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LT200: Oui?


ABC has put out a new video entitled, “LOST Untangled”. It uses a comic book format to get new viewers caught up on the important parts of the show. It can’t hurt to do a little review from time to time. Plus it reminds you of just how far these poor Survivors have come in just about 108 days. Check out if you want to see the video.


The idea behind this theory is that you can’t change major past or future events. The way this is accomplished is by “fate” interfering with one’s attempt.

Consider that Ethan is about to shoot Locke and that can’t happen, so we have a flash.

Sawyer is tempted to speak to Kate and that can’t happen, so we get a flash.

I’ve criticized Juliet for interrupting at inopportune times and maybe she’s saving everyone a headache since if they kept talking they would flash. That makes me wonder which is better to suffer: a headache or a nose bleed?


Another popular idea that is gaining attention again is that the rain is connected to the flashes. The idea is that the “jumpee” gets the rain and the flash but those in the time period he/she is arriving in do not see the flash.

For examples, when Harper appears to Juliet it is raining for both people, but Juliet doesn’t see the flash. The same is true with Walt in the jungle.

Others still feel the rain is connected to Smokey only. Or both? Could Smokey be a futuristic creation that is jumping back in time?


One of the bigger mysteries is regarding the people in the canoe shooting at the castaways. Some group of people with an Ajira Airways’ bottle of water had two canoes and starting shooting at the group. It is possible that they took Vincent, since he was missing in the presumably future time jump from “The Little Prince.”

This brings us back to the dog being a key to the story plot. This idea keeps coming back up time and time again, so…


Danielle tells the Survivors that her crew is a research team. We see one carrying a violin case. Can’t help but point out that one of them loses an arm and wouldn’t just have to be the musician. Danielle also has in her possession a music box we know later.

This draws my mind back to Shannon and Boone. Shannon was in France, knows some French and was a ballerina teacher. Could we have the step-kids back on this connection? And don’t forget that Boone’s death coincided with Aaron’s birth.


One of the names of the French group was “Brennan”. That happens to be the last name of Kate’s old boyfriend, Tom Brennan. Kate and Tom buried a time capsule together around the same time as the French team was crashing onto the shores of the island.

And the time capsule included a tape recording and a toy airplane. Danielle would make a recording and of course we know about the plane.

Could this be a relative to the Brennan that Kate knows in Iowa?

While on the subject of Danielle’s tape recorded message that repeated for 16 years…did you know that not every iteration contained the same words? That’s right! If you had a recording on loop how in the heck do the words change? Here is the transcript:

Iteration 17294530 : "If anybody can hear this, they are dead. Please help us. I'll try to make it to the Black Rock. It [or he] killed them. It [or he] killed them all."

Iteration 17294531 : "It [or he] is outside. It [or he] is outside and Brennan took the keys. Please help us. They are dead. They are all dead. Help us. They are dead."

Iteration 17294532 : "It [or he] is outside. It [or he] is outside and Brennan took the keys. Please help us. They are dead. They are all dead. Help us. They are dead."

Iteration 17294533 : "They are all dead. Help us. They are dead. If anybody can hear this—"

Iteration 17294534 : "It [or he] is outside. Please help us. Please help us !"

Iteration 17294535 : "If anybody can hear this, I'll try to make it to the Black Rock. Please help us ! They are all dead. They are dead. It [or he] killed them. It [or he] killed them all. I'll try to make it to the Black Rock."



It appears as if we are discovering (or at least guessing) who everyone’s parents are. For example, we have learned (or guessed) that Alex belongs to Danielle and her husband (not Ben). This leaves me with this thought: who might Karl belong to?


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