Wednesday, March 19, 2008

LT14: Theories Getting Lost


The first season Diary Writer on the ABC website has been getting extra attention lately.
THEORY: Henry Gale sends the Three off to prove the balloon and grave…we know from promo picks they find A grave. Henry has his tracks covered either way – good or bad (it IS his wife, or as an Other they have the storyline covered). So, it has to be a female body. Henry’s wife or the female author of the Diary from season one? Recall, that the NEW Diary author is related to Gale (brother).

Henry Gale.
THEORY: He is connected to the Losties in some way. The Diary author, John Locke’s father, Sun’s father, tons of theories.

Red shirts
THEORY: The red shirt speculation is twisting and turning, but still alive. The theories range from “Star Trek red shirt guy dies” to “people in red shirts aren’t really there” to “red shirts are Others”.


Libby is the only one not with a flashback who is a main character AND has not been checked against the manifest…Look out, Hurley!
In episode 1 (remember that one?), Shannon does her best to translate Danielle’s message. Someone has interpreted the whole message and it mentions the Black Rock, but Shannon didn’t catch it…or anyone else. This is the first official “hidden” message the producers announced.
Hurley’s dream (Cluck-Cluck) included information about Walt (face on the milk carton) that at the time Hurley’s mind had no knowledge of!
Check out this link: it shows an animated picture of the dream Charlie had (Aaron in the piano). This shot was available only on HDTV screens…look in the upper left-hand corner over the trees!


God, it’s like the nightmare is starting all over again! You can’t tell me that I survived that week in Louisiana to be thrown back into this again. I told myself, every single day in the hospital that all I had to do was stay alive. Just survive and make it to the trial. And the rest of my life would be perfect – that’s what this trip was supposed to be about!

I had to make sure I saved my dive bag, (can you imagine if that washed up somewhere for somebody to open???)"

"Getting stronger – every day. And when I feel like quitting, all I have to do is remember the consequences of not being prepared."

That guy is really starting to get on my nerves – he won’t give me any more cigarettes. Not for free anyway… Pig.

Other tidbits gleaned: the writer has a fan named Larry, who creeps her out but he “keeps asking me out”. On an island? All this is from season one author. It appears she lost the diary.


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