Monday, January 5, 2009

LT169: Dharma Special Access 7


I have received this week's Dharma Special Access email:

Only two and a half weeks until the LOST premiere! Let the countdown begin!

We are back to work and thought we'd break in the new year with a quick tour of the writer's offices and introduce you to the writers working on season five.

Click on the link below and enter the password to check it out.

See you next week!

Damon and Carlton


The link:
The password: holma


It is a behind the scenes look at the writer's offices. I'm hoping for visual clues and sure enough we get one out of the game. Damon and Calton walk into the offices where etched on the front glass is "Building 23".

There is a bit of a joke involved when they introduce the writing staff. Adam is not in his chair but is replaced by a green alien blow-up doll. They brush right by this as if he is there. I couldn't help but wonder just how sci-fi the show will be going!

Another tidbit they reveal is a wall of characters divided by dead and alive and a third column...the undead. For example, we see Yemi on this wall and then the producers mention that Kate's horse can be found here! That horse has always bothered me and now we know!

It is probably one of the least exciting videos they have shared with us, but then as the one who has to come up with LOST TIDBITS at least twice per week, I can understand how sometimes "filler" is used. Unless I've missed something completely. If you notice anything, please drop me a note or write a comment.


We have noticed the passwords for the 72 hour window of viewing time have been a play on words. Here is the list so far:

Week 1: la fleur - means "the flower" in French.
Week 2: qilak - means "sky" in Siberian Yupik language.
Week 3: adella courey - unknown
Week 4: kapalaran - means "fate" or "destiny" in Tagalog language.
Week 5: yksnizdar - Radzinksy spelled backwards.
Week 6: emal - "lame" spelled backwards.

Week 7: holma - a city in India?


Check back tomorrow for another edition of LOST TIDBITS!


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goooooood girl said...

your blog is so good......

KC said...

Thanks...keep reading it! We are going to be posting a lot more of them in the coming weeks, so check back often!


Anonymous said...

Take a close look at the "dead" and "alive" sides and look at which one Jin is on!!!

KC said...

Nice catch with Jin.

Jin is alive???