Tuesday, March 25, 2008

LT18: Did You Hear That?


Check this out…the number from the cereal box, DI9FFTR731, is now a website. www.di9fftr731.com
The funny thing is that it has a log-on and no one has the password and it costs $30…but a clever surfer checked out the disclaimer which links you to another web site. www.circle-of-ligh.com/fengshui/bagua.html

THAT site has Dharma symbols and an explanation of a philosophy that just could be the answer to the show’s concept.


In a promo picture, it sure appears that Henry Gale was shaved. Who the heck would give that man a razor? By the way, who shaves on that island? Oh, that’s right…it opens the pores!


This theory suggest there are several others on the island – groups of different people. The “real” others we haven’t even seen yet! Literally.

Kate: “They don’t leave any tracks.” - invisible people wouldn’t leave tracks or would the weight still be a factor?

Whispers: being invisible could explain the whispers.

If you saw the movie the Philadelphia Experiment then you know that electromagnetism was the explanation behind invisibility.

Push the button to regenerate the magnetic field every 108 minutes? Something magnetic is behind that 8-foot thick wall of concrete. Generators need resetting every 108 minutes?

Could the invisible perhaps be seen during that brief time when the generators are recycled? Perhaps the ones that Jin and Ecko saw walking in the jungle were visible only during a recycle? Likewise, was the field completely working when they snuck right up and grabbed Cindy under their noses?



Rumor has it that the Survivors find another hatch this week…Richard Hatch! You know, the guy from Survivor 1. Hee-hee.


Rose in the pilot: "That sound that it made, I keep thinking there is something that is really familiar about it."


In the pilot, Kate is shown to be the last one to get an oxygen mask on…was it something in the oxygen? Was she awake during all of it? She claims to have been. Did she learn something that the rest don’t know?


Jack traded seats with a person who claimed they needed his seat since she never flew before and was stressed out. Jack was suppose to be in first class…and die.

Charlie was in the bathroom snorting…was he in the proper seat?

Boone and Shannon reveal later that they too were booted from their original seats.

Was this a plan, fate or are some of these not in the proper role? Two are dead already.


It seems we haven’t been paying close enough attention. There are whispers all the time! For example, when Sayid is “interviewing” Henry Gale and Jack pulls him off, there are whispers.

Well, someone with a cool machine has played with that sound bite and by speeding up or slowing down has heard these things being said:

I'd never let them beat me
I protect my people
What do you want to do
Don’t let them break you Henry
Think carefully now
How are we going to save Henry
You can’t save him
I can hear you
What have I got to do
Try to save Henry

And when the timer hits zero and those symbols come up…the whispers were saying:

Let go of Henry
I warned him not to do it
Time to get another
I would have saved him but she ran to him
We need a torturer
Control of his buddy
You’ve heard them fighting for control
What are they going to do to Henry I nthere
Plan something
He got busted
It’s not over
Obviously he knows something
Drop the blast door
It’s gone wrong
Don’t set them free
You two tell him what to do
Is he crawling
Who called the doctor
I don’t think he’ll be able to con them
Is that computer on
Stand up so they’ll call if off
Somehow we will go and reach him

And from the Pilot at the beach

You aren’t joking
What a lousy thing
I don’t care what we do to them
We can undo this
Bring enough men to do it right
We don’t have time for loose ends
They’re ruining the plan
What do you want to do to them
There’s no telling when they’ll leave
Look now they have found another one
Stick to the plan
Stand ready
Keep them from suspecting anything
Did you see the scared look on their faces
Bet that lightning bolt scared her
Do you like the way you left him to be eaten


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