Thursday, February 12, 2009

LT203: Parting Words


Did you catch Charlotte saying she thought she heard a Geronimo Jackson playing while on her death bed? She also mentioned the city of Carthage which is where she was researching the polar bear in the desert. Her dying words also mentioned not being allowed to eat chocolate before dinner. This reminds us of Annie giving Ben a chocolate bar. Hmm…

One of the French team made a funny about boats and helicopters and next Jin will be “talking about submarines”. That’s right, Frenchy!

Did you see Jin found Danielle’s music box? This is the one that Sayid fixed in order to win her confidence.


When the French group is dragged to the temple, literally, we get a good shot of the Temple Wall.

Here is the interpretation of the hieroglyphics:

Open Mouth
To write or abstract ideas
Three strokes (which implies plurality)


We caught another name of the French group: LaCombe. This happens to be the same name of a character from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. He was the French researcher in that movie as was based on a real-life UFO investigator who believes that aliens may be of inter-dimensional travel instead of extraterrestrial travel.


No one ever predicted this. When Danielle says her group got the sickness the most popular guesses were radiation, island karma, the popular gas, insanity, etc. But no one suggested it was caused by doing down into that hole under the Temple. Personally, I don’t buy the bravado of the French group.

Imagine being roughed up from a ship wreck. Then you run into a strange Korean guy. Within minutes you lose one of your crew. After that she falls on your lap and the monster makes itself known. Then you see the monster drag a fellow member away. I’m fine with giving chase and grabbing hold, but the second the arm comes off…I’m sure not going to stick around much longer.

Of course, Montand (or was it Smokey’s impersonation of Montand) did call for help, so maybe. Anyway, they went in except Danielle and everyone came out very mean. Hey, did you sort of cheer Smokey for picking to drag away the malcontent of the group? I did. But notice that it dragged him and didn’t kill him like it did the woman. Locke was also dragged away. So was Montand and Locke on the same side of sorts? Strange.

Personally, I like my theory that Smokey can imitate (or force behavior) who it drags away. Sort of how Smokey manifested itself as Yemi. Does this then imply that Christian’s body was dragged underground and Smokey was able to mimic him? This suggests that Christian is really doing the monster’s work. And it could suggest that Smokey also dragged the captain of the Black Rock into the underground many years ago and was using it as its representative.


Strange angel this Christian is. He has tons of advice for John, but won’t give him a hand up? Did you think his hand would pass right through Locke’s body? Maybe, but remember that he was able to hold Aaron, so we just have to assume that there are a set of rules that he can’t break. Why does this remind me of some rules God places on Satan when tempting his…well, his Christians?

We also got a hint that Christian doesn’t care much for Ben. Neither did Jacob. I’m starting to lean towards these guys being pawns of Smokey, the eternal Guardian of the Temple. It makes one think that one day Christian will be speaking poorly of Locke as they use one pathetic human after another.

The oddity of this line of thinking is that Richard and Ben seem to be on the same team, but Richard appears clearly in cahoots with Jacob/Christian/Smokey.

And how about finding out that John was supposed to turn the wheel instead of Ben? Considering the word sacrifice was thrown out there, there sure seems to indicate a follow-up post is coming on this topic!

To keep us off-balanced, Christian finishes with “Say hello to my son”. Not sure a demon inside of a dead body would think to say that. Well, let’s just agree on one thing: Christian is one creepy dude!


There was so much information crammed into this episode that you can look for plenty of posts throughout the weekend. So check back often for more in-depth analysis and TIDBITS.

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