Saturday, April 5, 2008

LT51: Time Flash


What a great episode this one was for those who are trying to figure out the riddle of Lost. When we stop and consider all the theories ever floated out there – like clones and such – it does seem as if all those were propelled by the clear emphasis placed on Time. This edition of Lost Tidbits it going to explore some possibilities now that we appear to have one major piece of the puzzle identified.


So, the background in the Desmond-Penny photograph as a backdrop! But is it the same background from Miami when Juliet pulled open the curtains in her sister's apartment?

And consider that even the photograph and the background for the pose are not IDENTICAL…but I'm willing to call that a prop challenge. You have to give TV a little cushion…but I'm not willing to throw it out completely. Keeping with out "time clue", it might mean that when this little loop of life repeated, then things were not exactly the same and this was meant to tell us that.

Kudos to Michael "Let's Get Walt" Johnson for the heads-up on this one.


Charlie and Hurley discover two more reading materials in Sawyer's cache: a book entitled, "Laughter in the Dark" and a stack of magazines including "Playpen".

First the book: In this grotesque black comedy, an aspiring actress marries a wealthy man named Albinus Kretschmar for his money. When he is blinded in an accident, she invites her lover to move in with them. He lives there in secret, invisible to the blind man, whom he murders in the end.

And the magazine: first the name is also the item that Charlie and Driveshaft danced inside when filming the Buddies diaper commercial – am over-sized playpen. Second, the pictorial is "The Girls of Fiji" – which is the island country they were near when Oceanic Flight 815 ran into trouble. And one of the other stories is entitled "Exploring the Brothels of Singapore". Published previews seem to indicate that Jack might have gotten his tattoos in Singapore and perhaps met a lady there.


Almost too much to talk about here, but let's start with this photo:

* Song being sung is "Wonderwall" by Oasis and has the line "maybe you are gonna be the one that saves me" – a song about a man who is saved from himself with the help of an imaginary friend * Charlie is not famous in this time loop and never mentions Driveshift when Desmond asks if he knows him
* Charlie is not a drug user in this dimension
* Charlie's middle name is Hieronymus
* Name of a band in England with two albums, "Save the Day" and "Alone in This Tree" – now why do those ring a bell with me?

Name of a surrealist painter, Hieronymus Bosch, who happen to die in the year 1516.


Here is the person that Desmond says is his subconscious:

I know I'm on a time obsession lately, but notice all the clocks behind her…odd for a jewelry store? And remember that Othersville didn't show any clocks or watches, but in time loop, they are everywhere it seems.

Oh, and if my subconscious took on a human manifestation, I'd like it to be Jessica Alba, please…just sending a subliminal message to my brain!


Did you see the polar bear, the Buddha statue or the word "Namste"?

Did you see the Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack, Oceanic Airlines, Buddies Diapers, Gannon Car Rental, Apollo Candy Bars, or Hanso Foundation ads in the soccer match?

We should point out a couple of new companies too…

Kronos – name of another Greek god, the god of TIME! And that second word is Titandioxid; which is a white powdery substance that looks an awful lot like the ashes in an ashtray inside the Pearl Hatch!

Expose and Radio RPR 103.5 – no clue about their relevance, other than 100+ (3+5) = 108…could this have some connection to the radio tower on the island?

Did you catch the clock read 1:08? I must point out my favorite was the microwave beeping that sounded like the hatch's warning sound!


Time travel is possible by freezing the body and many rich folks have their bodies frozen in hopes that one day a cure for life extension might be found (very Hanso-like).

The main problem we have had with this approach is that the cells of the human body will crystallize during the thawing out process (like frost on your windshield). This crystallization wreaks havoc on the cells and basically destroys them.

So, scientists have been trying to figure out other ways to "freeze time". Again, we are back to having to define what time is. In a sense, we can define time standing still as: a lack of any motion. Our bodies are full of vibrating molecules. Stop that vibration and you stop time. This is why freezing near absolute zero (where all motion stops) is the popular method. But once again, damn that crystallizing stuff. How else can we stop the molecule motion?

Lucky for us (or is it luck), our vibrating electrons are electric! As far as I know there is no way to "cut the current" at that atomic level, but we can use an intertwined principal of electricity: magnetism. Ah, most Lost sounding stuff, dude.

Vibrating electrons form a magnetic force…apply a strong enough positive magnet (electrons are negatively charged) and we can keep the electrons from vibrating. Effectively, we can freeze a person in place without using temperature. Turn off the magnet in 10 years and you will instantly pick up with whatever you were doing before you walked in front of that magnet. Imagine the fun we could have at parties with this.

In order to build a magnet strong enough to freeze every electron in place for an average size human being, the structure to house this would have to be about the size of our planet. However, if we could learn to magnify an electro-magnetic field by utilizing the planet's natural magnetic field…say in a hatch in an undisclosed island…well, you get the idea.


Wrap all this time theory stuff together and maybe the horse that Kate and Sawyer saw and touched was at one point grazing quietly in a field in Australia and the next second was literally standing in the Mystery Jungle.

How? Because "freezing" a body, then leads to transporting the body to any desired location since time becomes a non-factor. Yep, Star Trek teleporting. Believe it or not, scientists have frozen light in the lab. And they have teleported an apple four feet.

What wouldn't happen is the horse couldn't be in the field grazing AND on the island. In other words, Ted, Bob, Marty or you, can never ever run into yourself…it is impossible. The second law of thermo dynamics states matter can't be created, so we can't add 180 pounds of me to the same time frame where another 180 pounds of me already exists. Of course, if time is not a factor…

For the sake of summary (and the fact that now my head hurts), approach the last episode not as a Demond flashback, but as a "flashsideways".

And here's an interesting tidbit At Comic-Con last year, one person asked one of the producers about Lost and time, and he responded by autographing her trading card with "Time is on your side," promising this little adage would be fully explained in season three. So, I ask you, what if all along, when Kate walked into a flashback, she was literally jumped into the past, and then later jumped back, when the action picked up on the island? What if our Losties were in control every time they flashed back?! Every match cut, every crossover, every Easter egg that appears in both the past and present—what if they are linked into one really real reality that surrounds each of our survivors? And does this mean that when the Losties all figure it out, they can go back and right the wrongs from their past?

And Desmond—who seemingly has been granted access to the past, present and future—might be the only one who can connect the dots...Great Scot, indeed.

And sort of puts new meaning to the phrase, "See you in another life, brotha".

Blap. (That's the sound of my brain further exploding and another piece falling on the floor.)

Now that you are armed with more information than the average Lost viewer, sit back and let's see where the show takes us with this time concept. Those of you who know me, now understand how this show motivates me to write a mostly-weekly newsletter! J


You might recall that John Locke is also the name of a famous philosopher. So, is Edmund Burke, Juliet's first husband who had a meeting with a bus. I just learned recently that another executive of the Mittelos Bioscience Company is named Richard Alpert, who was a philosopher and spiritual teacher of Buddhism and Hinduism. He was closely associated with Timothy Leary. Now if next week they start playing that Moody Blues song, I'm going to tune on, tune in and drop out!


No surprise that a fan of Lost might also enjoy NBC's Heroes. However, the connections are kind of Lost-like spooky. I'm talking about Gannon Car Rentals. We first meet this company when Locke is in his dream and he is in the airport with Boone pushing him around in his wheelchair. The survivors are holding a brochure from Gannon Car Rentals.

By the way, that picture on the brochure is a shot of the Golden Gate Bridge, just like we saw on Isaac's wall near Ayers Rock where Rose tried to get healed.

Anyway, a few weeks back on Heroes, a character who is oddly name "Hiro" but pronounced "Hero" is told to fly back home and is given airline ticket and a car rental brochure of Gannon Car Rentals

Now consider this…during Karl's brainwashing film we saw this snapshot:

Last week in Heroes, we see this same thing hanging in the background:

And while we are at it, see the three hanging basket thing under the cabinet? That same thing was hanging in Desmond's flat.

That last week, one of the ads at the soccer match in Lost is for Gannon Car Rentals.

It gets even better…then we learn that on a FX's show, the same Gannon brochure is seen on Nip/Tuck.

Maybe we ARE all inside the Matrix!


This is a picture of the paint can in Desmond's flat. The brand name is Future Paint. Cute joke? OH, the company who manufactures this is from the Netherlands, home of Hanso Foundation.


When Karl is having his brain turned to mush…the audio of that segment has been reversed. Three times the audio says, "Only fools are enslaved by time and space." Here is the audio clip if you are interested:

Turn off the lights, turn your speakers up loud and be prepared to get an uncontrollable urge for Apollo Candy bars after listening to this.


This past episode continues the Oz connections…the man with the red shoes (ruby slippers). The building falls on him with only his legs and shoes sticking out (wicked witch when the house falls on her).

And it should also be pointed out that Lord of the Rings figured in as well. The ring scene is very similar to Frodo and his ring…plus Charlie was a freakin' hobbit in the movie. Coincidence or fate?

What is that behind Charlie? An airplane engine? A bomb? And why are those two people staring his direction? It almost looks like Locke in a t-shirt.

I thought Claire didn't know how to swim? And why fully clothed?

Why are the scenes in Mr. Widmore's office flipped at times?

Did Desmond ever pay for that ring?

How does Penny have a picture of her and Desmond on his night stand (when she gets call from the Listening Post that an anomaly was found) AND Desmond have a copy in the hatch? Perhaps copies were made, but we were only shown one was taken.

Do you think the whole time stuff was a trick? Maybe the sales lady was just another island hallucination for Desmond.

Anyone think Charlie will have to run like the devil when Sawyer gets back and finds out his porn and whiskey are missing? Think Sawyer will get even by telling everyone of Charlie's involvement with Sun's "kidnapping"?

Anything significant with that model boat in Mr. Widmore's office? "She's beautiful", says Desmond. "Say what?!?!?!", says Mr. Widmore.

Who names their son Hieronymus in this century? Charlie Pace gets THAT for a middle name?


This week I will likely be making the biggest mistake of my life by boarding an airplane.

While I realize this is just a TV show, I do believe that if one dwells on something long enough you can almost will it to happen. I further believe that I'm not willing a plane crash on myself, but it is strange how life makes the bad things come true and seems to ignore the good things. For example, my wife still won't let me call her Evangeline no matter how long I attempt to consider that possibility!

Anyway, I won't be back in time (no pun intended) for an edition of Lost Tidbits next weekend, so hold on a couple of weeks and the newsletter will return. If you can't wait that long, may I suggest you stick your head inside a deep freeze or stand next to a really strong magnet for 7 days and it will be like I never left!

Until then, here are some sneak peeks into next week's show, "Stranger in a Strange Land" (yes, the Robert Heinlein book – same author for Starship Troopers). The title of the book was derived from the Bible book of Exodus. Oh, oh, here we go again!

Is that a prison shirt she is wearing?

Tell me that isn't Michael!

There sure is a lot of wrist rubbing in this show!



LT50: Connecting Flights and Testing


We are beginning to learn that some of the Others have their own agendas. And have you noticed just how darn willing the Others are to hurt someone?

Picket was dying to shoot someone (no pun intended)
Juliet did shoot someone
They weren't treating Karl very nicely
They shot at Kate and Sawyer

And those things were revealed in just the latest episode, Not In Portland…which some people think should read "Not Important". Get it?


Another spin-off product has hit the market…Lost, the Mobile game.

Now you can pretend you are Jack and decide who you let live!

Word just reached me…Puzzle #4 is out…I'll keep you posted if I find anything juicy!


If you missed the summer game, then you might not have caught up on the Valenzetti Equation. In short, the world was looking grim after WW II, so the best scientists were assembled to figure out how to avoid Doomsday for mankind. Instead, they discovered that the world would end just like R.E.M. predicted in a song! J

Anyway, a formula was discovered by Valenzetti that revealed the exact date the world would cease to exist. This is the motivation behind the Hanso Foundation. The foundation's objective was to alter just one number in the equation and hopefully that would extend or avoid all together the inevitable end. The Dharma Initiative was the name for this research into altering just one number. Of course, it failed, but produced some interesting results in the process.

Alvar Hanso was eventually replaced by Dr. Mittlewerk. The doctor attempted to revive the research and has been accused of using some very questionable methods. The summer game suggests that Alvar is back in control of the Hanso Foundation, but many questions remain.

This history lesson is being brought to you because we have learned the date of the Valenzetti Equation. You might mark your calendars: October 23, 2007.


Time is quickly becoming a central theme. The day the series returned, a new website showed up for Mittelos Bioscience. Then it shows up in the show later that night. Some are discounting the new website as "unofficial", but I'm not so sure.


Mittelos means "without means" in its native language, German
The web site knew the characters names and accurate background not revealed until the show aired (a sort of time trick in itself)
The concept of the older woman's x-rays who was then only 26 years old
The guard watching the door where they kept Karl was reading "A Brief History of Time"
Anagrams of the company include "Time Lost"

As for time, that is the subject Danielle told Sayid they were studying (scene was cut from TV show, but shows up DVD).

Can't blame Charlie, but he might have been asking the wrong question. He asks, "Where are we?" Maybe the question should have been "When are we?"

Explain: On September 6, 2001, the only big news event on the Science pages was the discovery of a giant black hole in the middle of our galaxy. Pictures of the galaxy were included in Karl's brainwashing film. And we have several Greek references used in the naming of bodies in the sky. Apollo candy bars may be trying to tell us Milky Way candy bars without paying the Mars candy company (another Greek name).

But back to the black hole announcement… Black holes have event horizons which allows nothing to escape…just like the island. We KNOW black holes can bend light and a theory says they may bend time or stop it completely…just like the island. The electromagnetism of the black hole is what was being released every 108 minutes and now that it can't be released, perhaps time is slowing to a stop…on the island. And black holes trap light making the island invisible to the outside.

September 6, 2001, is the exact date calculated from Juliet's mentioning of how long she had been on the island. (Not September 11 as many are guessing).

The book Karl's guard was reading was open to the page where Stephen Hawking was writing about black holes.


One last thing on time…looping. The "whispers" we here could be other people who are overlapping their time with the time we are seeing. Just a thought that needed thrown out there.


We haven't been short of blood in this show.

Remember when Jack wanted to give Boone his blood transfusion? Jack sent Charlie out to find out if anyone had Boone's blood type. Charlie came back with these results:

One person knew that had Type A but didn't know if positive or negative.
He also found 2 B positives and 1 AB negative.

World-wide statistics show these beakdowns:

B+ 9% of the population
AB- .7% of the population

Very rare that three of the four had these blood types. Is this a clue?

In Mittlewerk's research (see above Valenzetti story), they reported that the tests had a 30% mortality rate…which accounts for about 70% of the most common blood types being wiped out! But not the few Charlie found.

Perhaps the goal was to wipe out the mainstream population…in fact, that could be the reason Michael and Walt were let go…to act as carriers and spread the disease from the island.

The Others may define "good" and "bad' and "on the list" or "not on the list" based on blood types. We know many captured Survivors had blood drawn.

And that might put more meaning to Tom's line, "You're not my type, Kate." Maybe he meant "You're not BLOOD TYPE, Kate."

Could the disease be carried by mosquitoes? Don't forget that Danielle's map referred to an area called "Mosquito Coast"


This is a project rumored to exist but denied by the government. Many of the same features explored in Lost are found connected to this project. It might be worth a read for those who enjoy these things:

Oh, and it takes about some humans have "super-human" skills. And it has some connects to German mind control during the war and I've always thought Lost had some connection to Germany. And it mentions the importance of bloodlines – another Lost and Biblical theme.

Worth the read on a cold snowy night!


Remember the bus that took out Juliet's first husband? Did you notice the advertisement on the side? None other than Apollo Candy bars!

You did catch the fact that Karl was being brainwashed in Room 23, right?

Remember when Juliet was talking with her sister, she pulled up the curtains and said, "We are always on the beach"? A plane flew by. I caught that myself and chuckled a bit. But I was also surprised when someone caught the fact it was an Oceanic plane in Miami.

And did you catch the manufacturer of the pregnancy test that Rachel used? Yep, Widmore.


Rachel is Juliet's sister.

But that is also the name of the hacker in the summer game, The Lost Experience. If you recall, she was first known as Persephone as a nickname, but later we learned her real name…Rachel Hanso, daughter of Alvar Hanso.

And Rachel was the wife of Jacob in the Bible…who died while delivering a child…named Benjamin.


Feel free to Save As and then you can expand the size to read it better.


I'm still convinced we have an Other posing as a Survivor on the beach. Ethan and Goodwin got caught, but something tells me there is another.

Here is my guess: the dentist.

Here is my reason: I can only think of ONE time where anyone said something on the island reminded them of something off the island. Do you remember? Waaay back when, the monster made its self known and one of the Survivors said that the sound it made was familiar.

Another piece of evidence is the jungle. Remember that Goodwin came out of the jungle dry and about 10 minutes late. The dentist also came out of the jungle even later than Goodwin…and he looked pretty dry.

And he seems to be the only one that "pretends" they can get off the island.

And when the sky turned purple where was he? By his wife's side? Noooo…he was protecting Claire from falling pieces of the hatch.

Also consider that his life history may be one of the shortest we know of…including his wife. They married very late in life and recent to the plane crash.

We do have to remind ourselves of the odds of surviving a plane crash, so that sort of shoots a hole in my theory, but it seems we have to take for granted that is was some sort of "controlled crash". I know, but the rest of evidence seems convincing.

You might also recall that he seemed to pass something to one of the stewardess when waiting to board Oceanic Flight 815.

Something tells me that the good dentist might not be that good. More of a Doctor Giggles, perhaps!

And just to be "on the record", I'm going to say his real name is Alvar Hanso.

Alright, I have to get off this limb before it breaks on me!


Talk of the two skeletons keep coming up. Guesses as to who they are all over the place but here are some popular guesses:

Ben's parents
The DeGroots
Bernard and Rose – if you can't leave, we will both stay
Jack and ???

Let's focus on the final one…time loop…Jack finds a pouch with a black and white stone in it…he keeps it and years later dies and is laid to rest in this cave…but with what woman?



LT49: Welcome to the Machine


In the wacky world of Lost analysis, it might be tempting to connect Jack's tattoo to the name of a character on a old TV show…Fantasy Island. Beside the show's name being related to Lost, the Mr. Tattoo use to shout out every show, "Da plane! Da plane!"

While this tidbit of information might be fun, it likely has nothing to do with Jack's tattoo, its origin or its meaning:

What we might useful to know is that this tattoo includes Chinese symbols from a poem written by Moa Tse Tung in 1925, one line which reads, "Who masters fate's rise and descent?"

We are told that this tattoo will impact the storyline soon.


In a surprise revelation, it seems that a snapshot of a hand that helped drag the shipwrecked Desmond to the hatch belongs to the same hand attached to Mr. Patchy in the Pearl video! Oh my!


They don't seem quite as critical as earlier seasons but let's not forget them, especially their sum, 108. The Dharma symbol is thought to be connected to Buddha. A statue in Bangkok of Buddha has the number 108 etched on soles of its feet. And Denver recently raised a 108-foot tall Buddha statue.

The number 108 when translated in religious terms means "great joy"…so the answer to the Lost riddles might be happiness when everything is said and done.


Producers have told us that of numbers, the most important is 23. As I sit here, a commercial just aired for a new movie called, "The Number 23". It is being released on February 23. The commercial points out that 2 / 3 = .666 and I have to wonder if this has anything to do with Dr. Pepper and its 23 reasons to like the soda. Let's remember that the summer game, The Lost Experience, had several tie-ins to major products.


In the Season 2 DVD there is a feature showing the connections between characters. One person however is not shown clearly. He is connected to Jack, Christian Shepherd and Claire!


The collapsing deck accident was a fatal accident Hurley believes he caused before crashing onto the island. As we learn in the episode "Dave", the deck was meant to hold 8 people, but there were 23 on the deck before Hurley stepped on (15 people over, add Hurley and it's 16), when it collapsed. Two people died, and Hurley developed post-traumatic-stress syndrome, with mild schizophrenia, as a result and was admitted into the Mental Institute. Dr. Brooks, Hurley's therapist, tried to convince him that the accident was not his fault and that the deck would have collapsed anyway.

We do not yet know what kind of deck collapsed, or whether Hurley was in fact to blame for the event.

As Hurley was leaving the hotel in a rush in "Exodus: Part 2", Hurley is about to enter an elevator full of people including Charlie, but due to the "collapsing deck accident" Hurley leaves and opts to run down the stairs instead, thus annoying Charlie who responds by saying "Some of us have a plane to catch!"


We have learned from Juliet that the Dharma Initiative formally disbanded in 1987. So who in the world dropped the supplies? Why was Kelvin still operating the Swan hatch?

What if Ecko had confessed his sins? Would he still be alive today?


It seems we have discovered that Norway is a major location for Lost events. For example, the Hanso founder is shown in a building shot and the real building was discovered in Norway:

The fountain in front is in the shape of the Dharma symbols in the hatch.

There happens to be a couple of volcanic islands off the coast of Norway as seen here:

The island is called Bouvetoya and was accidentally discovered by a sailing merchant. His ship was called "The Swan". It lies on a major geological ridge.

The peak of the island is called Olva's Top, named after the old Norwegian king. As is typical in Norwegian culture, names are often mixed in with other letters to make new words. Alvar Hanso does contain the name Olva.

Most of the year, the island is covered in an ice sheet.

Could this island be the model for our Lost world? It's not completely unheard of since it was used to film most of the Alien versus Predator movie.

And believe it not there happens to be a company called Hanso Holdings in Norway!


If you were a fan of Daybreak (me!), then you were disappointed for two reasons that ABC cancelled the show. First, we never get to learn the cause of the Groundhog Day repetition. But more importantly, we don't get the Lost Moments on it anymore. They moved them to air during Grey's Anatomy and I don't care if Dr. Jack is performing surgery in the adjoining ER, I'm not going to watch McDreamy.

So, I head off to YouTube to see them and they do look interesting. Here are a few points:

Cindy is indeed back and is with the Others although as she says, "It's complicated."

Claire nearly drowns and later denies there is any connection to her real-life divorce.

Charlie rummages through Sawyer's tent…wonder if he finds anything.

Hurley is very curious about Desmond's new superhero-like abilities.

The Survivors most definitely need a boat to leave "Alcatraz Island".


Puzzle #4 has NOT been released yet. I was hoping for a nice Christmas present, but the manufacturer's website says "sometime during Season 3" which means it could be May. Wonder what it is they are keeping from us?

The title of the puzzle is called "Before the Crash".

I'll keep you posted, but for now I can tell you that I'm onto a theory. You might recall that the backs light up under a black light and reveal the Blast Door map…but with additional information. The most common…and puzzling additions (pun WAS intended)…are a series of codes like this:

C3/1 C4/11 C1/1+1 C8/13

Well, I have a hunch that someone suggested to me…actually two ideas. First, that this is a code for page number and word number in a book…perhaps Bad Twin. This is similar to one aspect of the Lost Experience game this summer.

My other theory is based on music. All I can tell you write now is that I hope this code translates into a melody that is recognizable as a song.

It will take a little time to see if the codes produce any useable results. I'll keep you posted while I keep checking Barnes and Noble for puzzle #4.


The writers could be lying to us, but we have been told:

The Others honestly believe that the intercom in Jack's cell is NOT working

"The more the characters in Lost are found, the closer they are to the inevitable end" - this has a strong connection to lyrics in Amazing Grace

NOTE: Amazing Grace was written by John Newton after a close call at sea. He was captain of a slave ship. Who knows…maybe he did business with another captain of a ship called the Black Rock?


We might have overlooked something and I suggest we revisit it – a machine. Maybe, several machines.

The Monster: we have heard what appears to be a metallic cranking sound when the monster is pulling Locke into the hole.

Then consider Michael's drawings he made while recovering from his injury. Check out the bottom-right corner:

Now contemplate this leaked photo:

And when we see Desmond experimenting like he is Benjamin Franklin, it makes us stop and reconsider what other hints we might have overlooked regarding machines!


Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack returns

Juliet was married before, but not to who you think

Please sit down for this one…this is totally unsupported and bizarre, so no masking this as a teaser and since it is so unreliable it surely isn't a spoiler…just a rumor. Here goes: Jack is the father of Sun's baby! Chew on that one a bit.

Speaking of babies…let me leave with this photo to mull over!



LT48: Bernard


Thought we could take a closer look at Kate. The big question is have the Others broken Kate? She can escape her cage and refuses – that seems like a pretty short rope they have her on. Or does she have the advantage by playing the innocent and broken prisoner? Maybe she is biding her time to make a move.

Then what exactly went down between her and Ben during that breakfast on the beach? They have showed us her bruised wrists but they haven't shown us what happened yet.

Or is Kate the mole and that is why she didn't run yet? Maybe she isn't an Other, but some deal seems have been made with her. And Mr. Friendly seems to be too friendly to her compared to her fellow survivors. Perhaps Kate volunteered to be a surrogate mother in exchange for Jack and Sawyer's safety – until Ben goes under and Pickett has his own agenda. Wouldn't it be wild if Kate walkie-talkie's Jack that he MUST save Ben since her deal was with him!

There might also be a little hint in the line, "You taste like strawberries." Maybe she really does because that is what she had for breakfast on the beach! What this implies is not quite clear, but something to ponder.


Nathan was an Other. This is the guy that Ana Lucia was going to torture to get information from because he kept disappearing for hours to "use the bathroom". We all agreed that this seemed odd for a person to go wandering off in the jungle this spooky. Natural reaction would be not to leave anyone's sight. Consider that they had approximately 15 people kidnapped under their noses the first two nights in a row…then Nathan goes on natural hikes?

But wait, you say…why would Goodwin – who is an Other – kill his own guy? Because I think Goodwin might have feared that Nathan would crack under Ana Lucia's interrogation techniques!

And while we are at it…Cindy is a mole for the Others as well!

So, that leaves Bernard. Yep, another mole. Anyone who came out of the jungle after the crash, who is dry, and not injured is a candidate and Bernard scores the Trifecta!

Remember also that Bernard got up to use the bathroom on the plane and wasn't with Rose during the crash (Jack held her hand).

And there was this Bernard who dated the Oceanic pilot's wife (scene cut from TV but in DVD).

Let's back up a bit…to the boarding of Oceanic Flight 815. Bernard and Rose, who met just five months earlier, are sitting in the airport. Again, Bernard gets up to make a phone call. To who? He is a life-long bachelor, so no children. He is in Australia, so likely no local phone call. When he stands up to make the call, he reaches into his bag and pulls something out:

When Bernard stands up to walk to the phone he is carrying this device in his hand. He brushes another person walking by – the Oceanic flight attendant (who looks an awful lot like Cindy).

She is carrying a bad and Bernard has the device in his hand. Maybe this isn't planned, but the sign above them reads, "Communications". Then the flight attendant walks past Rose two times:

Is this some pre-arranged meeting with Cindy and Bernard? Are they keeping an eye on Rose? Does the device maybe short out the plane's radio later on? Was it some form of the list or a recording of a certain event?

Consider this about Bernard as well:

He was fixated on the radio they found in the hatch and actually spoke to Boone on that drug smuggler's plane. Ana Lucia finally took it away and soon Cindy vanished.

When the sky turned purple, what was Bernard shown doing?

He was protecting Claire and the baby!

He seems at times to understand Jin's Korean language

Rose said the monster sounded familiar…had she heard it from Bernard?

Bernard seemed to be able to know the exact number of days they were on the island…but he forgot Rose's birthday. That's hard to forget when you love someone and easy when you have a whole list of facts to remember that aren't really your facts.

He gave Rose his wedding ring on the plane. A keepsake…or he had another wife on that plane.

The radio from the hatch AND the S.O.S. signal on the beach are false leads. They aren't meant to be rescued, but to communicate to his friends, the Others! At the time, it seemed Ben was trapped in the Swan hatch as a prisoner.

Did Bernard know that surveillance camera's word pick up his strange S.O.S. signal? Would that odd prompt sign that ended up as his only work really be a prompt sign to kick some plan into action? Keep in mind how Bernard controlled the building of this..he wouldn't let Jin start on another spot until they laid three wide.

In Dante's Inferno, we find only a few characters who make it to the final circle. Not surprisingly, there is John the Baptist and St. Mary. The guide? Bernard.

Perhaps his name is Bernard Jacobs.

Let's fill in some gaps…who was Bernard's other wife then? The pilot's mother. Who could that be? The older woman in the book club in Othersville.

So how does this Strange Theory of the Week end? With Bernard being "Him".


We have an indirect connection of the sound of the monster to Bernard via Rose, right? And we know the island is "metallic" for lack of a better description. And we know Bernard removed his ring – metal. Hmmm…

And when we see Cindy for the first time after the crash…

…she is not wearing jewelry (but does have a strange look on her face).

The pilot – the first killed by Smokey the monster – was wearing his wings…well, for awhile! HA! Interestingly he did lose those wings (metal) during the attack.

And to top it off – and to connect a common time/watch theme – guess what other metallic object the pilot was wearing? A watch!

And in my ever continuing study of the Whispers…here is the exchange during the pilot's last minutes alive:

Look they helped their captain
Hurry it up
Let him see you..then try to grab him
Kill all of them
I told you the plan
Kill the pilot, chase them away



The last Lost Tidbits we began asking five questions and we continue now…

Question: Who is the Guy with the Eye Patch?

We've had it pointed out that the mural on the Swan wall shows a guy with an eye crossed out…it is the left eye and the patch is the right eye…but everyone knows the eye them.

Question: Why didn't Ben take Jack earlier?

The most logical answer lies in the timing of the Others gaining information about Jack's abilities. In Survivor time, we only have about three weeks elapsed between the meeting at "The Line" – where they could have grabbed Jack and when they actually took him through Michael's efforts.

Question: Where was Desmond hiding his boat?

The question is really where was Desmond and Kelvin hiding the boat? It seems the Others are shocked to learn that a boat exists. How could they not know? Maybe Othersville was their only known existence until this plane noise makes them run out into the streets and look up. Perhaps Radzinsky, Kelvin and Desmond were all doing their jobs without the Others even knowing it?

Question: Just where are the Whispers coming from?

One theory is that voices are "outside the island" as we know the island. The whispers are clearly a conversation (usually a two-person) and seems to not only be observing but also dictating behavior.
Question: Healing Power comes from what?

It might be good to remind ourselves that healing happened at Ayers Rock in Australia (not for Rose, but others). And Sarah was healed in a way that shouldn't have been possible. Do the healing powers extend from the island? Are their other "hot spots" which can heal? Does Jack and Christian's hospital have an unusual high rate of success?

And why does the island cure Rose and Locke but not Shannon (asthma) and Ben (tumor)? We can explain away a few deaths due to trauma (Marshall wounds, people who died on 815, and those with bullets in them).


The book, Bad Twin.

Kate's husband looks a lot like Ethan.

The two doctors, Marvin Candle and ???, look like brothers.



I'm taking a brief break from Lost Tidbits since the next few weekends are going to be filled with holiday events. I might get one more written in December, but definitely look for them to start up again January as we usher in the second half of Season 3. In the meantime, I'll leave you with this image planted in your brain. Don't worry, I'm one of the good guys. J



Friday, April 4, 2008

LT47: Puzzling


Man, it seems like a long wait until the next Lost episode. And let's pray that the Cyclones basketball team doesn't have many Wednesday night games that month and bumps local viewing. The next episode is entitled, "Not In Portland".

This is supposed to be Juliet-centric show. New characters include Edmond, a man who has knack for gaining funding for his lab and for taking credit for other scientist's work. Also, we could meet Albert who is a recruiter for a state of the art bio-lab. It sounds like we might actually be getting a Dharma-centric episode and we will learn a bit more about these Others.


During the Christmas, I hope to unwrap a present containing the fourth Lost jigsaw puzzle. The front side is cool, but it is the back side that has some interesting hints. The backs, when completely assembled, show the Blast Door Map. And since the door never closed completely on TV, this is the only place to see it all. Plus those codes around the edges – so far, no one has figured them out. Here is a snapshot to give you general idea of the "black light" backside:


In puzzle two, called "The Others", there is an out of place picture which I finally found someone who had noticed it. Don't know what it means, but it happens to be a picture of a sign on the wall in Hurley's (and Libby's) hospital.

It reads, "Rec Room Rules: Listen and Respect Others". Hmmm…


When we left Ben sedated on the operating table with a bleeding kidney sac…the reason he was there in the first place was the tumor. Here is a shot of the x-rays:

I'm no medical expert, but Jack says the tumor is located in L-4 vertebrae, but the x-ray shows the tumor in L-2. Writer goof or just too much analysis?

The more important question is what impact would this type of tumor have? Would it cause the loss of limb? Like a left arm? Like in Marvin Candle and others? Is something the Others are doing causing this tumor in all of them?

Another theory wonders if this x-ray is not of Ben, but someone else. Like Sarah? Locke?


Books, puzzles, action figures…and now, Lost: The Video Game. A company has won the rights to develop a video game and is due out in 2007. They tell us it will be available in many formats including a PC version.


Intriguing and frustrating. That seems to sum up Lost after three years of Wednesday nights. In our extended break, I will attempt to share some questions that are still waiting for some answers.

The Outside World
We aren't sure of the Others and the Dharma Initiative people are one and the same. However, we do know that the Others have access to ESPN and they know the route for rescue. So, the question is: Why don't the Others leave the darn island for a little spinal surgery?

Jack identified the two skeletons in the cave in Season 1 as male and female. He also found a pouch containing a black and white stone which we assume Jack still has today. So, the question is: Are these people from the Black Rock, the Dharma Initiative, Danielle's science group, Adam and Eve or Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan?

Ben Linus reveals that he has always lived on this island. First, we have to consider that Ben is an expert liar (funny if that is the disease! I mean, consider this: the disease is that no one can tell the truth…Ben has to say he is Henry, Danielle has to say her daughter was kidnapped, Juliet has to say she wants Ben dead…now that would be crazy). So, the question is: Does Ben mean he was born here, or that his family crashed years ago, or that he is a descendant of the Black Rock or the Four-Toed society?

The first time we met the Others was when Claire was kidnapped for her baby. We learned that Claire was to be killed and Aaron to be taken. And we can't forget the psychic who warned that the baby should be raised only by Claire and then turned around and got her on Flight 815. Now it seems the Others have lost interest in Aaron, so the question is: What was so important about Aaron?

SIDENOTE: Is that strange picture on the wall or what?

The Disease
We are introduced to a disease of some sort early and often – Danielle's crew gets sick, Desmond injects himself to avoid the disease, the Quarantine label on the hatch door, the extra injections from the food drop that Charlie finds, etc. So, the question is: Is the disease real or part of the experiment that someone is running?



LT46: Two Out of Three Viewers


Have you heard about the new drug? It is for those who are lost about Lost. Have you got friends who can't keep up? Maybe you missed an episode. Or perhaps you don't read Lost Tidbits through…completely…ten times. Then Losticil might be just the answer for you. Check out this link for more information:

Please, check with your doctor before starting any new drug. Side effects may cause repetitive mumbling of numbers, seeing black horses and in extreme cases purchasing a Lost-related product.


Rumor says that we will meet Hurley's little brother. He has another brother by the way. We briefly saw the older one in the episode, "Numbers".


Major correction alert! According to most sources the day after the final Ecko episode, most people thought that Mr. Ecko whispered to Locke, "We're next".

We have official sources who tell us the transcript was "You're next". Seems as if Smokey, the monster, has some unfinished business with Locke.

Now why in the world would Ecko and Locke both stare down the monster and then later it kill Ecko and now will go after Locke? Ecko saw black smoke and we assume Locke is telling the truth about seeing while light. Of course, we have only seen black smoke as in the time it tried to pull Locke into a hole. And what is down that hole?

Has Locke changed in some way that it now wants to get him? Hmmm…


What did the Others have planned that was to happen in two weeks?

Possible answers:
· Ben's operation
· The Others were planning to leave the island
· Time to let the hostages go
· Juliet is planning a take over plot
· Jacob is arriving
· Finish building the project Kate and Sawyer are working on
· Fertility treatments

What is the North referring to on Ecko's stick?

Possible answers:
· As explained last week – up
· The Others fake camp was on the north side of the island
· It means the North Star associated with Jesus' birth
· Leads to the Flame hatch
· Leads to the radio tower
· Reference to the arrow in Desmond's mural
· Compass reading
· Hydra Island
· An exit from the snow globe
· At night, looking up reveals the sky is "wrong"
· Climb a mountain and look north

Does Ben survive the surgery?

Possible answers:
· Yes
· No

Why are the Others lying to Ben and keeping Alex from him?

Possible answers:
· The only advantage the rest of the group have over Ben
· After Danielle handed Ben to the Others she has been busy leading a take over to get her daughter back
· Suggests Juliet's cue cards were truthful
· Because some Others have done something with Karl and they don't want Ben talking to Alex and discover this
· They just didn't want to concern Ben right before surgery
· Alex has some special powers and they don't want her warning Ben of impending events

Who is Jacob?

Possible answers:
· The "him" we have heard talked about
· Ethan, dead, but it is his list he made
· The patch man
· A man in the Losties camp that we haven't identified yet
· The man standing near Ben at the funeral
· A man about to land on an airstrip that Kate and Sawyer are clearing for him
· Paulo
· It could be a last name, as in Nikki Jacobs
· Alvar Hanso


There are a lot more than I realized when starting this project. So, let me share the most recent one…when Ecko is thrown to the ground and Locke comes running up, we hear the whispers. They say:

It's over
Right now
What happened
What's happening
Now we got his ?
I don't want to kill him
Is she following

When you read this it seems apparent we have at least two people involved in a conversation. And it also seems that only one of them gets to see things, but we hear both sides of a conversation.

And, I've noticed there are references as to having control of the situation (I don't want to kill him).

There is also a gender reference – the only woman at the scene is Nikki. Or is the "she" referring to someone the speakers know about at their location?


Now consider this whisper…it is when they are ambushed by the Others on their way to the camp with Michael leading the way:

He is asking him something
Yeah, but what happened
They saw a smoke signal
Try the sequence
Had to be given lessons
Turn it on beside you
I'm frightened
Intruder alert
Do you think I should lock this
No, I've seen them before
Close the door
You all need me

Woah! First, let's focus on that name…Elizabeth is Libby? Think people who die on the island hang around as whispers? Could this explain how Ecko ended up dead since the brother and at least one drug runner died there?

Try the sequence sure makes me think of typing in numbers.

And I've notice a theme of someone being frightened in these whispers. Why would dead people be frightened?

What are they locking? What door is being closed?

Well, most definitely something to think about. Remember, these are being put there for a reason, but the writers must know that only a small segment of the viewing audience will have access to this stuff. I'm looking at them as little clues. But like the show as a whole, what it means…well, I'm lost.



LT45: What Did You Say?


We are going to be asking that of the show for several months now…until February. I'm sure you caught the fact that Daybreak is going to fill the time slot for the next 13 weeks (and I plan to watch that déjà vu thing). And during that show and other ABC shows, we will be given short snippets of the second half of the season.

Be assured that Lost Tidbits will report each mini-episode revealed.


Consider Danielle's following island map:

Notice the compass drawn in the upper-left corner. This type of marking is used for a top-down map, not a profile map. But assume it is not an error, then where would you be if north is straight up in the air away from a land mass?

If a boat, like Desmond's were to travel due west – as he stated – for two weeks, and then arrive back at the same place he left then this drawing would explain the situation:


That's right, Desmond. And lest we forget the key question asked by our keeper of the Swan Hatch was, "One did one snowman say to the other snowman?".

And don't let it escape us that Penny's monitoring station was in a very cold place.

Oh, and we have polar bears.

In the 17th century, Sir Edmond Halley suggested a theory to account for variations in the earths magnetic poles: a hollow earth with a smaller sphere—an inner world that might well be inhabited—spinning inside. This was the first "scientific" speculation that the earth was hollow, but the idea was already ingrained in nearly every culture and religion. And from Dante's Inferno to Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth to Max McCoy's Indiana Jones and the Hollow Earth, this timeless notion has been constantly explored and re-imagined in works of art and literature.

But Hitler also believed this concept and sent people to find the opening to the hollow center of the earth. And we shouldn't need to remind you of the Hitler and Germany connections found with the Hanso Foundation this summer!


Sharp eyes have noticed that the home movie that Juliet made for Jack to read was missing a cue card! It is the first one, but when we are shown the TV screen, it is moving away.

In slow motion it seems to read: "Read these and stay focused". We don't miss anything here at Lost Tidbits!

"BROTHA" – Desmond

The Bible theme has been prevalent in Lost. John, James, Benjamin, and Aaron are just a few names that are found in the Bible. And at times the survivors have specifically pointed out the references such as when it was made clear that Moses has a brother named Aaron. The missing Orientation clip was found in a Bible and the Mother Mary statutes have been used.

So, let's examine the idea of "brothers" - or "brotha" as Desmond pronounces it – with the telling of a Bible story.

There were two brothers born on the same day – twins. (think Bad Twin). They were opposites and even fought in their mother's womb. The oldest was loved by his father and the youngest by his mother (think every character on the show).

The oldest brother had claim to the family blessings and birthright, but the youngest brother was an expert con man (think Sawyer).

The youngest brother fooled the father and the eldest brother on several occasions. The first time he was 15 years old (think the Numbers). But he wasn't prepared for the responsibility of those blessings and the birthright.

In order for God to use the youngest brother in his new role of responsibility it took years of conditioning (think of the test and trials of the survivors). God used many methods to teach and train the younger brother, including visions (think of Charlie's vision).

Eventually, the youngest brother, the con man, was out conned by another person (think Ben getting the best of Sawyer). It cost him dearly by way of years of servitude (think Jin), but eventually he got the woman he loved only to discover she couldn't have children (think Kate/Sun).

Another woman ended up giving the youngest brother the family he wanted and God needed (think fertility doctor, Juliet). One of the sons the younger brother had was named Ben.

Meanwhile the eldest brother went without the blessings and birthright and spent his life plotting revenge. The struggle between brothers continued and many feel that struggle continues today.

The younger brother did finally meet the responsibilities of continuing the Jewish line while the older brother fulfilled his prophecy of constant warring against his brother with his own nation.

The younger brother's name is Jacob which means "grabber". His bad twin is Esau which means "red". On any given day it was sometimes difficult to decide who was the good son and who was bad son.

I've decided that the book, "Bad Twin", is a retelling of this Bible story.


And to follow-on with Ben in the Bible…he was one of 12 brothers…and was accused of stealing by his brother Joseph in order to force his brothers to return to Egypt…this was of course after the eleven brothers dumped Joseph in a pit to die out of jealousy for the nifty coat of many colors that his father, Jacob, gave him.


Out of the mouths of babes, huh? That line was when Sawyer was explaining to Walt that Ethan might not be using his real name. Ironic, huh?

But speaking of names…the Hanso Foundation owns the Apollo bars company. Think about it, EVERYTHING is Dharma (Dharma water, Dharma corn flakes, Dharma ranch dressing, etc.) except the Apollo bar. And the company was formed by M. David Benson (Ben son). So, Ben is the son of Alvar Hanso?

We have had plenty of name connection to mythology and religion. But let's not forget the military connections. Sayid and Kelvin were military as was Kate's father. Locke played military games. Desmond began to pick up military lingo from Kelvin with the use of the "hostiles". And if anyone knows the NATO phonetic table, they could help me out. For example,

C = Charlie
E = Echo (Mr. Ecko)
J = Juliet
M = Mike


And why not after all they have been through (did I just say BEN through? HA!). And most of all they discover that Henry Gale is not Henry Gale. First, Ethan tries to infiltrate the group and the Survivors finally figure it out. Then Ana-Lucia discovers that Goodwin is a mole.

Not sure if you recall this or not, but the Hanso Foundation website initially came up and it offered an easter egg if you clicked the right thing that was an animation of the computer conversation that Michael held with Walt. Anyway, when it gets to the part where Michael types, "Who are you?"…the answer on the show is different than the answer on the website. The website response was "Mole".

I sense a theme here. And why I'm suggesting is that there still is a mole among the Survivors! Someone better at staying undetected than the three previous attempts - for he has gone undiscovered. And he is still working on that list that Jack doesn't appear on. Yes, I'm suggesting Jacob is among them. My guess it is one of the Survivors that we – and they – have come to trust.

Any ideas as to which person they should not trust now? My money is on the new guy – Paulo, the golf club guy. There is a bit of a problem with his friend, Nikki, for it seems they know each other pretty well – like pre-crash ("You always say we never get included"). The strongest reasoning is that Jacob has learned to lay low and Paulo's character is very much been out of sight…until now.

Also consider the games that Lost has revealed to us so far. For example, if you take the "P" and mirror it you get an upside "b". Turn the "u" in Paulo to right and you get a "c" on its side. The "L" looks close to a "j".

PAULO = bacjo = Jacob

Anyway, it's a theory!


You must admit that was a nice twist of events on Jack's part! Check out Tom and that look on his face:

Less noticeable is that face in the door window! Who the heck is that?


We started with the midsection. Then we found the cockpit and the pilot. And finally we found the tail section. The only thing missing is the first class part of the plane. Maybe it is lost! HA!

Or maybe not. What if it has survivors as well? Imagine if the reason we haven't seen some new characters is because they were from the first class section. Hmmm…like Nikki and Paulo. Sources indicate that they brought this actor in because he speaks Portuguese…the same as the guys in Penny's Monitoring Station. Coincidence or fate?


As viewers of Lost, we know all the connections of the Survivors, but the Survivors haven't really connected any dots yet. The closest would be when Sawyer and Jack are revealing they have a common thread with Christian. Or maybe that Libby and Hurley were in the ward at the same time, but didn't put two and two together.

Rumors indicate however that two Survivors will finally recognize the fact that they know each other. I'll tell you that one of them is Desmond. And I'll tell you that Desmond has done this lightning rod experiment before. And I'll tell you that Desmond had his ability to see into the future before the Swan hatch exploded…that's how he knew that Sarah would be fine after surgery. But that's all I'm saying…for now.

And remember, I said RUMORS!