Friday, March 28, 2008

LT25: The Lost Experience Game


Just one more name to add to the list. This name is found in the hacked portion of bio's.


Hanso Foundation has made another press release (May 12) to denounce the rumors spread in Bad Twin. Really pushing the sale of this book, huh?


If you called the Hanso toll-free number you would hear some rap music while waiting to be transferred. The phone mail implied it was music from Geronimo Jackson. As of May 10th, the music has been removed and replaced by Sprite ads.

NOTE: As of today, May 14th, the US phone line has been disconnected.


This is the message:

People are working on the translation…stay tuned.


This link,, was found hidden in a press released from Hanso last week.

In case you are interested in how they "hide" things, this is what I have learned. The two most popular forms of communications are Photoshop images and PDF documents. Both have something called "layers". People with this software then examine each layer and discover interesting things.

Take a look at this website, and let me know if you figure out this code.

CH 1221 Geneva 27 ADDRESS

This address appears a number of times on the Hanso website. Mostly on letter head claiming to be the address of the World Health Organization.

I did a quick Google on the address and guess what? It is the address for the WHO. Maybe I'm trying too hard?


It seems a number of clues are being found hidden BEHIND the photos on the Hanso website.

Here is what has been found so far:

Behind the JOOP video is a black man's face. It is the doctor.

The world map hides a memo that has locations of the successful project by Hanso: one word is the country, Zambia.

Liddy Wales picture has a "?" over it. Behind that is a photo of Mr. Thompson.

And the biggest one…behind the Alvar Hanso picture (the grainy one where is standing in an office window is this photo:

Doesn't this look like Zeke? The man in the hallway of the medical hatch that was scolding Ethan?

But IF that is Hanso, then who would Alvar be talking about when Alvar said "HE won't be happy"?


In Reader's Digest fashion…here is the condensed version of Bad Twin as I read it.


Paul Artisan is a detective. He gets into this line of working thinking that he can correct some of the wrongs in the world. The story then opens with him investigating Sally. Artisan travels to the tennis club where Sally will be playing doubles with three-other middle-aged women.

Dressed in tennis clothing, Paul slips right past the Receptionist by talking his way past. Easy to do when the clerk thinks he might get a referral bonus for this new member! But Paul would like to look around the place before signing up. He's in.

Artisan locates Sally's tennis game and takes a seat to watch. He pulls out his cell phone and snaps a picture of Sally just as her racket makes contact with the ball on a nice serve. The photo will be sent to the insurance company that Sally is making a personal injury claim against for a shoulder injury.

As Paul makes to leave, he and Sally make eye contact. She knows she is busted. He knows she doesn't want to make a scene. Paul hates his job.


We are told of Paul's view on life. He believes in truth. Artisan feels that at the end of every dissection will be the truth. That's what led him to become a detective. He dreams of day when that perfect case comes into his seedy office which will allow him to save the world of some great injustice. Instead, forced to pay the bills, he takes jobs with insurance companies and suspicious spouses.

Artisan realizes that his job consists mostly of slipping into other people's hell. So far, he has always returned intact. He wonders how long he can keep this up.

Paul then is returning from the Tennis Club when at his office door a man meets him. Paul doesn't know it yet, but this man is about to bring him his dream case.


The well-to-do client enters Paul's office to discuss his problem. He is reluctant and secretive.

He reveals that he wants Artisan to help him find a missing person. This person is nasty, drives friends away, enjoys setting people up to fail, has a drug problem, never works and is not a very nice person. But the secret man wants him found anyway.

The well-dressed man reports that the missing person recently moved back to New York City, got his first job and seemed to be growing up. Then he disappears. Finally, we learn who the missing person is: It is his brother, his twin brother, his identical twin brother.

I'll keep you posted as I make my way slowing through the book…


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