouvetoya and was accidentally discovered by a sailing merchant. His ship was called "The Swan". It lies on a major geological ridge.

The peak of the island is called Olva's Top, named after the old Norwegian king. As is typical in Norwegian culture, names are often mixed in with other letters to make new words. Alvar Hanso does contain the name Olva.

Most of the year, the island is covered in an ice sheet.

Could this island be the model for our Lost world? It's not completely unheard of since it was used to film most of the Alien versus Predator movie.

And believe it not there happens to be a company called Hanso Holdings in Norway!


If you were a fan of Daybreak (me!), then you were disappointed for two reasons that ABC cancelled the show. First, we never get to learn the cause of the Groundhog Day repetition. But more importantly, we don't get the Lost Moments on it anymore. They moved them to air during Grey's Anatomy and I don't care if Dr. Jack is performing surgery in the adjoining ER, I'm not going to watch McDreamy.

So, I head off to YouTube to see them and they do look interesting. Here are a few points:

Cindy is indeed back and is with the Others although as she says, "It's complicated."

Claire nearly drowns and later denies there is any connection to her real-life divorce.

Charlie rummages through Sawyer's tent…wonder if he finds anything.

Hurley is very curious about Desmond's new superhero-like abilities.

The Survivors most definitely need a boat to leave "Alcatraz Island".


Puzzle #4 has NOT been released yet. I was hoping for a nice Christmas present, but the manufacturer's website says "sometime during Season 3" which means it could be May. Wonder what it is they are keeping from us?

The title of the puzzle is called "Before the Crash".

I'll keep you posted, but for now I can tell you that I'm onto a theory. You might recall that the backs light up under a black light and reveal the Blast Door map…but with additional information. The most common…and puzzling additions (pun WAS intended)…are a series of codes like this:

C3/1 C4/11 C1/1+1 C8/13

Well, I have a hunch that someone suggested to me…actually two ideas. First, that this is a code for page number and word number in a book…perhaps Bad Twin. This is similar to one aspect of the Lost Experience game this summer.

My other theory is based on music. All I can tell you write now is that I hope this code translates into a melody that is recognizable as a song.

It will take a little time to see if the codes produce any useable results. I'll keep you posted while I keep checking Barnes and Noble for puzzle #4.


The writers could be lying to us, but we have been told:

The Others honestly believe that the intercom in Jack's cell is NOT working

"The more the characters in Lost are found, the closer they are to the inevitable end" - this has a strong connection to lyrics in Amazing Grace

NOTE: Amazing Grace was written by John Newton after a close call at sea. He was captain of a slave ship. Who knows…maybe he did business with another captain of a ship called the Black Rock?


We might have overlooked something and I suggest we revisit it – a machine. Maybe, several machines.

The Monster: we have heard what appears to be a metallic cranking sound when the monster is pulling Locke into the hole.

Then consider Michael's drawings he made while recovering from his injury. Check out the bottom-right corner:

Now contemplate this leaked photo:

And when we see Desmond experimenting like he is Benjamin Franklin, it makes us stop and reconsider what other hints we might have overlooked regarding machines!


Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack returns

Juliet was married before, but not to who you think

Please sit down for this one…this is totally unsupported and bizarre, so no masking this as a teaser and since it is so unreliable it surely isn't a spoiler…just a rumor. Here goes: Jack is the father of Sun's baby! Chew on that one a bit.

Speaking of babies…let me leave with this photo to mull over!



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