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LT26: The End Is Near


Not sure if this belongs on XP or the normal Tidbits newsletter…

A theory is floating around that Alvar Hanso could be Hitler! You have the Hanso photo looking a lot like that proud pose of Adolf at the Olympics or at speeches. We have the superior race thing going on. Germany never seems to avoid being connected in ways – although every country except Vatican City seems to have been mentioned…check that, I think that was mentioned too! Alvar's bio on his website says "contributions since the second World War". And theory says that Hitler was never really confirmed to have died.


Cygnus (pronounced CIG-nus), is also called Northern Cross. The meaning is "Swan".

Greek mythology tells us that Apollo's son (as in the candy bars), Phaeton, tried to drive dad's chariot across the sky, but lost control of the horses. It appeared that the chariot of the sun might end up putting Earth on fire, so Zeus saved the day by throwing a lightning bolt at Phaeton and killing him. Phaeton's friend, Cygnus tried to dive into the river and retrieve his friend's body but failed. Zeus was impressed with the display of loyalty, so Cygnus was turned into a swan to make diving easier. In honor, Cygnus was given a permanent home in the stars – the 16th largest known constellation.

Connecting to the show, here are the other Lost constellations by number:
4 – Cetus
8 – Draco
15 – Sagittarius
23 – Serpens
42 – Coma Berenices

Sagittarius carries the arrow; Serpens is the snake like at the medical hatch and so on.


Sun was the first to VERABLIZE the existence of the boat last week. Did Locke see it first and then cut his splint off and walk away?

And why is this boat washing towards shore? It appears to have at least one working sail, unlike the raft/driftwood.

The word on the street is that this kind of boat might cost $42,000. Did I just say 42? HA!


Hello, I'm Dr. Mark Wickman, and this is the orientation film for Station 5 of Dharma Initiative. Station 5, or the Pearl, is a monitoring station where the activities of participants in Dharma Initiative projects can be observed and recorded -- not only for posterity, but for the ongoing refinement of the Initiative as a whole. As Karen DeGroot herself has written, "Careful observation in the only key to true and complete awareness." Your tour of duty will last 3 weeks and during this time you and your partner will observe a psychological experiment in progress. Your duty is to observe team members at another station on the island. These team members are not aware that they are under surveillance, or that they are the subjects of an experiment. Working in 8 hour shifts, you and your partner will record everything you observe in the notebooks we provided. What is the nature of the experiment, you might ask? What do these subjects believe they are accomplishing as they struggle to fulfill their tasks? You, as the observer, don't need to know. All you need to know is the subjects believe their job is of the utmost importance. Remember, everything that occurs, no matter how minute or seemingly unimportant, must be recorded. Each time a notebook is filled with the fruits of your diligent observation, roll it up [audio/video problem] containers provided. Then, simply place the container in the pneumatic tube, and presto, it will be transported directly to us. At the end of your 8 hour shift, proceed to the Pala ferry which will take you back to the barracks [audio/video problem] prepare for your next shift [/audio/video warp problem]. On behalf of the DeGroots, Alvar Hanso, and all of us here at the Dharma Initiative, thank you. Namaste and good luck.

Barracks? Pala ferry?

The tube will "presto", be delivered directly to Dharma. But we know from next week's promo that the tubes appear to shoot out of the ground and onto a pile of unopened notes. That would make for some interesting reading. Most assume that this station is the one used to keep tabs on the Survivors in past days…but is it? Reading some transcripts (and hoping they are dated), might help.

"We do it because we believe we are meant to. Isn't that the reason you pushed it, John?"
-Mr. Ecko


Some have tried to connect Pearl with the PEAR project conducted at Princeton in 1979. In summary, the project was to:

For most of its history PEAR has pursued two parallel experimental programs, in "human-machine interaction" and in "remote perception." The program has also maintained an effort in theoretical modeling, aimed at understanding the experimental results.


Rumors say that one of the Lost characters spent some time in prison. Sawyer seems to be the best candidate, but a good con man never gets caught.

Since prisons and tattoos seem to go together, Jack seems to be a candidate. One might improve their poker skills there as well.

Or maybe someone else. I can tell you this much.


We know the four that Michael has to bring back with him to the Others in order to "trade for Walt and a speed boat". Let's focus on Sawyer and Jack for a moment.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Jack and Sawyer were already surrounded by that ring of fire at the "line" when Zeke first chatted with them. Then they bring out an already gagged and bagged Kate. So three of the four names on Michael's list were already within grasp.

Why didn't the Others grab them then? What has changed since then that would make the Others now want these guys? Was Locke being present at the "line" with Zeke the problem in not grabbing the Survivors then?

Speaking of Locke. Why did ex-Henry tell Locke that he came back for him and then dash off without even a goodbye? Going back to the last paragraph let's answer "Yes", having Locke there was why they couldn't snatch the desired survivors. What does that imply? Ex-Henry says they want him, Locke wanted to get sucked down the hole by the monster (remember that he has SEEN the monster too and it was beautiful), Locke believes and is a man of faith, he took his shoes off in the hatch, he wanted to sit down and talk things over with Zeke, and now the special list of names leaves Locke hanging back at the beach. Odd.

And let's stress that Sawyer's name was James Ford (as Sawyer knows) and not his island nickname. Wonder why the Others went with his "pre-island" name? Or has Sawyer had that nickname for sometime?

This analysis then leaves with HURLEY. Poor Hurley…lose a girlfriend the day of your first date. Get so pissed off that you are willing to hike for two days to do what? Kill ex-Henry for killing Libby?

If we roll all these things together, then what we have here was a missed opportunity in the jungle to grab 3 of the 4. Hurley wasn't there the last time, but was busy eating from his secret hatch and offering free frog tours. Now, he has cleaned up his life, is dating a former co-patient from Looney Hills, and is very upset. It's odd how the show sometimes mixes what WE perceive to be good emotions with bad emotions – Hurley is getting his life together and that leads him to righteous anger? I don't know about you, but I'll take another shot from that nifty pneumatic vaccination gun!


My co-worker, Roger B. (fake name to protect the "good"), has been spouting the two groups of Others for sometime, so he deserves the credit if correct.

It started back when the Black Rock ship was found. He thinks descendents of the slave ship could be one group, while the scientists are the "other" group (no pun intended).

We have seen CLEAN others and DIRTY others. Of course, we have seen Zeke clean and dirty. That is odd enough. Still, he merits some points when you consider this evidence.

Dharma is the CLEAN Others and they have bad things happen to them: Dr. Candle loses arm and Hanso appears dead. They also want the button to be pushed.

The DIRTY Others (what else can I call these two groups?) don't want the button pushed, specifically ex-Henry. Were the Dirty Others a military group sent in to end the Dharma projects? Would this explain the army knife in earlier episodes?

And let's throw out a THIRD Other who might be a quasi-person – the island itself. Some ghost in the machine that actually is working against both Clean and Dirty others. I'll find better terms if this works out to be true.

Nice job Roger…this idea is picking up steam on the message boards!


Why guard the door? Michael didn't seem like much of a threat? Could it be they are guarding it against another group of Others (See above section)? Maybe the 20 some they have kidnapped are willing to escape of allowed…this seems the most logical at this point.


On the FBI mugshot it her name reads Katherine Dodd.

On the boarding pass it reads Kate Ryan.

And the Others called here Kate Austen.



Ms. Klugh had it right when she said, "For someone who wants his son back, you sure don't know much about him".

The strange thing is that this is the same thing the lawyer said when Michael was at lawyer's office. Same people trying to get Walt away from Michael?

Ms. Klugh wasn't Susan, Walt's mother, was she???



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