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LT231: Dressing Up and Dressing Down


Something caught my eye in the clothing Christian Shephard wears. Jack has always seen him on the island in a dark suit and white tennis shoes. Everyone else has seen him wearing a stripped dress shirt with every button buttoned.

But in the Namaste, his shirt is no longer brown, but grey.

Are the shirt colors some kind of clue as to the date? If so, Sun and Frank may not be in 2007. Keep an eye on this and see if anything pans out.


Ben said that Charlotte was born in 1979, but there was that red-haired girl bouncing along in Othersville in 1974. Another lie? It seems so. But why?

I think it has to do with Ben’s pre-knowledge of events. If he was aware that Daniel would travel back to 1974 he may not want Daniel to think a younger Charlotte could be around for five more years. Maybe this information will cause Daniel to act in a way Ben desires. It seems that Daniel made the connection anyway and now his behavior might be an attempt to alter events…making Ben unhappy most likely.

I’m going to go the record and suggest that Daniel is off on his own looking for that place where the electromagnetic energy is strong enough to do his own time travel…the place where he and Dr. Candle crossed paths and metal seems to melt.


You know we are going to have the Incident explained before too long. According to Dr. Candle’s 1980 Orientation explanation the Incident is what required having the computer number to be entered every 108 minutes.

In the Namaste episode we see Radzinsky working on a model of the Swan Hatch:

There is speculation on whether the Swan Hatch is already built, in progress or soon to be started. With two years to go until the Orientation film is made, it has little bearing at this point on when it gets built. The key is something called the “Incident Room”.

It shows up on the Blast Door Map as a separate room from the biosphere which is accessed by a tunnel. This is where Sayid and Jack crawled and it was noted the cement as thick as scene in nuclear power plants. (And let’s not forget they continue crawling and come up in the shower room where Kate does the poorest acting job on LOST yet when she drops her bra!).

Now take this information and add in a video game entitled “LOST: Via Domus”. This is not considered official, but blueprints of the Swan Hatch from the show were given to the video game creators. Now we can only guess the game was accurate in its depiction of this secret room and their intent in calling it the “Incident Room”.

Descriptions state there are two electromagnetic coils forming the reactor core as you can see from the above game screenshot.

If we are on the right track, it is in this room that something goes desperately wrong and the computer numbers must be entered to avoid it. It seems they then sealed this room off with thick concrete. Perhaps the Failsafe Key was added at this time as well.

If we try to propose meaning to this we might come up with a cold fusion reactor (which is never been proven to be feasible). This theoretical science would use hydrogen and a by-product is hydrochloric acid is gas form. This gas could be what we find at the Tempest Station.

We take the concept further and wonder what the results of the failed experiment might be and are left wondering if “windows” to other dimensions were opened. Did it cause some strange mutations? Did it shift time? How does it interact with what is at the Orchid Station? We’ll have to wait for Mr. Wizard to get some answers.


Why did Dr. Candle reveal his real name to Jack when assigning him his Work Man uniform?

Why Jack’s grandfather is named Ray and so was the doctor who had his throat cut on the Freighter? Do doctors run in the family?

If Hurley has any musical talent could he use his guitar to write songs from the 80’s and then claim royalty rights one day?

The Flashbackers (Sawyer, Juliet, etc.) would now that young Ben is going to be The Ben, so do you think they tease and pick on him?


It wasn’t long into LOST before the black and white theme became very evident. We have rehashed this many times so let’s just focus on a couple of examples.
First, Charlie wraps white tape around four of his fingers and with a black marker writes, “L-A-T-E”. He later changes the word to “F-A-T-E”.

It is not uncommon for LOST to use anagrams and hidden messages and other Easter eggs. So with this approach it is interesting to note that “L-A-T-E” in reverse is “E-T-A-L”. This is a Latin phrase (which we know is the language the Others have learned) that means “and Others”.



We have a couple of new clues to add to our growing list which I’ll repeat now:

Crash, Circles, Sacred Ceremonies, Dots, Record, Disk, Round, Earth, Island, Sense of being a Part of the Whole, Music, Eye, Island, Electromagnetism, Needle, and Constantly Moving

We can now add Tape, Others, Fate and Black and White.

I have stared at this list for some time and finally found something that COULD fit all of these observations. Be warned, this is just a theory but for some reason ONE thing has jumped out at me. Leave a comment if you have any ideas to a single idea or theory or item that could be related to all these observations from the review of LOST.


Tomorrow after the next episode, “He’s Our You “, you can find the Initial Thoughts post late night. Here is the one teaser picture for tomorrow’s episode:

Oh, look who gets assigned to work together! Think someone will release a “jack” and let the car fall on the “other”? HA!


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