Sunday, December 20, 2009

LT318: Three Shall Become One


It has been said on the show and in supplemental writing that LOST is about a space within being larger than the space outside an object. This applies directly to the concept of the Magic Box.

What if the island under or INSIDE where actually much larger than the island itself? Could the Magic Box being the Temple? Or you might be thinking of the TARDIS from Doctor Who – that box which time transports the cast.

If we go down that route (and yes, down does seem to be the proper direction to use here), then I’m leaning back on Artificial Intelligence. A big A.I. or RPG game is at play then.

Well, it is something to ponder…if it strikes a chord with you, drop a note.


That episode “316” and “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” were to be reversed?

That the final episode is reordered and re-edited with different lines on the Blue- Ray version compared to televised version?

The “?” in the middle of the Blast Door Map is indeed the Pearl Station?

And the Looking Glass station is not just for communications (source:

ESSAY #10: The Trinity

The concept of the Trinity is well-founded in Protestant religions. The Trinity consists of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

Our Bible indicates a team of “bad guys” led by Lucifer (or Lew for short). The hierarchy on this team is unclear.

On LOST one could suppose that God is the Father, the Son is Jacob and the Holy Spirit is Smokey. However we are left with two major weaknesses. First, God as the Father is too easy for we have yet to have any reference to a higher being. Not that we need one, but it should doesn’t help when trying to justify the doctrine of a Trinity when all the players aren’t at the table.

Second drawback is that Smokey appears to be evil. Now we need to use the “mirror concept” and say for every good there must be a bad. So if we have a Holy Ghost we need an Unholy Ghost. This leaves with a bigger question, “where is the good Holy Ghost”.

Ok, scratch the Trinity thing.

All we really have to support the Bible to LOST theory is that we have a good guy (Jacob) and a bad guy (Man in Black). In this regard we have ample evidence.

For example, Satan tempts Christ in the wilderness – lots of that going on LOST Island.

And we have the forever struggle for control and worshippers – we see two sides playing tug-of-war with people every week on LOST.

So maybe the writers switched gears on us and made the Holy Spirit and bad thing as suggested. This still leaves a major question: who is the God who is in charge and where is he? Now if that doesn’t sound like LOST, I don’t know what does.

And before I leave this topic, does anyone remember who Ethan attempted to kill Charlie? Didn’t he hang him from a tree?


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