Monday, March 31, 2008

LT33: More Summer Info


Anyone remember Randy? He was Locke’s boss at the box company who seemed to enjoy pestering John. And he was Hurley’s boss at the chicken restaurant who seemed to enjoy pestering Hugo.


How can we forget the Hurley dream of a guy dressed in the chicken suit and Jin speaking English? In case you missed it, the odd thing was Walt showing up as a missing person on the milk carton! At the time of Hurley’s dream he wasn’t aware that Walt got snatched from the raft…so just how did his mind know to twist that into a Missing Child ad on the milk? Hmmm…


Some people claim that Season Two didn’t live up to the level of Season One, but when you stop to consider what we really learned, it was quite amazing.

Recall that Season One ended with the hatch lid being blown off and Jack getting ready to send Kate down the hatch for investigation.

We soon would see Kate shoot one of the central figures of Season Two – that darn computer!

Oh, that lovable Apple II computer circa 1979! Let’s review Season’s Two major player:
Kate shot it.
Sayid fixed it.
Hurley knew its numbers.
Desmond, John, Jack, Ecko, and ex-Henry typed numbers into it.
Scheduled shifts were created around it.
Michael chatted with Walt on it.
Locke smashed it.

Quite a bit of screen time for a computer that can save the world!

I’d say Season Two was just fine…and the rest of the summer we will review it.


You might recall Shannon worked in a ballet studio with her roommate, Nora. One of the students was a young girl named Sophie.

Sophie’s father was Philippe, a wealthy Frenchman who attempted to hire Nora as his nanny for Sophie. Nora turned him down.


We’ve pointed out several times the black and white theme in Lost. Black rocks are everywhere which indicates this is a volcanic island. Thank goodness Hawaii makes this easier to portray. Three times the “black rocks” have really had an impact.

1 – at “the line” the survivors are not to cross, it is there behind our heroes
2 – when Bernard tries to spell out a large message on the beach
3 – the ship that Danielle shows them

Well, this summer the game, Lost Experience, has been going on and the insider giving Hanso a hard time mentioned a related topic. It seems that she has evidence that the Hanso Foundation ran slave ships in “previous centuries”. Then we learn that Dr. Mittlewerk has been researching the old slave shipping lanes! What on earth would he be doing that for?

So, connection to Lost we have strong evidence that the Black Rock was a slave ship – chained prisoners. Did some survive? Did some of the crew make it? Are they the ones who built the four-toed statue? Could they have been smart enough to have survived through generations? Will this finally introduce us to a new group of people? Let’s see, we might have the Hanso people, the Dharma people, the 815 people, the Rousseau family, and maybe a Slave Descendent group.


Here is a little tidbit about those pregnancy tests. According to the summer game, Rachel tells us that Widmore was paid to manufacture the pregnancy tests…and to be sure they always read positive! Huh? What could be the purpose of that?

It goes on…it says in a memo that Rachel released, “be sure to stow them on the flight”. What flight? OUR flight? I mean, Oceanic Flight 815?

So Sun isn’t really pregnant? What will happen when she finds out? Will they search for more tests and find a whole case? I mean, who carries a pregnancy test with them on a flight? Sun will obviously re-test when she doesn’t begin to show and get another positive reading. As Jack told her, “These things are never wrong.” Hmmm…

They continue to suspect and finally decide to have all the men pee and get tested and discover they are all pregnant as well! Ok, this will prove the tests are faulty. Will there by a conversation around a campfire that goes like this:

Sun: “Since Hurley helped prove the tests are wrong, I’m not pregnant, but just throw up a lot on rocking ships. But why would these tests be wrong?”

Sayid: “What company did you say manufactured those?”

Kate: “It reads Widmore Labs.”

Charlie: “Wasn’t that the name on the balloon?”

Desmond (if still alive): “Hey, I dated a Widmore once.”

Jack: “I have a brother that works in a monitoring station for a Penny Widmore.”

Desmond: “That’s my girlfriend!”

Hurley: “Hey, Libby told me once before she died that she gave someone a boat so he could beat some guy named Widmore in a sailing contest.”

Desmond: “That was me too! This is getting freaky, guys!”

Kate: “If you think that’s weird, I saw a horse!”

Jack: “If you think that’s weird, I saw my dead father alive!”

Hurley: “If you think that’s weird, I saw a man in a chicken suit!”

Ok, you get the idea, so please, someone get the marsh mellows and let’s starting talking!!!!


Factoid: Ex-Henry tells Michael to take heading 325 to be rescued.

Factoid: Hurley hears this conversation.

Factoid: Hurley is released.

Factoid: The survivors have Desmond’s sailboat.

Now, if Hurley will just tell a few people about that magic heading…maybe they can shuttle themselves off this island!


Lots of guesses flying around on who Penny Widmore’s finance may have been. Odds are he is out of the picture by now (no pun inteneded when you think of the picture on Penny’s nightstand).

But it does sort of remind me of the question, “Who is Sara’s new love (Jack’s ex-wife)?”

But back to Penny. One leading candidate for fun would be Liam after he moved down to Australia. Odds are she didn’t marry the guy, but it would mostly likely be someone who lived in Australia.


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