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LT234: A Supercomputer?


A TIDBITS reader, Michael, had an observation to share. He noticed how many of the Survivors have a specific and unique skill set. Jack is one of the world’s best surgeons. Sayid has a knack for killing which as odd as it might seem is a unique and sometimes necessary skill to posses.

However, some Survivors we just couldn’t come up with any “value” to assign to them. What does a Hurley or Sun offer? In fact, what about the other 30-some Survivors we never or barely met. Did Fate have a plan for each and every person or was it so cruel to only need a handful and the rest were merely along for the ride?

We tend to think that Fate impacts its intended target, but it was interesting to see how Fate deals with the innocent bystanders. Is there a lesson in here? Can you think of other skills we just couldn’t observe?


Did you notice the two saws hanging on the wall in the background when Ben came to visit Sayid at the charity build site?

The picture shows just the two saws on the wall behind Sayid. One has a black handle and the other is white. Click the picture to notice the black smudge above the white-handled saw.


Did you notice the owl on the table?

This reminds me of the Egyptian symbol for the god Anubis. Owls sometimes stand for the omen of death in some cultures.


I called Sayid’s “date” Alena in the last post…it is Ilana.


This show really has a lot of meat on the bones, one might say. We can review and re-watch and always seem to find another tasty morsel to chew on. For example, the last episode begins with young Sayid and his brother being taught some life lesson about the circle of life involving chickens.

And when we mull this over we are reminded how similar this was to Mr. Eko and his brother when Eko stepped in to perform the killing and to spare his brother.

We keep chewing and then we can appreciate the fact that young Ben serves a chicken sandwich to the older Sayid.

This reminds us to sit back and be amazed at the intricacies the writers work in each episode. It just gives so much more meaning to single lines like: “A twelve-year-old Ben Linus brought me a chicken salad sandwich. How do you think I'm doing?" That’s what keeps me coming back for second helpings of LOST.


I don’t recall ABC ever doing this before, but they released a new cast promo picture for Season 5…some seven weeks into the season!

You can’t help but notice that Ben is sitting on a bed. If that doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb, what would? What could it mean? And Daniel appears to have his feet back. Strange.


As you might be aware we have been dissecting LOST from the beginning to see if we can observe something we missed that might help us form a unifying theory.

I have observed one possible explanation that just might fit! Here is our list of observations to date:

Crash, Circles, Sacred Ceremonies, Dots, Record, Disk, Round, Earth, Island, Sense of being a Part of the Whole, Music, Eye, Electromagnetism, Needle, Constantly Moving, Tape, Others, Fate and Black and White.

A friend and I have been working through this list and most of the items fit my proposal.

The single item that fits these things is…a COMPUTER! In this case, a supercomputer!

Computers crash, dot-matrix printers, round disks, stores and plays music, operates on principles of electromagnetism, has a needle that reads disks, the drives are constantly moving, tape storage was popular, and black and white monitors was all that offered for years.

If you are like me, a flood of other symbolisms can quickly be thought of. The computer is a central figure in the Swan Hatch. The monitor was 1970-style which offered only monochrome. Etc, etc.


Now let’s examine the observations that don’t fit:

Sacred Ceremonies, Fate, Sense of being a Part of the Whole, Others

In many ways these all share the religious theme of LOST. And in some circles a computer is nearly a deity. But instead of trying to squeeze my square guess of computers into a round hole, let’s try this line of thinking: what if we merely say that due to storage, anything that is information can be stored – including world religions, philosophy, music, etc.?



We will continue the series of LOST REVIEW but from now on we use sort of judge the observations from the viewpoint of a computer and see if we can’t make some sense of all this.

You will soon see that I will need your help making some of these “square pegs” fit in my pre-defined “round hole”.

For now I’m only convinced that there IS a single explanation. Hopefully this on-going review will trigger something in your mind, so please drop a line and let me know your ideas. Together we can solve this somewhere before the final episode!


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