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LT42: Thunder Island


Cause we're living here in Otherstown…see the patio furniture…see the well-built ranch houses…see the thing the garden hose rolls up into…heck, I think there is a little sign in the yard near the sidewalk that reminds of those warnings they put after the yard has been treated.

So, what was "out of place" in the Othersville? No clocks. I suppose you couldn't or wouldn't disable the clock that comes built into a decent CD player, but no time measuring devices could be seen in any of the screen shots. And none of the residents of O-town were wearing watches. None.

Oh, and where are the kids? Maybe they were all at school, but no toys on the lawn, on sitting on a shelf in any screen snapshots!

No time and no kids…no wonder the Others are a bit protective of their turf. Oh, and if you've seen "The Village" by M. Night Shyamalan then a few bells might be ringing. If you haven't seen, then as I side note, let me recommend it. Watching Adrian Brody's character mutter the words, "Bad color" is worth the rental fee alone.


Go way back in your memory and recall that there was a line cut from Season 1 that appears to be important. Sayid and Danielle are meeting for the first time and he asks what her science team was studying. She replies, "Time".

Now remember the two skeletons in the cave that many came to call Adam and Eve. It could be two people who are now alive.

Time warping would help explain a lot of things and we already know that scientifically we can do some pretty cool stuff with time. Maybe not Lost kind of stuff, but many scientific theories haven't been refuted.


I was going to use the S word, but feared the email filters might block it! So, we will simply say that "Basic Instinct" seems all the rage lately. Here are some examples of what I mean:

The Others seem to be putting Sawyer and Kate in a bonding ceremony of sorts – zoology hounds correct me if I'm wrong, but – doesn't it seem the way the Others are treating Kate and Sawyer exactly how zookeepers would try to mate animals?
Of course, we have the actual Sawyer/Kate kiss. More "basic instinct".
Rumors are suggesting that Tom (Zeke) is not interested in Kate's "type" because she is a she.
And we have more…an actual peek inside the bedroom…high infidelity…bedroom eyes…lying eyes…busted…honor…manipulation…death…tangled web

Side note: That poor sucker, Jin. He has discovered that Sun has betrayed him. He is handling it fairly well, I'd say…with restraint even, one might say. Yet, the betrayal that Jin is aware of wouldn't hold a candle (or a glass ballerina) to the two other betrayals: one, you CAN'T be the daddy and two, you AREN'T the daddy. The guy is having his heart ripped out and he doesn't even know the half of it. Poor sucker.

Ok, back to more "basic instinct". Ok, it's not much but other than Rose and Benard we don't see the snuggle of couples like that pair of Others. Not much, but it counts toward the totality of my point.
Can I count as evidence the voyeuristic tendencies of Ben? How many hours do you think he spends watching closed circuit TV in the Hydra hatch?
Let's wrap this up: Two weeks that Ben referred to at breakfast is Kate's ovulation timeline. Stealing Aaron didn't work. Obviously something about Alex didn't work. Now it's Kate's turn. Will it be a Jack, Jr.? James, Jr? Mini-Ben?


How did soldier Sayid not read this book during his training? He had to of not read it because he some bad strategy decisions in his field of expertise. Geesh, he was so making bad mistakes, that for a moment the thought flickered through my mind that he is an Other was luring the couple into a trap for them.

With every fiber of his tank-top, Sayid wants revenge more than to be the hero. Get your head on straight, Sayid…the survivors need you! Or they could turn to level-headed Locke for leadership…or Rose…


The hotel room number where Sun had her affair was 1516.

And did you catch the Dharma logos on items in the Hydra hatch?

Action: Let me draw your attention to the top-right screen. It's the scene that Sayid is seeing when using his binoculars! Yes, there is a camera inside his binoculars. No way can you call this a production error. On other snapshots, screen 1 changes to a similar view of the beach and dock.

Camera: At this point in time, camera 1 is showing a room with some large and padded chair in the middle of a room. All the other cameras keep the same basic shot. And camera 4 at one point has one of those scrolls through it that blacks out half the screen, but the shot appears to be another angle of Jack's room.
Also, look closer and you will see food on the table in camera 2, but NOT in camera 4…so maybe this is a different chamber shot?

Lights: Every screen has an obviously bright light in it except Kate's. This next picture is a close-up and doesn't include Kate, but it shows the bright lights better. This bright spot is missing only in Kate's screen.

The color photos are from the show and the black and white are of the famous aviator who mysteriously disappeared years ago. offers a free face recognition tool…it matches Amelia 99.034% accuracy. She would be 108 this year, but if time moves at a different rate on Island X, then maybe…

I promise not to keep suggesting a correlation, but Atlas Shrugged comes to mind again.


Imagine for a moment a scene where an angel is pointing a mirror at a woman who is looking at herself while lying naked. Art fans might recognize this description as The Rokeby Venus.

In the painting the goddess Venus is depicted lying on a bed, looking into a mirror held up by Cupid. The face reflected is the dimmed mirror appears to be that of an older woman, which has long intrigued experts. Some think it is a commentary on the vanity of beauty which is transitory due to aging. Some think the face over over-painted by another artist at a later time. Another explanation is that the face is not aged, merely out of focus, a sharper face would distract our immediate attention form the form of Venus, be seeing the nude first, and the face afterwards we are "caught" in our own voyeurism. The face in the mirror is also substantially larger than it should be, and the mirror is angled such that, in reality, it would reflect a different part of the goddess's body.



Maybe it's been too long and you might have forgotten about the Whispers. They are still being found by techie folks and they keep a constant theme about eyes and being seen and such.

Oh, this is Locke's eye.

And while on the audio clues…people swear they heard strange animal noises at two points – when Sayid was looking at the map (whale noises and oh, there was a whale drawn on that map)…and when Kate and Sawyer were back in their cages (bear?).

And don't forget…Benry (HA) is not only watching but listening.


Skipping back an episode…many people think they see Smokey, the black smoke, in the shots of the plane breaking up.


Ok, we grabbed the connection to mythology. I've been corrected…the Hydra grew two heads back after someone cut one off. The way the creature was defeated was when a friend helped Hercules…Herc sliced and this guy cauterized the neck real fast. Oh.

But in the field of science, the hydra is a living organism found in most fresh water sources. Scientists are mostly interested in its regenerative process. I assume the water bug got its name from Greek mythology, but both explanations are interesting and fit the Others possible study motives.


Would Juliet really shoot Kate?

Is Alex going to be an ally or is this another trap?

Where is Mrs. Klugh?

Will Jack cooperate just to get another shot of ESPN?

Why are we noticing clothing changes for Juliet and Ben that seem odd?



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