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LT27: Experience Game Goes Corporate


Sleuths had already picked apart the Jeep website prior to the airing of the commercial. The website is But what is interesting and I'll bet you missed is the LAST FRAME of the TV commercial. It is a new Dharma logo!


It has been suggested that Alvar is frozen and lying in a lab near Phoenix, Arizona.


It's fairly detailed to just be a hacked together video. Clues might be found in it.


Persephone has added a new set of numbers. It has been solved that these are ASCII numbers. The latest set of numbers converts to "Standby".

The first two sets of numbers have yet to be solved. They are:
106 98 111 32 117 98 115 32 114 115 110 102 32 102 118 32 102 118 101 71 32 49 32 108 110
90 32 116 117 98 46 83 69 71 32 103 110 32 111 118 32 116 98 73

72 65 83 32 87 73 78 32 72 79 83 84 32 80 67 32 73 78 32 78 73 76 32 85 82 71 69 46 32 56 44 32 110 111 116 32 49 32 97 110 100 32 54 46

May 20 – ok, the first one has been solved now…it reads: a mouse does not rely on just one hole. This phrase is on the Blast Door map.


Another corporate tie-in has been established, The site offers a nine-part interview with Gary before he died. The fourth part was released May 16. In summary:

Part 4 of the interview with Gary Troup is up on the Bad Twin page on He mentions that Alvar Hanso bought up all the copies of his book, The Valenzetti Equation. He also mentions that Alvar Hanso is the only person that has a copy of the actual equation.

If you want to see the video, go to the Bad Twin page in Amazon and click the links in the " exclusive" area of the page. Then click the Valenzetti Equation link in that section.

NOTE: The third part of the interview is also on The first two parts have not been found.

May 20 – Parts 5 and 6 show up on different book seller websites. He mentions Cindy in one of them!


DJ Dan runs this conspiracy website. It contains Hanso references, but mostly as a second thought it appears. The rest are fairly common theories like did we really land on the moon.

One interesting theory has to do with a prehistoric animal. It doesn't mention Hanso or Lost in this section, but it is the same animal people first guessed the "monster" security system to be. And it is the model for the creature in Stephen King's "Kingdom Hospital" series.

NOTE: Stephen King has TWO shows out this summer – both are mini-series. One is on cable and the other network I think. Let me know if you hear more and I'll spread the word. I have a feeling that we shouldn't ignore King's work this time since Lost writers appear to admire him.

Back to this website. People altered the link with the now popular prefix:
It works and does provide different content. Is this a default as long as the domain portion is valid? We have noticed many modified URL's of Hanso Foundation still route back to Hanso.


Not sure if this belongs on XP or the normal Tidbits newsletter…

A theory is floating around that Alvar Hanso could be Hitler! You have the Hanso photo looking a lot like that proud pose of Adolf at the Olympics or at speeches. We have the superior race thing going on. Germany never seems to avoid being connected in ways – although every country except Vatican City seems to have been mentioned…check that, I think that was mentioned too! Alvar's bio on his website says "contributions since the second World War". And theory says that Hitler was never really confirmed to have died. OH, that one Hanso officer, Mittlewick or something – suppose to be the name of a site in Germany during the WW.


May 17, 2006

Hugh is the Communications Officer at Hanso. On the Hanso Foundation website his bio has been updated with a log on field. Known passwords like "breaking strain", "heir apparent" and "missing organs" don't seem to work.

May 17 – later that evening.

The "extra" log on field is gone. It read "Log on for further press releases." Now it is missing.

May 17 – later that evening

The log on field is back…his picture is missing. The date of the photo is October 62, 9291. It seems your mouse coordinates also are shown to you as you move your cursor around.

May 17 – even later

62, 9291 is not the day and year…is the X and Y coordinates for your mouse. Move to that pixel and click!

May 17 – and later…

In the EMI page, move the cursor to X: 629 Y: 291. Click again, and it take you to You eventually get to a user directory including folders for "ahanso..." Working on more...

May 17 – still going…

Clicking into the hmcintyre folder gives you a bunch of stuff including (some of you are going to love this) some Jeep ads. The video, hosted on YouTube, includes a Dharma logo and text at the end.

May 18 – finally, a new day…

there is a binary in peter thompson's file that translates as: "the mouth piece"

May 18 – here we go again…

I tried "the mouthpiece" and it worked!It then highlights "Deeply committed to family values"If you click on that, it takes you to a new message from. Persephone which I'm still trying to watch.


A newspaper ad was discovered on the "Jeep" website of folders.

Notice the words written on the BACK of the paper ad. Flipping around it reads:




Who knows? Crack it and let me know.


Organic is a real company and this is a real website! Do not visit. They are not happy about this attention. But they goofed!

Their business provides "interactive experiences for name branding". Gee, Sprite, Verizon,, Jeep, Chrysler…I wonder who their clients are? HA!

The odds are this company is the "puppet masters" of our game.


He is a Hanso Foundation executive. His picture on the Hanso Foundation website flashes letters in the background. When watched very carefully we see, "Survivor Guilt".

Using this as a password, Persephone hands us plenty of dirt on Mr. Thompson. He has defended tobacco companies, nuclear plants and oil companies. Ok, that's not really bad, but the result of those cases might be…here are some pictures of the secret documents:


Most of the sponsors seem to be "helping out", but Jeep has a role a bit more involved than the others. First, we find a directory of web folders pertaining to Hanso. Then this Jeep 'ad' is discovered:

Trying not to read too much into this…but I see a totem pole, a Buddha idol, a pyramid and some sort of clock tower. Notice how the word 'Jeep' is accented. Granted it is the product name, but they could have done that with larger letters…why the quote marks? I also think that Universal isn't your standard adjective. Finally, in my own personal word association game, when I first read Jeep…I thought of Joop – that darn 108-year old monkey.

By the way, when you blow up the picture, next to Buddha is reads a clue, "the mouthpiece". See for yourself:


Many thought one clue phrase was "missing organs"…but perhaps is was meant to read "missing oranges", as in missing orangutans. Has Joop been stolen? Is he just missing? Notice that many photos of Joop on the website appear to be different apes. Hmmm…



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