Thursday, January 22, 2009

LT183: Time, Time, Time Is On My Side


It would seem Ms. Hawking is Daniel’s mother. Why else would Daniel tell Desmond to go find his mother unless she was well versed in time travel? And it was clear Mrs. Hawking knows her time. Plus Charlotte’s hint about remembering a maiden name suggests that Ms. Hawking has kept her maiden name instead of Faraday. And it could be why she is listed as Ms. Instead of Mrs.

She is from Oxford and has the right accent. And finally, the last name fits with Stephen Hawkings who happens to be the author of the book about time which was being read by a guard outside Room 23 in past episodes.

Keep in mind that Ms. Hawking was seen in a photograph with the monk that Desmond worked with to make wine. Would that make the monk and Daniel brothers?


Aaron was watching a cartoon called Speed Racer. This was a recent movie that starred Matthew Fox.

Frogurt (Neil) was not on the boat with Daniel at the end of last season. Yeah, nice of them to include him for a few minutes until death by arrow, but hey…we viewers are particular!

The manuals next to Ms. Hawking in her lab had Dharma symbols on them.


Richard tells Locke that the island “will do the rest” in assisting him with the wound. But he has glasses on to pull out the bullet? Why is Richard’s eyesight NOT healing?


Were these people part of Dharma? Maybe Hanso hired the group for security while building things. But then why use flaming arrows when they had guns?

Some are suggesting they were part of Danielle’s science crew.

My guess is that these are part of the Hostiles. They were wearing old-style military garb. They seemed pretty ruthless without thought. I believe they might have captured one of the Dharma Initiative and cut his left arm off – Dr. Halliwax.

Watch it end up where one of the military guys is a young Widmore: accent and ruthless.


For three years, Sun has been carrying a grudge against Jack it appears. Last season she said that she blamed two people for her husband’s death…Jack and ??? Ben or Widmore? This little twist will take time to play out since both would be more than willing to use her to kill the other.

Is Sun behind the blood test in order to get Kate to accept her call and invitation to stop by? How else would Sun know they were after Aaron? Like father, like daughter. Wait, she did tell her father that she blamed him.


We need to add Desmond to the list of special people…at least according to Daniel. This gives us Locke, but it also gives us Rose. These were the three either identifies as special or who “went missing” for a period of time. I believe special people are given an exemption from the rules of time. If my read on this season is correct, the women will take center stage where the father figure’s have been prominent in past seasons. Rose to lead that charge.


My only real big complaint is the rules of time are coming very close to being “Demon Rules” – the kind where anything goes because a demon has the power to do whatever the writer makes up. It starts with Daniel’s instruction about not being able to change the past. Then Frogurt and a few more Survivors die. If that doesn’t change things, then what would?

When Desmond answers the knocking on his door, he could have been in the process of making a milkshake. Instead, he dresses and opens the door. While not earth-shattering in the history of time, it IS different. I’ll give some concession if Desmond is “special” but the Survivors dying on the beach?


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MDJ said...

Great season 5 premiere. I thought the first hour was better then the second but overall it was one of my favorite episodes of all time.

The LOST rules of space/time are certainly still a bit vague but I like the fact that they are going to try to lay out some rules. I agree that the "special" people such a Desmond must be the ones who can alter time. I wonder if Widmore is also "special". Perhaps when Ben told him that "you broke the rules" (after Widmore had Ben's daughter killed) Ben was referring to the space/time rules. Not sure how that works though since it was actually that military guy that killed Ben's daughter.

Last night in the recap show they showed a clip with Syiad holding one of the phones from Daniel's ship. Syiad said something like "I've never seen this technology before". Last season when I saw that I just thought it implied that the group on the boat was high tech. Now I'm thinking it might also mean that they were from the future. After all, Syiad should be familiar with high tech devices and yet the writers made a point of telling us that the technology was new to Syiad. Perhaps people are coming from the the future to try and effect things on the island. I think Richard must also be from the future. To me that explains why he never seems to age; my version of space/time rules would include a rule that if you travel to the past you will retain your physical form from the future. I guess only TIME will tell what the real story is!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Ben here with my thoughts on your thoughts and original ones on this first episode of LOST, season 5!!
I'm sure you missed me, but my obsession has its limits.
Okay, let's get started...
First, I doubt Hawking is anyone's mother...she seems to be an angel-like figure, and is without human nature.
Charlotte's mother's maiden-name thing is just to illustrate that her memory is going, and I think Daniel just wants Desmond to follow instructions that he left with his mother.
I think I've seen frogurt in other episodes.. I know he's been referred to in the past.

I agree with the glasses thing...Richard seems to be immortal, wtf does he need glasses? It could have been a bad actor's prop decision, or he's not really immortal.
I've got a theory that Richard goes through time too, but forward and always at pivotal moments,but maybe I'll get into that some other time.

I bet the military peeps were fighting with the arrow shooters, which could explain why they were agitated. Good point about one of them maybe being Widmore...his taste for the army--perhaps he's motivated to get the island in order to avenge his friends' deaths.
I like the bringing up of Danielle's crew...I'm expecting to see them during this time-skipping...I'd also like to see the giant statue in all its glory.
Here's a theory for a future episode...Maybe the "incident" mentioned in the video is Daniel's decision to continue opening the hole to the power source in the tunnel. Why else would he be down there? To compensate, they build the Swan maybe?
And it could explain the Doc's and Daniel's loss of limbs--the Dr. loses it between videos 2 and 3, but regains it by 6?

_Quick Rundown
The Hurley and Sayid run was cool,
Great to see Ana Lucia again,
Sawyer should not be running around without a shirt,
Jack shouldn't have shaved,
Ben should have killed the cops outside Hurley's house,
and I don't think Widmore wants to kill Ben, but Sun thinks he does.
Oh, and what's up with Ethan killing people on sight? What ever happened to Parley?

'Til next week,