Monday, March 17, 2008

LT8: Where Are These People Coming From?


We have noticed how Sawyer and Locke are headed towards a showdown of sorts. Locke interested in where Sawyer found his new name, and of course Sawyer taking Locke’s “toys” away! Here are the popular theories:

Locke’s father is the real Sawyer, the con man
Sawyer conned Helen at one point
Locke’s father (with his kidney) hired Helen to help get Locke off his back – Helen’s criminal partner was Sawyer
Locke get paralyzed by a car that takes off…he never gets to see the driver was Sawyer!


She makes a real effort to get some of those memories back. One flash of recall was where the scratch marks on the arm seemed to come from Danielle. So, who better to help Claire remember then Claire? And for goodness sake, take someone sensible with you…like Kate!


It becomes clear to the Survivors that someone is “sick” and not in the normal way!


Yes, we know that Sayid finds a new “friend” tonight and has a little “chat” with him. But Sawyer also finds some girl, teenager, named Jessica (Malcom in the Middle’s sometimes girlfriend if you know that actress).


We get to see what is behind that wall!


Forget “hatch” and think “storage bunker”. Could be several more bunkers with the Arrow symbol…all for storage and NOT a real hatch. Meaning, we have only seen one of the seven real hatches!


Sources say that if you like the dark side of Charlie…just wait…it gets better…or worst depending how you look at things. No fury greater then a scorned addict, eh?


Talk about product placement…there is to be a manuscript featured soon that I think Hurley is reading…on the show this will play odd because the author’s name might be the name of a person on the island…lucky break that would be. However, we hear that this manuscript was actually delivered (a copy of course) to the Publisher right before the author got on Oceanic Flight 815. So, Hurley is reading a copy while the Publisher is printing copies for…YOU AND ME! You can buy this book soon at a nearby Barnes and Noble. It’s called “Bad Twin” – the plot seems to be a lot like Shannon’s life.


We have learned that DHARMA is an ACRONYM, but not an ANAGRAM! D. H. A. R. M. A. Not sure why, but when trying to figure this puzzle out, I suddenly had a craving for Emerald Nuts. Dashing Hindu Ants Resisting Marmalade Aromas?


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