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LT181: Dim the House Lights



It is going to be a bit of shock to Jack when he returns to the island and discovers his step-sister is dead. Will this be the catalyst for him to finally believe? If not, will the island then demand his mother? What if stubborn Jack still refuses, might Sarah’s baby be revealed to be his and then it could cost Jack two more lives (or is Kate and Aaron playing that role for Jacky)?


If you pull up that group promo picture where Daniel is missing his left foot and then step away from the monitor, it bugs me that the spotlight seems to be on Charlotte. This next season should give us some more background on her birthplace, her obsession with Dharma anthropology, and why she has such an attitude.


She sticks it out for three years in order to save her sister, Rachel. Then she cues Jack to kill Ben, no wait, she wants him alive. She makes a deal to leave but that blows up in her face. She finally switches sides only to find out she has been reporting back to Ben via a tape recorder. Not so fast, she tells Jack so again she’s on the Survivors side drinking rum with Sawyer. Won’t this cost her something…like Rachel?



Of course this season is going to deal with Locke or Jeremy or whoever he really is. But it is time somebody explain how killing your own father (spin it however you want) makes you qualified for leadership? I do sense it is time John finds his bearing.


Of the three remaining Abaddon recruits, Miles holds my interest the most. I plan to listen carefully to every word he utters as he has the ability to hear dead people talk. Of course, this is an assumption and if true you might think he should spend some time at the Dharma pit or even inside Jacob’s cabin if he dares.


This guy takes center stage for several reasons: his notebook, his brain, his exposure to radiation, and mostly, his Comic Con video. Yes, I’m convinced it was Daniel speaking on the tape which means this guy is learning to bend time AND space…just like Ben knows how.


Please, give me some Answers. If I had a genie in a bottle that would grant me three nuggets of information, my list would be 1) is Richard immortal, 2) how can I get to the island, and 3) Evangeline Lilly’s private cell phone number.

Please, give me some Psychology. I like action as much as the next Die Hard fan, but the psychology and sociology is what makes this show unique. My hope is for a big dose of why’s and why not’s, decisions and consequences, and a study in human interaction.

Please, give me some False Hope. We all like to dream about what could be. Let this coming season give us reason to dream about astral projections, bending of spoons, and a new heightened sense of reality. Give me teleportation, vacations in the stars and life extension. It has been too long since any show has offered us dilithium crystals, phasers and warp drives. Just keep it grounded in some sense of realistic physics.


Take and Give.

The law of conservation states that matter and energy can not be created or destroyed. I want this law adhered to this season. Desmond should not be able to be out on the exercise pad in the military AND on the island. The explanation has been that his flashback was only in his mind, but if so, then how can he change events like getting Penny to take his phone call?

And I want this applied to everything like when the island moved, the ocean filled in the space that remained. That’s good. But should that have also created a wave? Won’t the ocean floor be different now?

All I’m saying is that if the writers are going to take, they have to give something back!

Take their Lives

If a person dies and if the show is heading towards some sort of Dead Zone, then I want that made perfectly clear. Even the Bible states there is a “holding place” before the final destination. So it is perfectly fine to explore this. But if that is not the case, then I expect to find Christian’s body somewhere on the island. I mean his physical form. Same goes for Claire.

The show has given us the dead bodies of Dharma while allowing the ghost of Horace Goodspeed to speak to John. My hope is that if they take another life, the body and soul and spirit should separate.

Take Widmore

I want this guy’s role to become apparent and it looks from the promos that my wish will come true! But it is equally as important to tie him into Hanso. Recall that Hano’s family tree intersects often with the Widmores from the time the Black Rock journal is written. Let’s hope they fill in those gaps for us.


Ajira Airways

Before Season 4 began, a new off-screen game was started called Find 815. Footage from the game was then seen in the show. This is very clever. And I believe Oceanic Airlines resumed operations on the same date of Episode 1 in a season. This makes Ajira Airways a likely player.

After the initial fanfare, the site has sort of hit a lull. It may be the only relevance is that this will be the airline that takes the Oceanic 6 back part way to the island. I say “part way” because another ABC promo clip shows the happy group on a boat which seem to be the logical final segment of a trip back.

To sum up the details from the off-screen game: Guam, 316, Ulysses, 11:30 or a compass heading of “thirty to median”, N824, and the Dharma “lamppost” logo.


Something tells me we aren’t done with wheelchairs and their symbolism. As a reminder, consider the uses we have witnessed so far:

-- Locke, of course
-- Ben after surgery is wheeled around by Richard
-- Michael after being hit by that car is pushed by Susan
-- Kate and Jack in several hospital scenes with wheelchairs present
-- Kate’s mother arrives at the trial in a wheelchair
-- Rose sees a wheelchair at Isaac’s place at Uluru


Talk about taking a seat! What temple doesn’t have a throne? I do believe the ancient mythology of the island will take center stage this season. In keeping with this theme, I expect to see someone sitting in a throne. Did you know in ancient times if you approached the King without being summoned one of two things could happen? You either were put to death or if you were lucky, the King raised his scepter (think walking stick!) and would entertain you.


Faith versus Science

This is the top of my list of overall themes. The history of mankind and up to this present day struggles over these two sides of the debate. Do we use stem cells from aborted fetuses? Do we allow civil unions? Is Palestine and Israel fighting for a higher cause? Geesh, let’s explore this stuff some more!


I believe an entire season of LOST used this theme as their tag line, but I’d just as soon see it go away. I’m not a big fan of reincarnation. Hey, even those who embrace the concept suggest the mind is wiped clean (tabala rasa, anyone?), so what good is the concept if you can’t use what you knew before. Actually, my main problem with it comes from a theology debate: one still has to pay the price for one’s actions. Redemption is often misinterpreted and misapplied as a “free pass” when we all know life has no free lunches.

Competition – Winning and Losing

Now this theme could use a little more attention. Specifically, Widmore versus Ben. Black versus White. It is time the kid’s gloves come off and we settle this thing. May I recommend a duel? Hey, it would fit the style of settling disagreements back when the Black Rock was sailing.


Round and Round

While eternity, a ring, and a circle have no beginning per se, one does have to traverse over the same old ground. I hope this season tells us whether this is a loop or merely hopping around in time (think bunnies).

In the Beginning

I read somewhere recently that scientists may have discovered some things which directly date back to the Big Bang. Instead of the show’s timeline being a loop, we should learn then how it all started.


And finally, if we combine the above thoughts, we could easily intertwine them when we consider the children. It is often said that children are Xerox copy of their parents. Likewise, we all want the next generation to be better. Maybe this season will begin to hint that the loop we perceive is really our generation handing the torch to the next. This would go a long way in justifying many popular themes such as reincarnation, redemption and so on. After all, the Bible says that children may have to pay for the sins of their parents. Hmmm…


Well, there is my preface to Season 5. The house lights are beginning to dim, the curtains are about to be raised, so, ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats…and enjoy the show.


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