Sunday, March 16, 2008

LT6: Random Thoughts

In this Lost Tidbits we propose some theories - I've edited the post to reflect how accurate we were...or weren't.


There was a Glenn Miller song on the radio that Hurley and Sayid was listening to - he went missing in route from England to France on an uncharted flight in 1944. Apparently, conspiracy theorist say he died at the hands of the French army or with a prostitute and there was a cover-up surrounding his real cause of death.

Sawyer refers to Sun as "Tokyo Rose" - one possible identity of Tokyo Rose was Amelia Earhart who went missing when her plane went down in the South Pacific.

The author of An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, (the book Locke was flipping through) Ambrose Bierce, went missing on the way to join Pancho Villa in Mexico. Also of note, Villa was born with another name, and adopted Pancho Villa as an alias after he met a criminal with that name (just like Sawyer!) Villa once raided a US Calvary hold and made off with all the weapons and horses - (just like Sawyer).


Hurley owns every company that people on the island worked for (Still possible)
The Others are the good guys (Still possible)
Is Michael the Mole – he worked construction and we were told to look for Widmore Construction (Well he is Ben's spy)
Is Hurley’s box company really a front for Hanso? (Not likely)
Hurley’s brother lost his wife…Libby? (Nope)
The real Sawyer…it he a she? (Nope)
Is Locke Claire’s father? (This one is funny knowing what we know now)
Who is the bigger druggie – Charlie or Sawyer? (Charlie)
Claire is the mole? (Nope)


Not sure why they want us to know this, but it seems the producers have pointed out that a building in the background of a shot was important yet they felt it was’t widely recognized as so. It is right after Driveshaft goof up the filming of the diaper commercial and why at the trailer begging for another chance, the building is in the background.

Here is the building we were suppose to notice from the website of the actual company who owns this building:

This is the London landmark…their power station. Power, you say? Look familiar to anyone? If you held the Pink Floyd “Animals” album cover in your hand, it should be familiar.



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