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LT237: What Happened, Happened Initial Thoughts


During Kate's first flashback it sounded like Patsy Cline on her car radio. My count has this being the third time the two have been paired.

When she walks to Cassidy's door she is singing Claire's song, "Catch a Rising Star".


How about the similiarities between Cassidy and Kate? I knew she would think that Aaron was Sawyer's kid, too. Man, Cassidy can sure she see through people...well, all but Sawyer it seems!


Did it sound like Sawyer had a cold this episode?

Jack's refusal to help young Ben was a surprise. Are you sensing the Returnees are getting a little tired of the hoops they have been jumping through for over three years? But for Jack to not fix something? Oh my!


"We all stop existing and known of it matters anyway." How is that for a summary? The conversation with Hurley was one of the best of this episode: clues and comedy.

"What are we going to say next?" asks Hurley. Hilarious.

"Why don't I remember any of it?" Miles says that time isn't a straight line. How does he know so much?

"I hadn't thought of that!" That was classic. Miles needs more lines in the script.


Jack tries to twist the rules of the game...but is he pushing it too far? I'm not sure I agree with Kate's logic anymore than Jack's logic. But his line about Kate didn't like him now and didn't like him before was sadly accurate.


Roger is being nice to Kate? Was he hitting on Kate? He cares about his son and has a heart? Are things changing a lot more than we think.


Another fine LOST twist as Juliet suggest the Others might be able to cure what ails Ben. All I can say at this point is that Horace is going to put the pieces together real soon and the "newbies" are going to have to start talking. But then, won't that change things?

Hold on a second, I have a nosebleed.

Not only is this Juliet's plan, but she convinces Kate to put the plan in place. Silly, Kate.

Sawyer comes out to help Kate. Is everyone growing a heart? Is this show based on the How the Grinch Stole Christmas? Just wait, someone is going to get nasty and I think his name begins with Horace (or Radzinsky or Phil). What do these people think is going to happen when Roger finds out his kid is missing? Horace is going to start making the connections and then what? Better hope right before the entire group of Survivors get shot on the firing line that Daniel turns the Dharma Wheel!


So this is why Kate got on the plane. Was that lady really being helpful or not? Nice little twist thrown in. So we do not know why Kate got on the plane yet. Any ideas why they through this at us other than for dramatic flair? Did you notice the use of mirrors as Kate was searching for Aaron?


I don't trust her one bit. Jack is just doing what he is suppose to. Sorry, I don't think it was Juliet's place to scold him.


At the creek Kate runs Cassidy's theories by Sawyer. Seems Cassidy was right. But no real surprise since I recall Sawyer in bed with Kate saying he had nothing to back to. How can these people be some smart one minute and naive the next?

Don't know about you but everytime one of the Survivors says something related to prior knowledge (or is it past knowledge), I enjoy it. "You are going to take us Richard Albert and you are going to do it now." Knowing the future gives one such confidence!

So how does Ben get sent back to the Dharma Initiative without raising suspicions? Won't Horace and the rest wonder why the Others helped them? And why wouldn't an incident like this make Roger shape up and be a good father?

Did you notice the Hostiles/Others are in dirty clothing again? Why does only Richard get to wear Izod (assuming the 70's is still in play here)?


Kate spills the beans! Oh, oh! But she lies again...she won't find Claire. But now we now why Kate goes back...sort of. Not quite clear on the details, but it seems to be something associated with guilt.


Richard gets kind of creepy again. Ben won't ever be the same? A little Pet Semintary in the Temple.

Followed by a nice closing with Locke.


This was LOST at its best again. More questions offered! There will be plenty to analyze - especially with Miles comments. So be sure to check back often for more TIDBITS!

LOST REVIEW: The Monster

In the last review we observed the rain coming down on Jack, Kate and Charlie as they made their way to the cockpit. It wasn’t long before Smokey makes himself known to the Survivors.

The hypothesis we have formed is that the island is some sort of supercomputer. It helps explain just about everything we have reviewed. The idea at this stage is the island is a holodeck. And this fits nicely with the black smoke. But it seems like we need a little more than just saying the computer can create any virtual reality is wishes for this would leave us little more than a “demon rule” (a demon rule means that demons have unlimited abilities and can be used explain away anything the writers wish…if you will, a cheat).

We turn to sonoluminescence to help explain the physical properties of Smokey. Sonoluminescence is the release of bursts of light from bubbles when excited by sound. This might explain the light that flashes in Juliet’s face when the Monster examines her while handcuffed to Kate.

And we have witnessed that when time flashes occur there is a loud sound that causes the inhabitants to cover their ears. Combing sound waves with a liquid that results in bubbles that emit light is a concept that appears to describe Smokey. It also ties in with the rain observation.

Now consider that one of the properties of sonoluminescence is that it is created within the vacuum of a bubble in a process similar to Hawking radiation…as in Stephen Hawking and his book seen on LOST, “A Brief History of Time”. This relationship to sonoluminescene and Hawking leads us to a theory known as the Casimir effect. This effect was mentioned by Dr. Marvin Candle on the #15 Rabbit video.

The temperature involved for a bubble to emit a burst of light is so great they use the Kelvin scale to measure it. Kelvin? Swan Hatch? See why this might be related to LOST?

The claim is that a thermonuclear fusion reaction is happening known as “bubble fusion”. This field of research led to longer light emissions.

And let’s not forget that Smokey can’t seem to penetrate the sonar fence. It has a sensitivity to sound.



It is possible that part of Smokey’s structure is involving bubble fusion which would evidence itself as flashes of light, utilize rain/water and involve very loud noise. These two conditions are found in several instances on LOST, most notably when the time flashes or Smokey are involved.

Smokey exhibits other properties including the ability to grab hold of the pilot, Eko and the French guy. I’ll save that for another post.

Could the supercomputer control sound speakers which begins a chain reaction resulting in some of Smokey’s attributes? It seems possible and the hypothesis appears to have some merit.


If you enjoyed the post, just click on the ad when you finish reading. It is appreciated.

Thanks for reading!


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Adrian said...

Yo KC!

Long time no comment eh? Thanks for the shout out last month. I have so busy at work (aspiring attorney at law firm awaiting bar exam results--nuff said).

I was also very wrapped up with the conclusion of Battlestar Galactica, which, in my opinion, almost tops LOST. So say we all.

I have to catch up and let your recent posts soak in to my mind before I have anything coherent to add. But, I wanted to let you know about something I noticed two weeks ago. Remember that book Sayid gave to Ben? Well I looked it up on wikipedia. One thing led to another and before I knew it, I quickly noticed that a book I purchased several years ago was being mentioned or referenced to...

The book is called the Golden Bough, by Sir James Frazer--who shares my Scottish ancestry. So I rushed to my copy and dug in. I was astonished while reading the last few pages as Frazer used the Black-White--and Red metaphor! How long have I been talking about red!! Anyways, black was, I think magic. White was Science and then things get murky in the quilt they weave as Red, for religion, enters the fray. I think our showrunners are huge fans of Frazer's work, and have not put it in the show for a reason. You must read for yourself.

Frazer's work influenced TS Eliot, James Campbell (whose writings influenced many more including Lucas and Star Wars, which I bring up often...the Force, I think springs from Frazer and Campbell's philosphies). Even Conrad's Hear of Darkness was influenced by Frazer, and Coppola placed the book behind Brando's final scenes in Apocalypse Now.

The introduction to the edition I have also notes that Hume was also influenced by Frazer's ideas of sympathetic magic. At this point, I had no doubt I was onto something akin to a LOST "bible." Hume? Really? Mind is blown.

You would love this book KC, as Frazer discusses the struggle of the science vs. religion idea to no end. More than that, and for reasons I cant get into here, this book is like a guide to understanding much, if not all, of the mythology and message LOST conveys to us.

I found this book a few years ago after watching Mullholland Drive, a haunting movie about Hollywood. In it, there is a creepy scene in a diner. One of the patrons thinks there is a scary man behind the diner and is urged to confront his fear. To his, and my surprise, there was a freaky man there, that the patron saw in his dreams, and he seemingly dies of fright.

Many think that man was an Australian Aborigine. Australia is the key, as Hurley said to Locke and Sawyer. Frazer has much to say about them, and maybe Hurley is right....