Wednesday, January 21, 2009

LT182: Dharma Special Access 9


I was a bit surprised to get another DSA, but here is the email just hourse before the season returns:

Dear fellow Dharma recruits,The fifth season premiere is only hours away. Be forewarned, we are hosting the clip show that proceeds it at 8/7 central.

With the show's imminent launch, it's been very busy here in the LOST offices. Last week we attended the TCA (Television Critics Association) press tour. We did a lot of interviews there, which you'll probably see this week, and we showed them episode three. (They'd already seen episodes one and two via ABC.)

We are also working on breaking the last five episodes, writing episodes twelve and thirteen, production is shooting eleven, we're editing seven, eight, nine and ten, and on the post end of things we are finishing the CG work, ADR, sound and mixing on episodes four, five and six.

So this is a round-about way of saying we didn't have a chance to prepare a video for you this week. We hope you'll understand. However, we will be back. In fact it's our hope to fire off to you guys a DSA video update about once a month as the season progresses.

We really appreciate your continued support, and we hope you enjoy the premiere.

With gratitude,
Damon and Carlton


A bit disappointing, but what did we expect? A tell-all revelation? Guess not.

Enjoy the show and look for TIDBITS to do some preliminary posting after the show. I'm not sure exactly what schedule will work the best, but my goal is to post something immediately after the show.

Then the "dig deep" stuff should be out on Sundays.

As always, the more that happens, the more I post. And the more you read and give me feedback, the more I post.

Just 3 hours to go!


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