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LT230: More Bears Like Fozzie


Last post we gave you a mystery picture. Were those marks some kind of flying saucer? Today we give you real promo shot:

While researching the mystery picture above I stumbled on these promo’s for Season 5. The thing that caught my eye was the WHITE smoke. It reminds me of the smoke we saw with Christian in the Registration Building.


Ben writes with a few ideas on the Ethan last name issue.

1 – Amy keeps her ex-husband’s (Paul) last name of Rom
2 – Ethan just takes that last name of Paul Rom
3 – Or Rom is an alias given to him by the Others

I’d find #2 hard to swallow since it means a person he isn’t even related too. Especially considering how daddy (Horace) isn’t real thrilled with living in Paul’s shadow for three years. #1 seems suspect even if mom (Amy) didn’t want to get her named changed on all her checks and bank accounts. Even so, we should get maybe a hyphenated last name out of that.

We get the last name from Ethan himself back when Hurley was taking the census. It could have been a fake name he used then, but it was even spelled out for us, R-O-M. We also get this name from the scripts and credits on the show – not that they don’t just stick with the name offered back when Ethan was spying on the Survivors.

This could be a completely different Ethan, Ethan Goodspeed.


Also recall that Ethan Rom grows up and gains some medical training. We see him assisting in operations, treating Rachael (Juliet’s sick sister), and treating Claire. This indicates he leaves the island and gets skilled and then returns as a Hostile recruit. This could lead to a few conclusions:

Amy leaves the island with Ethan and remarries a guy named Mr. Rom. Or Ethan is kidnapped (by Richard?) and is given a replacement name. Or Ethan commits to following Richard and thinks the anagram of “Other Man” is really cool.


When Jin is demanding Radzinsky check for any airplane landings, did you notice what entertainment options were being offered?

That’s the Muppet Show in the upper-left corner. The next screen appears to be a newscast.

We are definitely in the 1970’s as “Ride, Captain, Ride” was heard playing at the Registration Building.


Someone suggested Sun didn’t flash because she was holding Jin’s ring…sort of a constant thing. Not sure I buy it but one of the best out there so far.


By the age we see Teen Ben he is probably in Hostile Training by Richard. With Sayid behind bars Ben is likely thinking he gets to do some “leadership training” by helping Sayid escape. However, that line about the mustard bothered me until it hit me: could “mustard” be some code word and Sayid just failed the test?


Found this link of a deleted scene that you should watch:

Yes, that is Ben with what appears to be his armed wrapped in a bandage as if he was bleeding from his jump. He is on a horse which I take to mean he used the horse of those two guys who came out to check him out. Then two interesting things happen: he sees a guy in a parka who looks an awful lot like himself!!!

And then he grabs some passports and cash out of a WELL!!! Talk about a loop and I can’t believe this the first time I stumbled on this.


This is my continuing review of early seasons of LOST looking for new clues…

In the early part of the Pilot episode a man is sucked into a still running engine and dies. His name is Gary Troup. He is the man who wrote the book, “Bad Twin”. The manuscript for the book was found by Hurley but I don’t think he got to finish it because Sawyer had it next. Jack then throws it into the fire before Sawyer can finish it.


A red herring is a device used in storytelling to throw the observer off course. Funny that “off course” also applies to Oceanic 815. Anyway, the red herring in this case is Gary Troup. It has been observed that his name provide the anagram of “purgatory”.

As you will recall, purgatory was a very popular theory back in Season 1. The producers came out and stopped this theory in its tracks. They made it clear that these survivors were not dead, half-dead or in some state in between dead.

With this review I wonder if we already knew this. Consider how Mr. Troup died. In essence, did the show take an idea and discard it as the body of Mr. Troup was discarded in the engine?
If we keep this line of thought going then we might apply the same thing to the book and manuscript of “Bad Twin”. Jack threw it into the fire. It was destroyed and a message to us the book was just another red herring. In many ways the producers have suggested the same thing stating that it is at best “semi-canonical”. And if we over analyze we might note that some of it was read by Sawyer before it was discarded.


Since the book is semi-canon then we should at least examine its contents. The book begins with Troup describing himself as a “private-eye”. There is that word “eye” again.
He dedicates the book to his girlfriend, a flight attendant with Oceanic Airlines, whose name is Cindy.

Assuming that Cindy is the same person dating Gary Troup, then she is also the one who gives Jack his bottles of vodka. And later she visits him at the cage “to watch”.

This analysis leads us to believe that Cindy was either in on the game being played by Oceanic (or whoever) or just happened to be a fine candidate to make the list. The implications are ominous for Gary who almost did not get his book to press.



I’m inclined to take the Troup/Purgatory and throw it into the shredder of an aircraft engine. We can suggest is to be on the lookout for other signs that says “Ignore Me”.

If any value can be gained it is merely that the main players are all mentioned, but not one character is the book was a surprise to us (Hanso, Widmore, Paik, Mr. Cluck’s Chicken Shack, etc.)


Thanks for reading!



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