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LT50: Connecting Flights and Testing


We are beginning to learn that some of the Others have their own agendas. And have you noticed just how darn willing the Others are to hurt someone?

Picket was dying to shoot someone (no pun intended)
Juliet did shoot someone
They weren't treating Karl very nicely
They shot at Kate and Sawyer

And those things were revealed in just the latest episode, Not In Portland…which some people think should read "Not Important". Get it?


Another spin-off product has hit the market…Lost, the Mobile game.

Now you can pretend you are Jack and decide who you let live!

Word just reached me…Puzzle #4 is out…I'll keep you posted if I find anything juicy!


If you missed the summer game, then you might not have caught up on the Valenzetti Equation. In short, the world was looking grim after WW II, so the best scientists were assembled to figure out how to avoid Doomsday for mankind. Instead, they discovered that the world would end just like R.E.M. predicted in a song! J

Anyway, a formula was discovered by Valenzetti that revealed the exact date the world would cease to exist. This is the motivation behind the Hanso Foundation. The foundation's objective was to alter just one number in the equation and hopefully that would extend or avoid all together the inevitable end. The Dharma Initiative was the name for this research into altering just one number. Of course, it failed, but produced some interesting results in the process.

Alvar Hanso was eventually replaced by Dr. Mittlewerk. The doctor attempted to revive the research and has been accused of using some very questionable methods. The summer game suggests that Alvar is back in control of the Hanso Foundation, but many questions remain.

This history lesson is being brought to you because we have learned the date of the Valenzetti Equation. You might mark your calendars: October 23, 2007.


Time is quickly becoming a central theme. The day the series returned, a new website showed up for Mittelos Bioscience. Then it shows up in the show later that night. Some are discounting the new website as "unofficial", but I'm not so sure.


Mittelos means "without means" in its native language, German
The web site knew the characters names and accurate background not revealed until the show aired (a sort of time trick in itself)
The concept of the older woman's x-rays who was then only 26 years old
The guard watching the door where they kept Karl was reading "A Brief History of Time"
Anagrams of the company include "Time Lost"

As for time, that is the subject Danielle told Sayid they were studying (scene was cut from TV show, but shows up DVD).

Can't blame Charlie, but he might have been asking the wrong question. He asks, "Where are we?" Maybe the question should have been "When are we?"

Explain: On September 6, 2001, the only big news event on the Science pages was the discovery of a giant black hole in the middle of our galaxy. Pictures of the galaxy were included in Karl's brainwashing film. And we have several Greek references used in the naming of bodies in the sky. Apollo candy bars may be trying to tell us Milky Way candy bars without paying the Mars candy company (another Greek name).

But back to the black hole announcement… Black holes have event horizons which allows nothing to escape…just like the island. We KNOW black holes can bend light and a theory says they may bend time or stop it completely…just like the island. The electromagnetism of the black hole is what was being released every 108 minutes and now that it can't be released, perhaps time is slowing to a stop…on the island. And black holes trap light making the island invisible to the outside.

September 6, 2001, is the exact date calculated from Juliet's mentioning of how long she had been on the island. (Not September 11 as many are guessing).

The book Karl's guard was reading was open to the page where Stephen Hawking was writing about black holes.


One last thing on time…looping. The "whispers" we here could be other people who are overlapping their time with the time we are seeing. Just a thought that needed thrown out there.


We haven't been short of blood in this show.

Remember when Jack wanted to give Boone his blood transfusion? Jack sent Charlie out to find out if anyone had Boone's blood type. Charlie came back with these results:

One person knew that had Type A but didn't know if positive or negative.
He also found 2 B positives and 1 AB negative.

World-wide statistics show these beakdowns:

B+ 9% of the population
AB- .7% of the population

Very rare that three of the four had these blood types. Is this a clue?

In Mittlewerk's research (see above Valenzetti story), they reported that the tests had a 30% mortality rate…which accounts for about 70% of the most common blood types being wiped out! But not the few Charlie found.

Perhaps the goal was to wipe out the mainstream population…in fact, that could be the reason Michael and Walt were let go…to act as carriers and spread the disease from the island.

The Others may define "good" and "bad' and "on the list" or "not on the list" based on blood types. We know many captured Survivors had blood drawn.

And that might put more meaning to Tom's line, "You're not my type, Kate." Maybe he meant "You're not BLOOD TYPE, Kate."

Could the disease be carried by mosquitoes? Don't forget that Danielle's map referred to an area called "Mosquito Coast"


This is a project rumored to exist but denied by the government. Many of the same features explored in Lost are found connected to this project. It might be worth a read for those who enjoy these things:

Oh, and it takes about some humans have "super-human" skills. And it has some connects to German mind control during the war and I've always thought Lost had some connection to Germany. And it mentions the importance of bloodlines – another Lost and Biblical theme.

Worth the read on a cold snowy night!


Remember the bus that took out Juliet's first husband? Did you notice the advertisement on the side? None other than Apollo Candy bars!

You did catch the fact that Karl was being brainwashed in Room 23, right?

Remember when Juliet was talking with her sister, she pulled up the curtains and said, "We are always on the beach"? A plane flew by. I caught that myself and chuckled a bit. But I was also surprised when someone caught the fact it was an Oceanic plane in Miami.

And did you catch the manufacturer of the pregnancy test that Rachel used? Yep, Widmore.


Rachel is Juliet's sister.

But that is also the name of the hacker in the summer game, The Lost Experience. If you recall, she was first known as Persephone as a nickname, but later we learned her real name…Rachel Hanso, daughter of Alvar Hanso.

And Rachel was the wife of Jacob in the Bible…who died while delivering a child…named Benjamin.


Feel free to Save As and then you can expand the size to read it better.


I'm still convinced we have an Other posing as a Survivor on the beach. Ethan and Goodwin got caught, but something tells me there is another.

Here is my guess: the dentist.

Here is my reason: I can only think of ONE time where anyone said something on the island reminded them of something off the island. Do you remember? Waaay back when, the monster made its self known and one of the Survivors said that the sound it made was familiar.

Another piece of evidence is the jungle. Remember that Goodwin came out of the jungle dry and about 10 minutes late. The dentist also came out of the jungle even later than Goodwin…and he looked pretty dry.

And he seems to be the only one that "pretends" they can get off the island.

And when the sky turned purple where was he? By his wife's side? Noooo…he was protecting Claire from falling pieces of the hatch.

Also consider that his life history may be one of the shortest we know of…including his wife. They married very late in life and recent to the plane crash.

We do have to remind ourselves of the odds of surviving a plane crash, so that sort of shoots a hole in my theory, but it seems we have to take for granted that is was some sort of "controlled crash". I know, but the rest of evidence seems convincing.

You might also recall that he seemed to pass something to one of the stewardess when waiting to board Oceanic Flight 815.

Something tells me that the good dentist might not be that good. More of a Doctor Giggles, perhaps!

And just to be "on the record", I'm going to say his real name is Alvar Hanso.

Alright, I have to get off this limb before it breaks on me!


Talk of the two skeletons keep coming up. Guesses as to who they are all over the place but here are some popular guesses:

Ben's parents
The DeGroots
Bernard and Rose – if you can't leave, we will both stay
Jack and ???

Let's focus on the final one…time loop…Jack finds a pouch with a black and white stone in it…he keeps it and years later dies and is laid to rest in this cave…but with what woman?



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