Wednesday, March 25, 2009

LT232: He's Our You Initial Thoughts


What a complicated fellow he is. For five seasons and for the most part, I like Sayid. Maybe I've misinterpreted his knack for survival as an honorable trait, but darn it, I like the guy...especially those nifty moves.


While the cliffhanger doesn't confirm it, is Ben dead now? His other body was last seen lying on a cot in the Hydra Station circa 2007. Will that body now take its last breath and die? If the older version of Ben doesn't die instantly upon the younger version's death, then you would have a person who was born of...well, immaculate conception. Hmmm...I wonder if that is what Locke's mother meant?


In our sneak peek at this episode, TIDBITS provided you with a screenshot of Kate and Juliet working together at the garage. All in all, it went pretty well although it seemed a little high schoolish to me. Hey, Juliet's been with Sawyer for three years. As Horace and Sawyer would say, that's long enough to get over someone.


The wife had a thought...she thinks Ben's daddy is inside that van. I first my reaction was to cry "Foul" since it would change the past, but what with Ben lying face down on the road...well, who really knows anymore?

I just thought it was a distraction. Hey, anyone else love the Jedi Knight shout-out with the cloaked Ben?


So Dharma has its own Timothy Leary-like character. That scene at the tent was probably my favorite fo the episdoe. Seeing Sayid stoned was great. Some great casting for Oldham, even though I miss his brother, Darrell...and his OTHER brother Darrell.


Why does Amy seem like such a dominating personality one minute and then a needy person the next?

Along the same lines as Amy, have you noticed how this group seems fairly Libertarian one minute and then strict order followers the next?

I don't know how Kelvin lasted that long with Radzinsky in a small hatch.

Why does it need to be unanimous?

Where are the ethics of the Dharma Initiative? Pretty quick to kill, aren't they?

So...Ann Arbor you say.

Is Ben really dead or will some glowing light heal him? Will has father beat the snot out of him for this if he heals?

And just where does Sayid think he is running to?

Finally...this episdoe should make all you men out there to stop and think twice before picking up anyone at a bar who orders a "ribeye bloody".


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Aunt J-ha said...

I'm kind of in shock...I was certain Sayid would try to kill young ben and the island would not allow him to die...IS he really dead? Have they changed the past? What about the purge? Is it happening in the 70s now? I can't wait to see.